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E3 2009 impressions

E3 is back! Ok, perhaps not nearly as large and impressive as it once was, but still a few nice things to see. I'm optimistic that by next year we'll be 95% of the way back (I'm looking at you Kentia Hall) below are a few things I encountered that I thought were worthy of note at E3 2009.

The expo floor was certainly not as big as years past. Two of the main halls were dedicated to the usual contenders such as Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo and SEGA. Kentia was sadly missing. I say sadly, because that's usually the affordable hall that middleware vendors and crazy peripheral makers gather (them and the porn stars)

The biggest announcements to come out of E3 this year were Microsofts "> Project Natal, Nintendo's "> Wii Vitality Sensor, Sony's "> yet to be named movement-based controller, and Playstation's "> PSP Go.

There was a Blizzard presence lacking, but Activision was there showing off Protoype, Wolfenstein, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 and DJ Hero as well as the new Tony hawk game with skateboard peripheral. They also had Stan Lee signing autographs.

I listened to a presentation on Fusion-io's, ioXtreme for as long as I could stand it. It only turned the Kentia Hall dagger more, as the presentation came off as cheesy as a late night infomercial (but wait... there's more!). Anyway, the ioXtreme board itself looked decent, basically an array of flash that enables quick read/write similar to the way RAID 0 works, so if you are accessing a file that's not very big you won't see full potential (source files anyone?). It can be yours for 895 easy payments of a dollar each (shipping, handling and taxes separate).

Eliza Dushku was present as she worked on some voice over for WET. I would add a link to the WET game website, but it just appears to link to a generic Bethesda website, and the Developers website has no other info either. Marketing for the win?

The booth babes as usual were gorgeous and sold it. Here are just a few:



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