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Game Development Cabin Fever

Winter hasn't even officially started in my hemisphere and I cant help but feel it never ended from last year. I'm not talking about being trapped by snow though. I'm dealing with a project. It won't shut up It, won't leave. I ask myself why it stays because surely talking to ones self is healthy.

So far the voices in my head have provided logical reasons (their words) for this thing to still being around.

It hasn't properly been play tested.
It's you first project, its gonna suck.
That menu item is unacceptable.
I'll fix that bug thing next time I'm in that code area.
OMG! This thing is so lame your going to embarrass yourself.
MOAR features!

It's was suppose to be a simple puzzle thing. I personally should have been done with it by now and am disappointing to still be screwing around.

But...it's my nature...I complete everything the last minute. I said this thing would be done fall 2014 to my friends and family. So by my nature I have until December 21st...F%$@.




Movin on up (To the Top)

Hi, my handle is Dialock and I want to program for a living. I have no proper education and am self taught so for now this is just hobby level stuff. For the past quarter of a year I've been working on a game. I would like to make money on said game therefore I need to work on my social interactions/PR to get the word out. Consider this blog my practice.

The tentative name is Garboil Farms until someone convinces me that's a horrible name. It's a puzzle(?) game...
I don't know what it is really. If causal is a genre it might fit there. For now I have a soundless gameplay video.

That's it for today. If you found this mildly to fairly interesting and would like to know more or have pointers on what else I should say about this game please let me know.



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