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Figures as soon I get serious about finishing something and have the finally have the code toolbox available to do so my life becomes "interesting". The delay continues for at least the next three weeks as finish a couple of side-job contracts to bring my mortgage up-to-date.

My new job is quite demanding, but I don't write much code. My time appears to be too valuable for that now... Now I review reviews of code other people have reviewed that someone else has written. It sounds less invigorating than it really is. Look up "lot campaign" and "recall" and you'll have an idea of the intensity.

I interviewed at a company that traded stocks to make money, and they asked me if I could handle the stress of working on a system that meant a loss of hundreds-of-thousands of dollars if it went down for a day. "Phhhfft. I've blown more money than that in micro-seconds with bad control code.", isn't the right answer. I don't think they were interested in my personal sanity and coping mechanisms.

Shannon Barber

Shannon Barber


New Employment

Who would have thought getting fired would be such a good thing. First it really focuses your attention on how poorly well you manage your money. Second, for those that are overly egotistically (like myself) it helps to orient your ego into a more accurate prospective. Third, you can find a better job.

I found just the size (small) & type (sucessful) of company I want to work for, and they hired me to manage software tools development (non-game related).

Shannon Barber

Shannon Barber


Rocky Start

I am afraid I have already encountered a significant delay. I lost my job last Tuesday and will need to focus all my efforts on finding new employment and preparing for a potential out-of-state relocation. The good news is that job prospects are much better this year than last.

Shannon Barber

Shannon Barber



I've finally hit on a game to remake that's simple but not too simple. The graphics of the NES version didn't do the arcade version of Rampart justice, but it was great fun to play.

Bringing the game to the modern PC promises cool new features. I can't wait to take on the GD community in head-to-head network play :) It'll be possible to have lots of little non-linear animations to give the ships, cannon, and castle walls a touch of increased realism. The PC's power will allow smarter opponents in solo play, and much larger maps, though I'm not certain that larger maps would make it any more fun.

I definetly want gold to be involved. I think cannon, castle walls, and (I'm adding) towers will cost money to construct, and maybe even firing the cannons will have a small cost as long it doesn't detract from the fun of demolishing your opponent.

Look forward to an alpha version of Cannon Siege, coming next July from The Holmlor.

Shannon Barber

Shannon Barber

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