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Making of browser game. (Almost) from scratch.

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From dust shall the robots rise

Heya everyone! It is time to reveal my browser game project, that has been in my mind for a long time. This is going to be a very large punch of letters, so i hope you find the patience to read it and i'm trying to make this very easy for you.

First of all i'd like to talk about my goals ect. If you get bored easily, you might as well skip this partition and scroll down to the next subject.

So i'v always wanted to finish a working multiplayer game, but i easily get distracted and forgot the project i started. So i took my first step to keep myself motivated and registered here. The first goal for me it is to finish this and get several players for it, but the "American dream" is to publish a highly detailed and working game with fun for hundreds of hours. Also, I'd like to see people enjoying the game, not just me while creating it and why not to make some money with it.

Why browser game? - Well OOP doesn't feel good to me so it cuts out some of the languages and because WebGL was published lately, also i believe that browser game industry will make huge step in near future.

I'm trying to publish something every week or so, but to get there, i hope to get all possible feedback from you. I also want you to be part of this, therefore i'm going to make some polls and inquiries about this project.

Browser game project [?]
Name: [color=#696969]Not quite sure yet[/color]
Platform: [color=#696969]Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox[/color]
Requirements:[color=#696969] browser support [WebGL, Flash player, Javascript & cookies enabled][/color]
Mode(s): [color=#696969]Singleplayer / Multiplayer[/color]
Type: [color=#696969]Action / strategy[/color]
Genre: [color=#696969]Fantasy[/color]

Technologies i'v used/ i'll use
+[color=#b22222] html / html 5[/color]
[color=#000000]+[/color][color=#b22222] css / css3[/color]
+[color=#b22222] javascript / three.js[/color]
+[color=#b22222] php / mysql[/color]
+[color=#b22222] node.js and[/color]

Game idea in all its simplity is to build your own robot(s?), customize it, update it and fight with it against AI & other players. There will be no lore or further story, just arena like battles. Players will start with some credits, which can be used to buy ready made items or start crafting right away.

Crafting will serve in huge role in the game and store has only poor variety of items. There will be manual crafting system and ofc. for lazy people auto crafting system (although changes of getting better item will slightly decrease).

Game engine is still in my head under construction, but i'm going to make some sort of auto-battle engine for alpha & early beta.

Done so far list is below.
+[color=#800080] Log in/ log out scripts[/color]
+[color=#800080] Early versions of store and inventory[/color]
+[color=#800080] Some testing items[/color]
+ [color=#800080]Live search engine[/color]
+[color=#800080] 3D-viewer[/color]

Coming soon..
+[color=#daa520] First version of manual- and auto crafting systems [in dev. atm.][/color]
+[color=#daa520] Auto-battle engine[/color]
+[color=#daa520] Garage[/color]
+[color=#daa520] White list registration & closed alpha [approximately @ end of September][/color]

Print screens...


live search engine

And the inventory

Let me know what you think, especially criticism is welcome

- With all respect, eljuko



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