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Project Wunderpong -we are looking for music

This is the first time we (there are two of us) show our project to bigger audience.
So what it is?
Few months ago we decided to learn how to make mobile games. Before that we have made only some ugly prototypes. Best way to learn is to make something, but what? Every game developer shoud make his own pong (right?)! So we started our own. After making playable pong in libgdx (using box2d) with single and multiplayer we decided to add more game modes. One of that modes was music mode. That mode took next few months of development and became biggest thing of the game (propably throwing out initial pong modes from the game would be good move).

We want to release game when at least 4 levels will be done. We will add next levels in updates if someone will play it. At the moment we have one and a half of level. If you know some music that fits game (mix of dubstep and chiptune would be the best) let us know in comments! Don't forget to leave your feedback about the game! Check out the video (LASERS at 1:25!).

Also we are looking for slow (at least at the beginning) Ambient/Chiptune track like Dustforce - "9-bit Expedition" for first level.



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