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Figured I may as well start one...

I'm going to need to document this stuff somewhere for a post mortem, so this is the place.

To start off: Planning, planning, a little preparation, and some more planning. One can never do enough of this. But thats all good and fine until you need to see how something is going to work. Then you need to just write some code. Shortly after that, you find out that you need to do more planning.

I also need to set myself some IN STONE deadlines. It would seem this is the only way I can get stuff to done. A two week turn around is too much time it would seem. I think a week is good enough to get one screen done at a time. And why, oh why cant I write this game in C#? A simple DirectDraw game in C# would have been GREAT. But using unmanaged code (old DX6 stuff) in C# is a PITA.

Ah well. we'll see how the next journal entry turns out.



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