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Setting up codeblocks with SDL2.0, opengl 3+ and GLEW

I recently decided to get back into programming again. The last time I was programming to any great extent opengl 2.0 was out. A number of improvements have happened since then. I recently watched this "Porting source to linux valve's lessons learned".

I decided to see if I could get codeblocks with the mingw compiler and SDL2.0 working. Then I wanted to be able use opengl 3.3+. To gain access to opengl3+ I decided to use GLEW. The amount of information around setting up SDL2 vs SDL1 is far less. Secondly most of it appears to based on using it with visual studio. Getting GLEW to work with mingw requires recompiling the library the dlls that come with it are for visual studio. I lucked out and found a script on one chat board that made that simple.

To make things a bit easier for anyone else interested in doing the same I created two video the first of which is just setting up codeblocks with SDL2.0 the second is setting it up with SDL2.0, opengl3+ & GLEW including how to compile the binaries and where to get everything. I made the project available on my site.

One of primary reasons I chose to use these was cross platform availability. It should allow using the same development environment across platforms and the least amount of code change in the long run.
A number of improvements can still be made such as putting the linker libraries and directories in the project setting rather than general is one. Someone could also right a script to start a project with these setup similar to the SDL1 version.

Anyway hope this helps some of you.

setting up codeblocks with SDL2.0

Setting up codeblocks with SD2.0, opengl3+, & glew



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