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Notes about Fortification Hills Projects

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Our First Step

Spatial Agency!

Some time ago, i was wondering about having a game that we can build out space ships, more accurately rockets. Yeah, a lot of people know that
a game like this already exists ( and i am a big fan of this genre and the team of that game). But, when i was on the go, i was not able to get my laptop and enjoy the game. So i've started to wonder how awesome would be to have a mobile game with some similar mechanics; Day past day i've planned the game in my mind, thinking about how to make it, and what awesome i could bring to my game.

The Game:

The game is set on a paralel galaxy, in a planet with natives that lives just like us. You are now one of them, and have the duty to take a decadent
space program to a interplanetary sucess.

But how? Manage, build rockets, explore the planet, other planets, moons, asteroids, use the tecnology to make your space program get money.

Game Modes:

History: The normal way to play, with history, limited resources. An all new experience for mobile games.

Sandbox: Play freely, no money required . Build the rocket as you want with no worries, just for fun. And don't forget to explore the universe.

It's not too much complex for mobile?

No, we're working in a interface that makes the game easy to play. Even with that complexity. It's better to thing that the game is Complete, not complex.

And those planets?

We've planed an all new system for the planets, that means that the game has Giant planets, completely open for the players to explore.

What have you done until now?

We are now on a prototyping phase, more acurately the Level design prototype. We are working upon the planets construction and enviromental feeling. We need to make sure that mobile phones and tablets will suport our planets. We're doing very well.

After we got a model that satisfy our expectations we'll jump right in the gameplay and the final art assets.

This is just a small presentation of the idea. Soon we'll be back updating our progress and showing you more about the game mechanics.

Davi Andrade

Davi Andrade


Fortification Hills Studios

Hello all,

We are the Fortification Hills Studios!

We'll use this Journal to talk a little about us and our projects. Frequently we'll be bringing information about progress on our projects and even in the studio it self.

The Fortification Hills Studios:

We are a small team of "Hobbyist" people interested in making games. Looks obvious, but our focus are not the profit linked to a game sucess or not, but the satisfaction of the players when they play our games. We want the people to enjoy playing our games.

The Team:

A designer, that leads the Game design it self, and the Artistic direction of the projects, and a Lead programmer.

Davi Andrade - Lead Game Designer ( Brazil)

- Lead Programmer ( Portugal)
(Due to contract policies with the actual employee, we can't show informations about our programmer).

Work place:

The team is internet based, we colaborate through some colaborative aplications available in the internet.

Objective of the Journal:

Our team is too focused in the production of an actual project ( we'll discuss it soon). So we don't want any way to
show our job, like sites or social medias, right now. But we think that a colaborative journal in a game design community
would be very constructive for us and even the community.

So we want to share our experiences with you, and show our job and progress.


We're working right now in a Mobile game. The team is 100% focused on this project. We'll be presenting the project in another
entry soon.

[size=2]*The Studio will not be focused on mobile games only.

Thank you for the attention, keep looking for news from Fortification Hills Studios.

For contact us:
Davi Andrade ( GameDev id) or dev.fortification@gmail.com

Davi Andrade

Davi Andrade

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