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Thunder3D engine development

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Apply my learnings to develop a 3D game engine

I am not from video game industry, but I am quite interested in it.

Many years development in ERP software consultation narrowed my thoughts on only providing best solutions according to the finished softwares. Although not necessarily as old as a rusty bolt, I think I lost the edge competing with the just graduates. However, I still have some nerve to pick up the math and give it a try to develop my own game engine

Big thanks to Mr. Sean Barrett's (http://nothings.org/) for his great public domain libraries.

I use stb_image.c to extract data from jpg or png tocreate the opengl textures.
I use stb_truetype.h to create my texture fonts and substaintially get Unicode support.
I use stb_vorbis.c to create a simple PCM source as the input to OpenAL soft to render the background music.

I developed my engine in pure C. Personally I think C could be more flexible when developing multithread applications.
The other reason of choosing C is that I hope the engine should have smaller memory footprint and could be fit into mobile devices after I adapt the engine with Opengl ES.

My engine "Thunder3D" has the following features:
Cross System Support (Linux/Windows)
OpenGL GLSL Rendering
Task Based Multithread Support
Scalable Shadowmapping
Heightmap Based Patchmap
Unicode Font support
Raycast Picking
Central Texture Management
Central Model Management
Skeletal Animation
Simple Mesh Decal
OpenAL 3D Sound Support
Vorbis Format Support

I have created a demo with my engine. Although not perfect, it could show everything I learnt.
I still have a lot to fix in this demo, ex. adding the pathfinding algorithm, tuning to get more efficient multithreading and etc, but for this moment, I hope that somebody could try it and give me some comments.

The demo is a little bit oversize, I cannot upload in here, but you can download the demo from here: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1hq7Qijy

Greetings from Shanghai, China.

6th May, 2014



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