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About this blog

A difficult path to develop an indie game

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A Strong Start

Change Of Plans: I decided to use Unity instead of my own personal game engine, Ignis Game Engine. I made this change because I believe Unity will alleviate some stress in the development of the game. In addition, I am convinced that I finished the 2D system interface for the Ignis Game Engine; however, the 3D system implementation will take some time to complete.   Good Start: I am excited and nervous at the same time when I started developing this game, Iron Age Stories. On the other hand, I managed to create a Sand-Box scene with a prototype coming together.   What's Next: The next step is to tread carefully and plan accordingly on how I can succeed in this project. I did create a TODO list for the prototype to keep track of my progress; however, the list keeps growing. I can feel the stress already but I can spread the work into smaller pieces to determine the work load.   Thanks for reading and happy coding!      




Trial Of Courage

Hello!   It seems like things are finally moving along for me. I finally started a company after saving some money! I ran into road bumps in my life but I finally got back up again.   My Small Independent Game Studio Company: So I started a small company called Dark Star Ship Studio and I am going to announce a game sometime in March. I am a bit nervous/scared that I will fail. However, if I can be careful about my decisions, maybe it can work out. I am trying to remain positive and realistic on making a game with a very simple gameplay. Also, I found a good 2D Pixel Artist working with me on the art side.   Ignis Game Engine: I've been working on my game engine for the past two and a half years. I feel very satisfied with my proficiency in C/C++ and Visual Studios 2013. I was able to make DLL plugins for testing the graphics/gameplay in my game engine environment; in addition, I am trying to create my own procedural generated world map using the perlin noise algorithm (I might use a library instead if its taking too long).  Hopefully, my 3D implementation will be completed once I can release a small 2D game. I know some people would suggest that I should use Unity, Unreal or GameMaker to make a game. Unfortunately, I prefer to start from scratch so that I can learn and challenge myself. I've been using Unity for almost two years and it is a great game engine but I am having a lot of fun trying to create my own game engine (I guess I like to go deeper to understand game engines???).   Final Words: I hope I can triumph over these challenges that are coming my way. I can only hope that I don't burn out in the process since I do work. Wish me luck, Game Developers! I know I am going to need it.




Learning new technology is a unique skill

I've been very busy at my job and decided to release some stress after 3 years of programming experience at work.   It seems like my c++ skills have gained new levels and JavaScript is a simple fun language that I've enjoyed. In addition, I was learning to use the basics of the Unity 3D engine and it seems like I've learned a lot with the program, too. I can become lazy when it comes to art. I can model 3D meshes pretty well in Blender 3D and I have 1 year of experience; however, animating an object in 3D requires a lot of patience and it seems like I do not have it. I started out from this:   To this: You can learn a lot in 1 year using Blender 3D.   Also, I created a FREE unity 3D game application in Google Play store (the app does not have any Ads!). try it out on your android phone. Critic is always welcomed! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.DarkShipStudios.FlipIt&hl=en   I am debating to try and join a group to make a game in Unity 3D but is it possible if I work almost everyday? Who knows?    




Very busy...

I actually have a job!

I've been very busy working as a software developer. I love my job so far and I am learning new things.
I was struggling looking for work but thank goodness that someone contacted me about a full time position in software engineering I.
Today, I am working and trying to start my own buisness.

Game Development :

SDL is a very interestings API. I've been practicing and learning SDL for almost two years. Did I learn anything? Yes. In addition, my C++ expereince has increased, too.

I made up my mind on following my dreams. I was not sure if I want to make games and fail on trying to start a company. However, I want to try and make my dreams happen. I always have this idea on starting a game development company and actually manage to make great games.
Thus, I need to come up with a nice company name soon...

Creating my first game engine:

It finally happened. My first attempt on creating a 2D/3D game engine. I was able to complete the 2D portion that has collision support but I ran into some bugs with the alpha color setup for the sprite. In addition, learning OpenGL can be another challenge. The reason why I am making a game engine is to increase my skills in C++ programming and some of us do believe that "practice makes perfect" .

I will post more thoughts and news this weekend. Thank you for reading!




Planning is important

I am not Dead:
I was a bit busy doing some side Java project for a family friend and got some interviews going on. So far, I was successful on the third interview and hope I get the software engineer position in this small company. In addition, I was returning back to OpenGL and began to work on some unfinished lessons that I wanted to finish. I have big plans for the Fargo Game engine and hope all goes well.

What's the plan?
I finally got an idea for a game. It involves dungeon crawling, exploring the world, secrets, boss fights, and multiplayers. THIS IS NOT AN MMO!
I will add more of my ideas once I get everything in motion. I was thinking of using SDL and OpenGL together but I will put that aside for now. All I want right now is to make small demo and see where it takes me.

Any last words:
Game development is tough but I know it is paying off due to the fact that my coding skills are reaching new levels. While I' m looking for work, I need to keep my mind fresh from everything I learned at college. Those of you who are reading my journals, thank you. I am glad someone is reading my struggles in life.




New grad looking for work...

My personal demons:
Graduating from college was suppose to give a positive future. Sadly, I'm starting to believe it is a false idea. I graduated from college three months ago and expected to find a job in doing the things I want to do. Instead, I see no hope in the state of Florida. I am already looking for work in retail again. I FU**ING hate retail and all of its existence! I have two years of experience in the field on retail. I was trying to pay my way for college until I can't stand it anymore. In addition, I fell into depression due to the fact that people are jerks. Nothing personal, I fu**ing hate this world. I can't get experience in software development and now I believe having a degree is useless! I barely sleep due to the fact that I can't find a job at least an entry level position on software development.

Hope much?:
I'm giving it all I got. I am going to make a game that is fun and crazy. All I got to do is make this pixel art and try to set up some fun stuff. I need to come up with a name for the game since I already finished my Fargo 2D Game Engine. I'm hoping that I can make this game at least fun for everyone (Demos for everyone soon). I'm sorry for this useless post. I had a need to express my anger and I was hoping this journal was the right place to do it.




Pixel art is time consuming

Art is tough:
Pixel art is very hard in my opinion. I have no patience for it and I really suck at it. I might need to work with a pixel artist and I never worked with an artist before. I hope I can work with one in the future.

Code chat:
Enough crying about art. Let me explain my tile engine. The tile engine is using std::ifstream("test.Worldmap"); and I'm using std::array map; to store the tiles. The std::array will store SDL_Rect types and total_tiles is the number of tiles on the map. I used a struct that can hold values of the tiles. In addition, the std::ifstream("test.Worldmap"); will search for the type of tile on the map with speacial characters: "1"(grass), "3"(water), "p"(Player), and "2"(wall). I used a switch() statement for this procedure.

For example:

p 1 1 1 1 1 1
1 1 1 1 1 1 1
1 1 1 2 1 1 1
1 1 2 2 2 1 1
1 1 2 2 2 1 1
1 1 3 3 3 1 1
1 1 1 1 1 1 1
To calculate the total_tiles, just use basic math. 7 X 7 = 49. You can use two for loops to make this work, but I only used one for loop to fill the tiles in std::array. Would be nice if I posted some code, right? Pshh, there's hundreds of tutorials on this so anyone can find them online. My code was based on a tutorial from a java tutorial game website. However, I decided to only take the read file example and change it to my satisfaction. In the end, I did learn a lot from the java tutorial. BTW, std::array is a C++11 library.

Anymore stuff to mention?:
My collision and character movement works. Therefore, I have a working game engine made with SDL. All is left for me to do is design a game mechanism and create a good idea for games. This is only the beginning of the difficult journey. Stay tuned.




So it begins

About me:
I've been studying SDL as a personal project for the past eleven months now. I graduated from college on June 15, 2014 with a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Computer Science. My passion for creating games started at the age of 14. My first programming language was Python and my programming experience would be about three years right now(experience gained in C++, C, XML, and Java from college).

Stay awhile and listen:
Today, I made a lot of progress on making a tile engine in SDL. My second attempt in making a game is very challenging and I am having doubts.
Yet, this foolish dream will not die. I want to make games till the day I die and I'll do anything to make it happen. I believe in my strengths and my advice to people is do whatever it takes to make your dreams come true. Believe.



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