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Our very first game, An endless run with a transformable character!!!

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Our first game, An endless run with a transformable cat!

We are Ninehead Genasha, a hobbyist team who loves creating games. We consist of two programmer,Kevin Yudi Utama and Winson Waisakurnia. We are currently working on our very first game(Well we made game for our homework before), an endless run game with a transformable cat. We give this game a straight forward name, CatRunner. We plan to make a journal showing our progress on making this game. This is our initial design for the cat

Well i know it is not the best art on the world. It is made by me(Kevin Yudi Utama) a programmer. I have no any art or design background whatsoever. So if you have any suggestions and critiques, I will gladly hear it. I want to improve my cat a lot more.

[color=rgb(102,102,102)][font='Trebuchet MS']The gameplay is simple. There are a lot of obstacles along the way. We haven't though about all the obstacles yet. But for now we plan to make some ravines and mayble some spikes and monsters roaming around. The cat can jump and transform to another special cats. There are two special cats currently on our mind. First it is a ninja cat which can pass through the spike and maybe monster without getting hurt and the second is a superman cat which can fly thourgh the ravine. Ehmm... actually we have a lot more cats in our mind like maybe a naruto-cat and goku-cat... We think it will be fun making those kind of characters in our game.[/font][/color]

If you are curious about the ninja-cat and the superman-cat design you can check them out at http://nineheadgenasha.blogspot.com/. We plan on sharing our progress through this journal and that blog. Anyway thanks for reading.



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