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An exploration in procedural world generation in unity 3d

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Over the past year or so I have been gradually building out a system for generating worlds procedurally.

The basic process is to generate a height map which outlines the features of the world, then I texture it, and finally I add vegetation.

It typically takes me about 3 hours to generate a new world from scratch. Most of that time is spent tweaking texturing and vegetation.

The actual generation process on a 4km x 4km world currently takes about 5 seconds. I am in the process of making this multi threaded and that should reduce it down to a few seconds.

Ideally I want to be able to describe a world and inject it into any game by sending just the settings of the world across the network. This moves you from a 10-20MB file transfer down to less than 1k smile.png
First I start with a rough 'map' which describes the approximate features I want to have in my world.


Then I apply various types of fractal noise to the map - the broad features become more interesting.


When you step into it, you get a sense of its size and perspective.


And when you add light it's gorgeous.



And finally some vegetation brings it to life:


There's lots more I want to do, but here's a few screen shots of my progress to date.

Video's are available http://www.youtube.com/btektube
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