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About this blog

An attempt to document my progress during the current GameDev contest

Entries in this blog



Heh, guess who didn't pay attention to the deadline Timezone!
-> this guy
It's about an hour before midnight in California, Oh well,
I had a lot of fun working on this project and have what I think is a cool looking prototype to show for it,
Give it a look
Good luck to all of the competitors!

I didn't have a lot of solid time to work on this, so there are a lot of things that are lacking, like actual gameplay , but it controls like a typical side scroller, you can jump, and have to avoid the projectiles the enemy spits at you and get to the end of the level. It supports mouse and keyboard and gamepad.

Have fun!




Late update

Just a quick update from yesterday's progress, me and my designer friend have an idea for the game and are preparing assets for it. We decided on a simple sidescroller that makes use of the theme, and mixing it with a bit of horror in preparation for Halloween! Here is a quick screen capture.

We also got a name, Kludge!




Tools of the Trade

So in preparation for the unofficial gamedev contest, I've begun assessing what I need to make my entry, the Tools of the trade, and have compiled a rough list that is subject to change but will most likely be what I use.

Language: C#
Engine: Unity3D, I was debating with myself whether I wanted to go with Unity or Unreal4, I have recently began playing with UE4 and like it a lot, however my familiarity with Unity already will give me a HUGE advantage in terms of speed of development, which is really important in a competition like this and Unity is a pretty solid work horse, not to mention I can make a build for damn near any platform. Perhaps next time?
Pre-created Framework: I have a rough FSM to manage the different logical states of the game, and a View UI manager to help with displaying the actual elements that will be visible. I also have another component for handling music functions like cross-fades and such, other than that, I will simply wait for the theme
Graphics: I will likely find some stuff to use on the Asset store, any thing else will be spruced up with Photoshop and Maya.
Hosting: I will probably use Drop-box but will have a mirror somewhere else for redundancy
Sound: For SFX I will probably use Audacity, I don't think I will be doing anything too fancy stuff in this department
Music: As for music, I am a bit of a musician as a hobby, but don't know if I'll have time to get to crazy for this project, I might be able to use some of my old songs here, but I will likely try to license some freely available stuff. A lot of great musicians out there looking for some exposure!

As I am already a Software Engineer for a Game studio as my day job, I will be doing a LOOOT of programming this next week. My strategy will be to spread the work load over the course of the whole week, and come the weekend, give sleep the middle finger (most productive from midnight - 4am Anyway) and use that extra time to polish it. Everyone knows that the last 10% of polish is realistically 90% of the work (does everything look/sound right? Is the game 'actually' fun? Does the game cause a BSOD?).

All in all this will be fun and I'm looking forward to hopefully making something kinda' cool :D

PS. The Command Center.

And I created an album for this competition to keep everything updated!




It has begun

Welp, It's time to get lots of junk food and clean up the dev area in preparation for the comp. Its going to take a lot of discipline to update this but it will be good practice!



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