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About this blog

The Week of Awesome II short blog about progress of the game

Entries in this blog


There and back again

So after seven long days we are at the end of our journey. I don't want to appear emotional or anything but I want to say thank you to some of the people and share couple of my thoughts with you before finally revealing our game The Older Rolls(you are not going t read this anyway right?).

First of all, I want to thank my team mates Makokvak and Supervacanea for the endless hours they have spent working on this game. They really did great job and of course without their ideas, creative work, programming and also firendship this game woudn't be possible.

I also want to thank people that are behind this competition, it is awesome that we all had the chance to participate and have fun. I hope there will be more and more people like you in the game industry. And finally good luck to all participants, I can't wait to play and enjoy your games tomorrow! I also hope posting our game here is enough.(have seen people do it that way)

As for our game, I proudly present you The Older Rolls - Toys are Alive! This game was created for fun and so that was our main goal. Although we haven't had the chance to include half of things we wanted(classic), we hope that you will have at least so much fun as we had while creating it.

[attachment=23980:The Older Rolls Toys are alive! Game of the Year edition.zip]
I would also like to recommend you to read quest texts ! Good luck have fun!

Already known bugs: We we'll fix them as soon as possible.

Picking up items in house is bugged sometimes, you need to go out and then re-enter house again.

Glitching coursor in menu after death - alt tab helps.


Licencing and Special thanks:

We have some of the free music sounds from freesound.org

Kastenfrosch - http://www.freesound.org/people/Kastenfrosch/sounds/162476/
thecluegeek - http://www.freesound.org/people/thecluegeek/sounds/140586/
juskiddink - http://www.freesound.org/people/juskiddink/sounds/140867/
qubodup - http://www.freesound.org/people/qubodup/sounds/60030/
DANIpeNET - http://www.freesound.org/people/DANIpeNET/sounds/157182/
braqoon - http://www.freesound.org/people/braqoon/sounds/161098/
ERH - http://www.freesound.org/people/ERH/sounds/34662/
eric5335 - http://www.freesound.org/people/eric5335/sounds/52740/
p.s - As you have already noticed we are fresh members on this page and we hope to get more involved in the future. If you want to hear and see more of us, we are currently working on project with goal to enter kickstarter and steam greenlight. I would love to share with you dev journal, screenshots etc. if it is possible(don't know if you can "advertise" your project here) in the future.




Combat, Animations and Level Design

Hey guys,

Thank you for your nice comments on last entries it really means a lot to us!

We are running out of time! You have probably seen that over and over and over again today, I am truly sorry for that. We have decided that we should stick to the basics so we can finish palyable game and then maybe add some more stuff if we would have time(how funny).

In any case here's short summary of what we have done in last two days:


Makokvak finished combat(ranged and melee too) together with achievements. We have found a lot of bugs in inventory system so he is trying to fix that as soon as possible. It should be fixed by the end of the day I hope. Also he did som simple AI work on toys but I haven not had a chance to play it yet.


Supervacanea sent us some nice new animations for player and she is finished animations on other characters together with texture work. We are really looking forward to see them.

Level Design and Dialogs:

Today I played with terrain and scene. General outline is finished and now Iam doing revision for dialogs and story. I hope I will add them in game together with at least some achievements by midnight.

Also Iam not sure if we can manage to add music into the game. I will look at that tomorrow. I hope we can add some free music at least. Anyway thank you for reading and have a nice day.





Rag Dolls and Perks

Hey guys,

Iam posting quick update,


Makokvak created nice inventory system that we will use - it needs some tweaking here and there but it is overall nice. He also started working on combat and ragdolls - they look really good. Also dialog system is pretty much finished.


Vendy is finishing her work on main character models and some toys. We should also have some animations really soon which is really important.

Game Design:

As for myself, I have created achievements and perk system for our game. I have quite a lot of experience with 2D games and I found out that designing 3D combat and mainly first person view is trickier than I expected. Another thing is that with limited time and resources it is good challenge to come up with something creative and fun to play, but still simplistic. I guess time will tell if we managed to succeed in that.

Here is really funny and scarry rag doll we tested today: (It will probably not be in game do not worry!)




The Older Rolls: Toys are alive!

[font='times new roman']Hey guys,[/font]

[font='times new roman']Iam really excited that I can now reveal our idea of our game that we are preparing for The Week Of Awesome II.[/font]

[font='times new roman']The Older Rolls will be 3D action Mini-RPG. We want to make it funny and enjoyable. You will be playing as one of the kids that are fighting for their freedom from toys. I will put down our story teaser for you that I wrote yesterday, Also I'll add couple of really early screens - please bear in mind they are certainly not representative for final game and we are in early stage of development.[/font]

[font='times new roman']Long time ago, approximately 5 years ago according to The Nerds, humanity was in great war with unknown darkness. It came suddenly and without warning. War was brutal and we found ourselves on our all fours. But when all hope vanished in the shadows of dust, we found something that was long time hidden from us. The Bacon. New order rised from ashes of mankind. The Nerds. The ones that found their inner bacon. With the power of the bacon tide of battle turned and we won our freedom. [/font]

[font='times new roman']Over the years we lost our ways and only a handful of nerds survived. What if the hour of need come again? Will we find true Baconborn who will defeat the darkness?[/font]




Week of Awesome II Concepts and Problems

Hey guys,

Doboss here. We did a lot of thinking yesterday and we came up with couple of ideas. We also have major problem. Our programmer Makokvak needed to go to work yesterday and also today, so our time was really cut down. But I hope we can manage.

Firstly, we thought about making rogue like game but with strategy elements. You would micro manage band of kids fighting their way to freedom. They are attacked by toys of course. You would have option to change items and choose traits for every kid. It would be awesome but it's quite complicated and in my opinion not that creative. Oh and we wanted to do that in 2D.

Then I thought, why not to leave our 2D comfort zone and do something crazy and funny instead? And the idea was born. As I am paranoid I don't want to leak anything yet. However, we have some basic systems programmed and Iam currently finishing scripts and level design. I will introduce our game idea tomorrow or next day. Stay tuned it is going to be awesome!





Hey guys,

Doboss here. I'll be writing this short blog about the participation of our team: Herd of Nerd, in The Week of Awesome II.

Our team is composed of three members: Supervacanea, Makokvak and myself. We know each other for some time, we have worked together in the past and now working on very ambitious project but we are not prepared yet to talk about it more.

Team Members:

Supervacanea - Graphics
Makokvak - Programing
Doboss - Game Design, Level Design/Writing. Maybe sound

We are looking forward to participate in this competition and have a lot of fun.



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