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unofficial week of awesome II Game Jam

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Day 4 of week of awesome II

so in day 4 we have started to smash out some of the game and getting all the Game HUD in also working on the other functionality the game is coming along very nicely and with the time that we have left i think it should be done by the end. We are working nicely as a team and things are getting done. Just hoping that the game will be fun for the people to play but i know on one down side we wont have that great of art since there is 3 programmers in the group and no one of us really knows how to do great art. Well that's the end of my ramp time to get back into doing the HUD.




planning out game idea

So for the last 2 days we have been creating a documentation for the game idea and have started to lay out the foundations for the game. But things are going a long very well the team is starting to no what they need to do and hopefully this will be getting into full swing tomorrow.



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