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week of awesome II gamedev journal

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Day 8

[font=verdana]Hey guys![/font]

We really had high hopes for us to finish our game in time. But we ran into massive problems with Rigging/Skinning and Animation of our character. Likewise I had my problems with the code... This is basically the reason for us making no entry to our journal for a few days too.

What we have

We got the main features implemented so far and an own playerphysics system. We have a damage / health system and two damage sources from which one is mobile (patroling enemy) and one can spawn randomly in the level (vortexes of nightmare essence).

Our player is able to jump and hold onto walls. He can then hold to it as long as he likes, slide down or jump off the wall again. If he collides with an enemy or a nightmare essence vortex he recieves damage. If he runs out of health the ragdoll system lets him die theatrically.

A basic version of the first level. We got some assets done in modeling and into the game. Some basic toys, a dollhouse and dolls (creepy ^^) and
furniture to fill the scene background.

Starting and finishing points. Transitioning to other levels. Checkpoints from where you can spawn when you died.

Also we got the basic animations of our character into the engine. He has now an idle, a walkcycle, a jump from the idle and a jump out of the walk animation. He also has the wall hold animation which is just one frame.

What we dont have

Textures. We couldn't get any textures done for something else but our player character so far.

The lighting of the scene is not finished yet.

The first level is not finished.

The AI of the standard enemy is not finished yet. Likewise our game lacks one of its main features, the animation of toys lying around in the scene.

The resource (dream essence - essentially life) which the player should be able to collect is not implemented in the game yet.

There is no GUI. We've only just begun implementing it. So its not working properly yet.

The main menue is missing.


This was our first try of making a game. We have no experience in that so far and we would like to be able to make our own games in the future. Essentially we have all the skills needed at hand to make a game. We have designing skills, know how to model and animate 3D models, know how to texture them and we basically know programming. We've never worked with C# before though and we've never really worked with Unity to this extent either.

All in all we lack the experience how to make a game in general, so this is where we learned a lot this week. Although we somehow knew from the beginning that we most likely will not be one of the best entries in this contest, we still hoped for having an entry at all. Sadly we couldn't quite manage to get things finished.

Now we are looking for other game jams to participate in and further gain experience. Maybe next year we will take part in the Week of Awesome again!

PS: we will finish this game in the next few days, because we really like what we came up with, and there is so much more to learn for us.

Captain Coffee

Captain Coffee


Day 3: Character Rigging/Skinning + setting up the scene, the game object and character controls

Hi everyone!

So basically what we planned for today is to first set up the scene, i.e. a basic version of the track with its starting point and finish area, set up the game object for the character and scripting the attached character controls in C#.

In addition to that we are rigging our hero character and binding it to its skin. We also will try starting on animating the basic animations like an idle and a walkcycle.

Captain Coffee

Captain Coffee


Day 2: The Game/Level Design

Hey there!

We got the basic leveldesign clear so far.

There will obviously a starting point, and thus being a sidescroller the will be one direction to go for the goal. If there is enough time maybe we could make templates for sections of the track and a script that randomizes the order at game start. But this is one of the things we have listed under "nice-to-have". Like a lot of other neat features we came up with and would like them to be in our game but since this is our first game we make, well, we try to approch things a bit realistically.

If you reach it in time you win. If not the child that has the nightmare wakes up horrified and the game is lost.

There should be 3 levels where to move on depending on whether choice or force. Some levels could be blocked for some parts of the track or sometimes enemies will block them with their patroling.

To go through the game there will be a standard movement in x and y axis and also some jumping features like double-jump and possibly even a wall-jump (jump against a wall, stick to it for a splitsecond and jump off it in the other direction).

Theses jump-modes should be combinable and the wall-jump should reset the double-jump feature so you could use it infinitely as long as you find a vertical surface to wall-jump from again.

We would like to implement areas where you can hide from enemies. But again this is a "nice-to-have".

Other than overcoming obstacles via jump-moving over them and dodging enemies that go in x-, y-, and z-axis, there are hidden resources in the game that you will need to finish it. Essentially your healthbar is time running out while you play. You also loose an amount of time when you get hit by an enemy.

Standard enemies (little albs) should also be able to animate toys that lie in the scene. Like a toy cube for example.

Captain Coffee

Captain Coffee


Day 2: The Character Design

So there it is. The 3D model of our player character is ready. Now it's gonna be textured. :)

So it's still work in progress but I think we are making progress. :D Screenshots and sketches of the level design will follow soon!

Captain Coffee

Captain Coffee


Day 2: The Character Design + Level Design + Concept Art Phase

So there it is! Day 2 of the contest!

We all did some thinking work that first day and most of us came up with a game idea they shared. I personally really enjoyed browsing through the forums and journals of the participants to get a glimpse of what everybody is doing.

Hopefully there soon will be something to show for everybody taking part, as there is nothing as exiting as to actually see the vision of someone come to life especially your own one!

We're working on this matter!

Captain Coffee

Captain Coffee



[font=verdana]So we took our time to think a lot on what the game should be about, what its basic features should be and estimating if it is feasible. Although it's definitely not yet finished, we have a small GDD we can start working with. Currently we are still making first sketches of the game character, the leveldesign and in addition to that are working to get a consistent art style pinned down. We made the decision to go for simplistic 3D graphics in a comic-like art style. [/font]

The game will be a 2.5D platformer (side scroller action jump 'n' run). It will mostly depend on dextirity to beat the game. At least that's what we are aiming for. The setting will be the dream (more precisely a nightmare) of a child and the main character is the favorite toy of him or her (not decided yet).

I think we will close it for now. It's past 11pm and we intend to get up really early again tomorrow.

Night guys! Till tomorrow then!

Captain Coffee

Captain Coffee


Theme got revealed

[font=verdana]Good morning, day, or night, depending on where on earth you may be! [/font]

[font=verdana]The "Week Of Awesome" will be awesome indeed. Now that the theme got revealed we are very excited about what participants will come up with.[/font]

[font=verdana]The day started relatively early in the morning for us. Got up around 6.00 am (we live in germany). Then I had an appointment at the physiotherapist at around half past eight and the landlord came for an unexpected visit too. So all-in-all a pretty eventful start into the competition for us. [/font]

[font=verdana]Right at the moment my girlfriend and team mate is sitting there with pen and paper taking notes of things we come up with while enjoying our first coffee of the day! We also got some good stuff running in my opinion but we will take this whole first day for brainstorming, developing a concept, starting a small GDD and making decisions on what we want to accomplish and what is realistic for us to realize in the given time.[/font]

[font=verdana]I wish to all other participant a heck of a lot of fun in the competition, and of course, some really nice ideas![/font]

Captain Coffee

Captain Coffee

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