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Day 6

Tried to get a lot done today, I think I did... Seeing as I still have some time left to go today. I'll probably stay up some hours more and just hammer out the many easy things. And use tomorrow for the tricky details and polish. Anyway, today:

Note; there is spoilers... In case you're interested in playing the game and don't want to lose the surprise....
There'll be many more in the finished game, so don't worry.



Day 5

So this was a nackering day, and I still don't feel I got enough done! But that's always the Jam way, last minute is when 80% of the game gets done!

Sat and Sun both me and my artist buddeh have completely free days, gunna storm through the final leg! Gunna be fun!



Day 4

More basic really. But looking pretty cool.

Definitely need to get more of the GAME in rather than the ENGINE tomorrow. So that'll include more NPCs, dialogue and missions, and well as the enemies! It's all pretty tied in with the story so it's all dependent on certain things getting done first! >.



Day 3

Showing off the game so far.

Today we added in proper character sprites, lighting system, crouching mechanic and I done some changes to what the rooms looked like; getting rid of the fade thing and just made the edge of the screen the exit, feels more natural that way.

Here's the video log:


Tomorrow should be even more awesome, because I have ALL day to work on the game!

Story is still a secret.



Day 2 - Video

So today was just adding in some basic stuff to the engine, and some design and starting the proper art... So hopefully tomorrow I can show off some nicer stuff. The story is roughly done, incorporating the "toys come alive" theme. Anyway, here's the video:




WOA2: Day 1

I was up until 3am last night before I remembered I had a Jam to do, and then realized I also had work in the morning... So I slept without knowing the theme, missing my chance to dream up the idea instead of actually thinking about it.

I discovered the theme in the morning. My work day was spent talking to my team-mate Francis about how we could incorporate this into an existing idea that we wanted to do (I done some work as well, obviously... *cough*). We managed it, albeit the story will just have to be that little bit more deranged.

The evening was spent working on the basics of an engine, it's going to be a low-res pixel platformer. And researching art styles, though it will be similar to the last game we made together; with time constraints I didn't want to do anything too experimental. So we'll try and do what we know, really well, instead. So expect a small yet solid, polished game, maybe, hopefully.

I also have Thurs and Fri off work for this jam. Just for that little extra polish.
And Francis quit his job... Not for this, obviously... But it helps!

-- Jack.


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