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Week of Awesome II post mortem

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Finished my Week of Awesome II entry yesterday (or actually this morning), called Timmy's Toys.
Main game-play is a tower-defense, where the player prevents the living toys from reaching the finish-line. The story was supposed to be helping Timmy to keep the toys from going down the stairs, but didn't manage to implement the story in time.
The twist is that every new tower is constructed from parts of the destroyed toys. So the idea was that with a certain probability a part of the toy survives when a toy dies, and the parts can be connected at certain points to form defense-towers. For example if a toy gun is added on a tower it can fire, and if a wheel from a toy-car is added first and then the gun on top of that, it can also turn to aim.

Unfortunately I had a lot of work during the week and ran out of time, but did some toy-parts in Blender on Tuesday, and spent the last day getting as much as possible working.
In the end I only managed to get one toy working in time, so had to skip the toy cars and there are no wheels, but at least some towers can be constructed.
Also there are no win/lose conditions .. I was deciding between an explosion effect and a "game-over and reset" screen if enough toys got past the towers for the last 15 minutes of coding, and went with the explosion.

Not sure it was the right decision as I afterward noticed that I had a limit of 1024 particles in my particle-renderer (had commented out the loop that did 1024 at a time for performance reasons in another project where there are never very many particles). But for the first 50 toys that die or so there's some sort of explosion at least.

Erik Rufelt

Erik Rufelt

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