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Shelves - Post Mortem

Let me start with the traditional yet truly deserved THANK YOU.
Thank You for every body who put this thing together and made it happened, to the judges, the organizers, the contenders, everyone.
Thank you to everybody who read my journals or played my game, commented or helped me during this amazing week.

So lets start, first.
[color=#0000cd] The Good[/color]
o One of the best things worth mentioning was The concept, IMO. Its hard enough that the WoA is actually a week, I started to work on my project
only at the middle of the competition leaving me very few days, so, if I ever wanted to complete a game in that time frame I had to go with something
simple that will express the theme of the jam. This acrade-ish concept (I would even say more suited for mobile) was the right thing to do, going 2D as

o The art, having never drawing something that wont remind you of a six year old painting, I'm pretty satisfied with the result, I didn't draw many
assets but the ones I did turn out to be fine and OK with the mood of the game - I wanted to make it scary - but child scary, try to create the most
innocent scary scene, toys+monsters+squeaky sounds Using my dad's Galaxy Note to draw was another brilliant move in my opinion, with the
lack of wacom/whatever graphic tablet i had to come up with a decent way to draw on a device, the Note with the pen was the best solution available.

o The Menu - not much to elaborate, i just really like the idea :[color=#000000]P[/color]

o XNA - I consider myself not bad with XNA (2D mostly though ) so choosing it over something else that I'm much less familiar with made
the process a lot more fun and rage-free...

[color=#0000cd]The Bad:[/color]
Time - obviously... being sick and chained to previous responsibilities didn't help either. I had very little time to work which made me work for long
periods of time without a break when I did got to work on it, leading to ugly and unorganized code that I'm ashamed of.

Replay value - Leaving out on of the most important things in my game did make it a little pointless. The plan was to make the levels/maps/layouts
unlockable challenging the player to get to a certain amount of points to unlock. Also add some bonuses as light switches mid-match that will destroy
all living toys at the moment, and an extended light that could heal multiple close toys... Eventually the game didn't have those and you pretty much
get the point of it really fast... A fact that makes it less memorable, which is a shame.

The Art, lets face it, it is still not that good

[color=#0000cd]Some Notes:[/color][color=rgb(84,84,84)][font=arial][size=1] o [/font][/color]
o The journal was a blessing, I really enjoyed reading other's and writing mine. getting feedback and comments was very motivating and i was
constantly surprised with the amazing activity of this community.

o The initial idea was Under the bad - instead of shelves you searched for monsters under the bad - but having trouble with the presentation (art-wise)
made me looking for another idea that led to the story from my childhood.

o This is an amazing first impression from gamejams (which as noted so many times is my first) and i will be attending to many more in the future.
That experience was super important to me due to the fact that I'm joining the army (which is mandatory where i live) in the very near future.

o I thought about uploading pictures from the process (some sketeches I made) but I can't right now, if someone will ask i'll do it when i'll get home.
I will attach some screenshots of the game.

^I did better than this i swear^

And please, if you played the game - i would love to hear your comments.
THANK YOU, again.




Last Day - "Shelves" Completed

I really can't believe that I made it, after the most stressful and busy days I managed to put a working playable
version together, though it is not all i hoped for, it is still nice and i believe that it presents the concept very well.
there is still many features that had to be left out, but it is what it is

It's been and amazing experience for me, my first ever gamejam, and i fell in love with this community after watching like a ghost for years....
Working alone was not easy and i had to face many challenges (mostly art wise) that were very fun to overcome.

In Shelves, you help Eyal - a little kid, survive through the night, fighting off the evil toys / monsters who are after
him when the night comes. Using only a flashlight - the most powerful tool against the darkness, you will face some
fun challenges.
The game was designed to be as much simple as it can be, easy to pick up controls and simple goal make this game
fun and accessible for anyone - it's concept is very suitable for mobile gaming.

As this was my first gamejam, and i started in the middle of it (eventually working only 3 days on the game) i had to pick a simple
concept, yet a fun one.

[color=#b22222]The Idea:[/color]
The idea for this game came from my personal life, Eyal - who is me of course.
As a kid i used to have a closet and shelves in front of my bed. To my 5 y'o logic, the night was the enemy, every thing became scary at night!
Even my beloved toys (that my mother used to put on the shelves). Instead of moving the shelves, my parents decided
to teach me how to fight it. They gave me a flashlight and said that as long as it on - no monsters will come near me.

And that is the source of my idea.

[color=#b22222]The Art:[/color]
All of the pictures/sprites were drawn or made in Photoshop by me. Using Galaxy Note 2 (with that pen) to draw the images like
the toys, tutorial,flashlight,hand and more.

[color=#b22222]The Audio:[/color]
Mainly from FreeSound.Org.
background music from nosoapradio.us
Credits are in the About Screen on my game.

[color=#b22222]The Game:[/color]
So, the game is very easy to pick up as i said, though i still implemented a first time user system which will
direct you immediately to the tutorial at your first time.
Please follow the ReadMe file to install the game properly (installation is required only if you don't have XNAon your pc)
Extract the files before running.

NOTE : I Put some jokes in it, hope you'd like it :P




Day Two: Playable, but is it fun?

[color=#000080]~ WoA - Day Two ~ [/color]
[color=#000080]Playable, but is it fun? [/color]
Hey guys!
If you haven't yet, check out my first entry:

So today... today started pretty late, after yesterday's late-night work, and it seems it is going to be the same tomorrow.
Yesterday I chose the concept and the main idea, basically I've decided to make a game that is casual simple and fun, just like toys.

As you saw, the game involves flashlight (a light source) and toys.
After working long hours I finally got a version running, a playable version of the game.

It works great, but it is not making me feel as i hoped it would...
But hey! lets stay positive! I already have some ideas to boost the challenge and add more things to make things a little more interesting.

Art-wise, I re-drew my teddy (the angle in which i previously drew it wasn't quite right) and added the monstrous version of it.
All with my dad's Galaxy Note 2 ;)

My new Teddy:

A Light Switch - hopefully it will make my game enjoyable, wait and see.


One of the most importent parts of the visual side of a game, in my opinion, is the menu.
Why? you ask. Well, whats the first thing you see when opening a game? (besides my -automatic-first-time-playing-amazing-tutorial) The menu!
A cheap menu will make a bad first impression, and as the ol' saying goes - you only get one first impression.

So to this day, in every game I've ever made (not so much really...) I put a lot of thinking into my menus - this time is not different! so expect a menu that is related to the game idea.

Let me ask you something, am I the only one not comfortable with showing the game before it is done? (notice how I didn't post actual gameplay photos), I mean, i really want you to feel the game from start to finish and dive in for the first time without previous knowledge - as I designed it.
I want you to get to know the concept and controls of the game as-you-go, coming unprepared and unfamiliar with the game is more special imo.

I will probably give up tomorrow and release some gameplay photos, and if I'll feel really week, I will probably reveal the concept itself, just to get feedbacks.

Do you think I should reveal it? I mean, if I could get feedback from you it will probably make my final product much better!

Ah, I should probably ... I guess its the time. forgive me for going a little of-topic!
Good Night,




Day one: Idea and Concept

Hey guys ! ! !
I'm pretty excited today, this is my first time writing a journal!
My name is Eyal, I'm 18 - this time I'm doing this, and I'm doing this solo! My first GameJam EVER!

(English is not my mother language so excuse me for my mistakes)

After reading about the contest i decided that this time i should apply and do my best, after all its free :P
I prefer to work with XNA C# and this is the reason I chose this library to this Gamejam as well.

"The Toys are alive"

I read that line so many times today that I'm starting to sound like the leader of a very childish cult ...
One good thing came out of this though, I finally got my idea, well sort of...

I figured - toys are for young children, so my game should have that same feeling, a game that is fun yet simple, a toy.
This is the main reason I chose to go with 2D. also, as I said, this is my first Gamejam and I guess i should not go so big at the first time - so I'm aiming for something pretty basic, yet fun addictive and that is related to the theme.

So, after I settled on my game idea i started to drew some sketches, I don't do sketches.
One of the biggest challenges you face when you work alone is handling the stuff you're not good at - for me its the art.
I mean, I'm not so bad at designing, picturing the presentation and UI of the game, but translating it from my head into the computer - art-wise... not going to happened.

I don't have a tablet (wacom or what-not) so its even harder. My dad though, owns a galaxy note 2! you know... with that special little pen it comes with.

So I took a shot at it and went to design my entire game with my dad's note :P.
I have to say, as bad as it looks - this is one of the best drawing I ever drew, so I'm pretty excited !
Attached is my first drawing, which should give you some idea of the direction of my game.

(For the bear I used a real picture as a model)

Let me know what do you think about this post, what should I change / add / remove.
Stay tuned ! I hope I got your attention ;)



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