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Week Of Awesome II - Escape From Toy Tower

Hello World!

You are a spoiled little boy who has a seemingly endless stock of toys, but also a seemingly endless desire for more. You fall asleep after abandoning your latest toy down a corridor somewhere in your fathers house of excess only to be awoken by a deafening thunderclap. Not one to be afraid of a little electricity, you drift again into a fusion of sleep and consciousness... However, the gleeful shrills emanating from a distant room make you realize it is not the electricity you should fear...

Welcome to Escape From Toy Tower!!!

The game will be playable on desktop browsers and is being programmed in pure javascript.

From a gameplay standpoint, you control a character running around a maze attempting to find the staircase to the next floor down of the mansion. The staircase is hidden until you can find a key which is held by one of the toys on the floor. The toys themselves want to be played with which you can do by collecting them. If you don't play with them in time... THEY WILL TRY TO KILL YOU OH THE HYSTERIA!!!!

So early in the week I sat down to create the random maze generation algorithm. Here's a picture of my results:

So I learned that most browsers have a hard time supporting even few to moderate numbers of entities at a time so I had to add an optimization to replace horizontal tiles with one long tile. I also experimented with having thinner maze walls but this was hard for the browser to render fast enough due to the method I came up with needing to use many entities.

Today I got to work some more (and am still working! - just wanted to a get a post in) and created a system for spawning the toys around the floor in random tiles. Basically, it randomly places them and then does a check to see if the placements are fair and if not it repeats this process until done.

Right now I'm programming the behavior of the toys so that they react to you when you're in their presence and then try to kill you if you don't play with them fast enough. I'd like to get to implementing a pathfinding algorithm if I have the time (this is really why I picked the project, interest in learning new algorithms).

Got some more ideas to make the game scarier but won't mention them unless they become realities. Thanks for reading!



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