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Hierarchies for subdivision surfaces, for collision detection, for global illumination, hidden surface removal, scripted sequence

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First Post

I have the urge to dump some parts from my memory to the internet. In times of facebook I think it is funny that post go to forums easily and the blog is hard to find. How often did I read forum posts of work in progress which are followed by a second post of the same author "never mind, found it". So my last post was on a forum, it was about texture mapping. I am glad that I had no reason to post "never mind", but I am sad that it was not in a form of a question. Texture mapping on a hardware level is in the context of this blog only useful for imposters. I have read about the old traditional subdivision techniques, then about the problems the impose on modern hardware and therefor am not that up to date about the state of art. But recently I saw how complicated collision detection is in Blender or Unity (compared to MineCraft), and decided to produce the best of the two worlds ;-) Some think it is important that a level can be modified on the fly. I would like to stay a hierarchy partly intact if a (space, air-) ship moves out of a bay and rotates. This may wreck havoc on global illumination, but I can live with that. After I got some Java code done (for modeling), learned dynamic WebSite programming in Java (for users to use my code), GLES (for Android), Direct3d (for Windows) whatever version will it be then, I will post more entries.



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