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Iterate, Iterate, Iterate

[font=arial]Iterate, iterate, iterate.

Here is a Super Meat Boy replay that composites the player's 100 attempts to get through the level, all of them dying somewhere along the way except the final attempt when he got it right.

If anything, games have taught us to keep playing, keep trying, keep learning, and eventually we'll get it.[/font]

[font=arial]The previous prototypes were quite unplayable, and so rather worthless as a tool for generating a discussion. So now I have changed the control mechanism, and focused on some sort of tutorial and outlining the goals for the player.[/font][/font][/color][color=rgb(43,43,43)][font=Lato]
[font=arial]This new version is at least 100% better than the last. If this rate continues it will be the best game ever by the end of the year.[/font][/font][/color][color=rgb(43,43,43)][font=Lato]
[font=arial][color=#000000]This[/color][color=rgb(0,0,0)] new prototype (click the link!)[/color][color=#000000] is the fir[/color]st I would consider "playable". It is still far from feature-complete. But I believe it conveys the core game-play well. Give it a whirl and let me know what you think.[/font][/font][/color][color=rgb(43,43,43)][font=Lato]
[font=arial]Could you see this becoming a fun / addictive casual game? How could it be improved?[/font]
[font=arial]Could you see these mechanics as a base to illustrate the growth of an economy and the corruptive influence of capital on politics?[/font]
[font=arial]Any cool ideas how to let the player influence the voting process?[/font]





Two prototypes in two weeks. Mission accomplished. Let me know what you think!

Prototype U - - & - - Prototype P

Note these are super rough. I didn't bother with a tutorial or bug fixing right now. I just wanted to find the core of the play experience. Probably should read the instructions below...

I've put these prototypes together to get a feel for the game before jumping into development, to weigh if this is worth doing. A wiser man would have done this before resigning from his job, but here we are : )
Through this game I hope to illustrate the evolution of society, from a system where tribes needed to spend the majority of their manpower just to survive, slowly being able to produce enough food to allow for other professions, artists and scientists, and after the industrial revolution to a point where only a small portion of population is needed to sustain the rest.

I also want to show the advantageous position of the ruling class, the transition from monarchy to democracy as a means of maintaining justice, and the absolute corruption of that democracy to put it once again in the hands of those who control the capital.

My goal would be for people to enjoy the game, in the same way that they enjoy cookie clicker, but also note the real-world similarities and perhaps even be inspired towards action.

Neither of these prototypes accomplish this, but they show what the core loop of the game might be, and will hopefully help us determine if it is engaging enough for someone to spend enough time playing to have a genuine experience.

Prototype U
How to Play:
Click food to harvest it. Click workers to motivate them.
Check out the menu button on the bottom right.

Very similar to Cookie Clicker. Maybe even more engaging since there are multiple things to click. Has not yet achieved acceleration flow, but we'll get there. It will probably be more difficult to convey things in this form, but I had in mind that eventually some events would pop-up along the lines of:

"Senator Dallben is proposing to raise the minimum wage. What should we do?"

Good, vote for him
Donate money, a LOT of money, to his opponent.
Would be a shame if anything were to... happen to him.

Prototype P
How to Play:
Click anywhere to walk towards something. Click something you are near to interact with it.
Click food to harvest it. Click workers to motivate them.
The town will grow whenever you have 700+ food after payday.
Keep an eye on the Science Market for when power-ups appear, and the Arts Market to buy hats.

This is closer to my original vision. It allows more illustration of the town and your relationship with it. It is probably less accessible to the target audience (people who click cookies). It also would have a lot more art($$) involved.

So let me know what you think. Is this something worth pursuing? Or perhaps I should get back to the drawing board?




So It Begins

Today is my first day working as an independent developer.

Archon Rises has been submitted to the app store for soft-launch and I've spent the last three weeks training Itai to take over the bulk of my responsibilities. Now I'm on my own.

The temptation to sit around in my underwear (ungirded) and play Torchlight instead of independently developing is high. But I hope to be transparent with you, dear friends, and whatever internet strangers stumble upon this.

My goal is that in two weeks I'll have two playable white-box prototypes. If I fail to do so, please feel free to recommend a proper punishment.

Anyway, since I don't have anything yet developed to show, here is an illustration from one of my favourite verses, Job 40:7.



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