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Solo project made with Unity

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A sound guy project :

Hello hello,

First of all I'd like to say as a disclaimer that I am definitly not good at writting stuff and I am not a native speaker so I hope you'll forgive me for that.

About me :

My name is Thomas and I am a french sound designer, I just graduated with a master's degree in audio and audio programming. I love games since forever and my goal is to make it to an AAA studio in the near futur. Right now I am doing an internship in sound design.

Goals :

I decided to try this journal thing for two main reasons, first of all I think it will help me to get thing more organized when it comes to stuff I have to make for the game as I will write my goals for the week each Sunday. And the second reason is mostly to share it with people or at least write about it in a public space. Since I do this project completly alone I think it will help me to not feel like I am doing this in some kind of a cave!

The game by itself (and I will explain what the game is about later in this entry) is made to fill up my resume a litte bit and mostly to learn as much as I can and have some fun doing that. This is the reason I do it alone, I get to touch everything. I do not plan on making money or anything out of it. This is why if you are interested you can just ask me I'll give it to you once it's done but it is mostly a "student" type of project.

About the game :

The game is a first person game, based on stealth. You do not own any guns, but you own several types of grenades (you will be able to choose how many of each you want within a set total number).
The types of grenades are :
- Incendiary Grenade : Cover a big area in fire, the AI touched retreats to a safe spot. This means you can clear some paths like that. If they can't retreat on time they die.

- Smoke Grenade : Typical smoke grenade. The AI that sees one will stare at it until it goes away so don't go through it.

- Flashbang : Typical flashbang, the AI who looks in the direction of the flashbang will loose sight for a moment and run around in random paths. You can hit yourself with this.

- Decoy Grenade : Typical decoy. If the AI ears it, it will go to the spot of the decoy.

- EMF Grenade : Has no effect on soldiers AI but makes every camera go blind for a few seconds in a big area.

On top of that you own :

- A knife : Works like a typical stealth game. Hit from behind is instant death. Hit from the front is just some damage.

- Fist : Same as knife but with less sound involved (more sneaky). Does less damage if used from the front.

- C4 : Used to blow up objective.

- Laptop : Hack alarm to make some areas safer.

On top of that the hero has some basic moves on top of the obvious walk/jump :

- Run : Faster, more noise.

- Crouch : Slow, no noise.

- Hide (in closets or in bushes) : The AI can't see you anymore unless they knew you were here before.

- Peak : When next to some wall angles your character can peak to see what's going on.

- Climb : You can climb ladders.

- Grab : You can grab some objects or AI bodies (and then drag them somewhere safe, the AI detects dead bodies).

- Cloack : Using the energy in his suit the hero can activate a Crysis type camouflage, it makes you harder to see.

- NightMode : Using all of the energy a very instable power from the suit is used, render the world completly black for a moment. Everything looses vision except you, you'll see the AI all green.

All of this is already in the game minus some bugs that I still have with my AI system.

How to win the game :

The game is only one big map. To win you need to destroy the documents secured in the middle of it.
To do so you must deactivate the global alarm, if you get detected while the global alarm is on you loose.
To deactivate the global alarm you must hack 3 towers that are hided in the woods.
Once you do that there is only local alarm systems left, you can hack them with your laptop if you find the control center.
If a zone has no global alarm and no zone alarm, being detected only attracts the AI close enough to ear.
A zone alarm in the document zone means you loose if you get detected.

You also have to collect some cards to open doors (yellow, blue, red cards open yellow blue red doors).

This is it for the first entry I hope it got some people maybe curious about it. This game is done in Unity3D free version and I don't spend any money on it so I have some strict limitations but I am doing well so far, I'd say 90% of the programming is already done.



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