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About this blog

All information about the games that I have now created

Entries in this blog

I draw everything in the vector. Everything starts from sketch.
This can hardly be called sketches, but they give a small landmark

Then I draw the first tower, and use pattern of the tower on the other

In the end I try on a tower visual effect
Today, painted icons for the panel upgrade. The first version of the 4 icons:
icon_u_01_01.png icon_u_02_01.png icon_u_03_01.png icon_u_04_01.png

Somehow they did not suit me. Little changed them. The second version of the 4 icons:
icon_u_01_02.png icon_u_02_02.png icon_u_03_02.png icon_u_04_02.png

This icon has got more than anyone

As long as they suit me.
More recently started making games. All graphics drawing itself. In the current game, it takes much more than in my first game. Who cares (Grater Google play link).
Starting to draw graphics month ago. It turned out this:

And more:
recruit_attack_01_192x192_00000.png recruit_move_01_250x192_00005.png recruit_move_02_250x192_00003.png wolf_attack_01_250x192_00002.png

farm_01_01_96x96.png sawmill_01_01_96x96.png barack_03_128x128.png

castle_01_02_96x96.png castle_01_04_96x96.png goldmine_01_01_96x96.png

I tried and tried, watching other games. Google pictures on request "Tower Defense", "Building game" etc. Tops games in the same genre in Play market. Really love the game Kingdom Rush (played in the first version of the browser) and the style of this game was largely the inspiration.
The style began to change, now it suits me perfectly. And besides, he was quickly drawn and changing. Since everything in the vector.

New style:

goldmine_01_02_96x96.png castle_01_11_126x126.png
upgrade_tower_archer_01.png misc_unit.png
I want to tell everyone about the game on which I am working. It will be a Tower Defense, but with some differences. The game was created in Unity, target devices: android, wp, ios.
The game can be build towers: archers, magic, bombard. And in addition it will be possible to build units that run on tracks. Management units can be represented in the game Swords and Soldiers. But the construction of the towers in the Kingdom Rush. To be honest, the last game was just an inspiration.
The journal will be conducted with more graphics composes, as very bad know English.
Also, some time will be available in the demo version of the first level, through Unity web player

Current progress in development:

Archer tower, lvl 1:

Workers mine gold. The main resource in the game

Thanks Bezier curve! Thanks to them, archers shoot as I need

The first level!

Icon purchase archers tower
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