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About this blog

Enter the Kult House, baby.

Entries in this blog



Now working fulltime as a visual designer at R/GA. Very excited about this.

I'm at 39W, between 8th and 9th in NY. If any of you New Yorkers want to meet up for a beer, drop me a line ;]

Box art

Finished low-rez version of Urban Empires print. Unfortunately, it's not going to be used. Originally there was going to be much more going on in the scene, but there was no reason to illustrate any more. This can be wallpaper-ized if people would like it.

Generative art

In messing around in Actionscript/Flash, playing with creating abstract art for my site, I developed these 2 images. The flying dark "sirens" are generated based on mouse strokes. Little details added in later.

Thought some of you might like. The high-resolution copies could easily be made into wallpapers if you want.


Since most of my work now is web-design (and flash development) I've begun redesigning Kult House entirely in flash. It's about...25% complete if you hit up my site at the moment. No transitions are really there yet, random navigation links will be there, etc.. I'm mostly testing out various stages until I like what I've got.


So I've been pretty out of the loop lately. Just started work at a web developing firm, just for the semester. Finishing up my last 3 classes before I graduate. Also keeping up with swarms of freelance work. I need to write up a contract for clients.

I also redesigned Kult House. It's more page-oriented now.. with larger thumbnails. It's not completely done yet, but I dig it.

Adverb Condoms.

So today while on the crapper (the home of all great ideas) ... I had an idea!

Basically plays off the whole "Verb: It's what you do" advertisements. What are the chances I can make this into a viable product / gag gift? Hehe.

Also, my contest submission was just a little too creepy for their tastes, I think. So I'm competing in week 4 for a spankin' new Mac desktop. The stock images they provided really sucked (a desert, a guy with a briefcase, an ostrich, and a camera) so I turned the desert into a basic planet, I used the body of the guy and replaced his head with a 3D one I created, and used little bits of the camera floating around. Ultimately I'd spend more time on it, but I'm literally SWAMPED up the ASS with deadlines, clients, and finals.

This is a scaled down version:


Macbook Pro Competition

I entered a design competition to win a Macbook Pro. I really liked where I was going with the whole tree bark manipulation in that flyer I made, so I continued on that theme for my entry into the contest.

I really hope I win. :]

Funny email..

I forgot that I recieved this in my Kult House mailbox. It's pretty, er..interesting?

Dear Kult House
My son son remembers atari pong and space invaders which we attached to TV with a splinter but he doesn't remember the when I got mario brothers and duck hunt it came with it's own tan 13" monitor.
Please confirm above for me.
Thanks and keep on playing;

Someone went to my studio, looked up my contact page, and manually entered my email in.. so either it's just a really..weird..joke.. or someone named Sharon out there really wants an answer about Duck Hunt being sold with a tan 13" monitor. Rofl.


Final Fantasy XII's story fucking sucks. I'm in the Sand Seas and I still don't know why I should care, or what the hell the point of it all is.

Weird Khouse issue..

I sent a link of my portfolio to a cinemtographer who I studied with a while ago. Unfortunately, he can't seem to view entries in the Work section, which is strange because everything else works for him (to even access the Work section would imply that Ajax is working - so I don't understand the problem).

He says..


I can get into the work section. But all the buttons "design, focus, logo, online, and print" will animate with roll-overs, and there is a window space on the right - but nothing comes up when they are selected.

Windows XP (Updated vers. SP2), 1Gb RAM, Internet Explorer 6.0.2900.2180 I have updated versions of flash, quicktime, realplayer, and windows media. javascript is enabled.

Hrm. I can't think of one possible explanation for this, so it's mildly annoying. Actually, a friend of mine had the same problem when trying to use my website on his workstation at Red Bull. Beyond these two people, I've never had a problem. Ugh!

New shoes

My black DVS freemonts (shoes) totally suck in rain because of their "breathable mesh", so I went and bought another casual pair of shoes, as well as some for running.

Gravis Kingpins

and Brooks LD Nerve

..dead sexy.

Ravuya's game

I've been incredibly busy with getting back to school and finishing shit from work, so my logo thread has been slowing down. Poops. Also, I'm trying to finish some game artwork for Ravuya in the meantime.

Here's the main character avatar.


The woman

I forced my girlfriend to model for me. Here's a shot from the dungeon-like basement in her apartment.

I'm quite happy with the end result.


I just strolled over to Bravo TV's website to read something on Project Runway, and I think my pupils just imploded. That is easily one of the most visually abhrasive and clashing designs I've ever seen. I can't spend more than a minute trying to navigate it, let alone look at it, without getting a headache.

The Descent.

Wow. This movie kicked ass. I have not enjoyed a single horror movie in over 5 years (The Grudge? The Ring? SAW??! Sorry.. no.) Everything has been utter crap. Uninspired, unscary, unoriginal, hackneyed, flashy crap.

Until this. Wowzers.

When I wasn't on the edge of my seat, I was buried into it. It's really, really nerve-wrecking. Excellent pace. Unrelenting tension. Really creepy visuals. Excellent sound. My girlfriend is pretty claustrophobic and was bugging out.

Jeez! What a great horror movie. Go see it.


I touched up the Work section of my website a lot, it's much more streamlined now behind the scenes, but the interface is also improved. Most importantly, it's now clear which gallery you're actively viewing. Check it if you're interested.

Also, I'm doing illustrations for this magazine publisher guy who's creating "Cum Goggles" as a sex-toy gag gift. Think something along the lines of a $2 Spencer's gift. The job requires drawing a bunch of cartoony women in different situations and with different reactions, which will be placed all over the packaging.

It's definitely outside my typical freelance gig, but I'm getting $50 per illustration and it's pretty fun to draw these. I'll post some as I finish them (most of them are actually quite work-safe).


Another character I'm working on named Robal. I'll write up a short bio later, but the basic premise is that he's an African farmer fighting for his "village" (will be replaced by something slightly less cliche). I want all of his moves to be based off the form of a sickle, basically loopy and arched. He'll be throwing a lot of spinning backfists, wide open hooks, etc.

He's unfinished.
I finished the About section of my website - which means.. it's basically complete! Well, I'll always be tweaking things and whatnot, but I'd say it's generally ready for the "public eye".

Anyway, I really wish I had more feedback/views on my posts (specifically character concepts). I have more things to put on here, but it's not really worth it if no one is even reading the journal.


Here's another character I created, tentatively named Turner Tempo. He's supposed to be gargantuan in size - probably the tallest character in the game. And despite what you might think, he's not fast or insanely agile (like Vega, for instance) but rather slow-moving and extremely powerful.

Any feedback on these as I post them would be great.
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