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Machine Made: Steampunk JRPG demo available

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Machine Made -- the Steampunk JRPG.


A young woman wakes up in the infirmary of a place called Skycity to find herself completely without memories. She's been convicted of murder. Her people -- the Zephyrim, have a procedure for dealing with murder -- they wipe out all trace of the crime, including the perpetrator's memories, and they exile the murderer to a remote area from where he or she will never be able to return. Now she must discover her past, fight to survive, and ultimately determine the fate of the world...


Machine Made is a Turn-based RPG, with Puzzle & Adventure elements and a focus on Collecting and Crafting that allows for a high degree of character customization and a deep level of strategic thinking. The story takes place in a beautifully crafted Steampunk world with Fantasy/Sci-fi influences that will capture your imagination.

Gameplay Trailer

Compelling storyline -- discover the protaganist's past through a gripping narrative featuring memorable characters.
Unique musical score -- enjoy hours of high quality electronic music that brings the science fiction/fantasy world alive.
Vibrant art, interactive environments -- delve into lush environments in search of treasure and materials.
Elaborate item crafting -- craft and upgrade your own customizable set of gear.
Powerful summoned creatures -- wield the power to connect with powerful mythical beings.
Choice-influenced narrative -- watch the development of the world altered by your choices.
Smooth interface and animation -- glide seamlessly through battle, puzzle solving and gathering.
And more...

Download the Demo

Download the demo at: https://app.box.com/s/xt6wg8i1w2i0atlzif7m9eg27l35f9po

Ryan Ferris

Ryan Ferris

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