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An indie's journey at reinventing the voxel and stuff

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I'm A Voxel CyberPunk

I'm A Voxel CyberPunk

Welcome to Xammond's journal! A place to post details of my ongoing works.
Hi, my name is Jez Hammond (@xammond) and I love to develop videogames since forever. Not many get finished but I do have several prototypes, often these contribute to the next! Right now I leave just one app published - an iOS sand app called 'BubbleSand'.
The new voxel game started on Twitter, random #GameDev posts were getting lost (and normally unseen by the majority who might otherwise be interested). The intention was to announce early and just go with the flow making a new game as it comes...based on voxels.
Let's get started with a screenshot then...this is the first 'proper' voxel model intended to get a feel for the scale of the world - below are previous efforts of a random world.

(animated GIF, hints on 6DOF - think 'Descent' game)

Previously levels were constructed via random world generation, and general 'subtractive modelling' gameplay! Here we see an image which I titled 'Hi', because of the feel that 'blue' and 'pink' were meeting.

Ok so that was a little bit of over-excitement there! I was so happy when the various efforts involved to get this far were coming together. I had only started the project at the end of February 2015, it is still very young. Here we see a behind-the-scenes look at my first play with 'MagicaVoxel', rather than allow for a null-void interier I went with creating all polygon faces manually (based on a reverse half-normal to locate voxel position, which in turn was based on an exported .PLY ascii file!). I think this is interesting to see such a reality, but alas the plan is now to fill interiers of smaller objects for optimisation.

I think that will do for this first post. Really hoping to see a few comments and feedback as I continue to develop this game. The plan is to release it on iOS, then raise enough cash to give Steam Greenlight a try. Builds will also be available for WP8 and desktop (PC/Mac), maybe other stuff too...it all depends on what I can get my hands on!

Under Construction

www.xammond.com (please check out my sand app for iOS)



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