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About this blog

Adventures of a lost Unity developper.

Entries in this blog


One project in stand by, other(s) in conception

Hello !!

First things first, I'll now talk about my main project, the RPG. In my last entry, I wrote a TODO list. This list was about some code cleaning, and a lot of relflexion on the content of the game. The cleaning part is ok, and the content is still ongoing. But I dealt with other matters :
Finally, I could access my free animations on Mixamo. So, I imported a few, and I made some cleaning, again ! The animations are now ok. At least, for the main character.
Speaking about the animations, I worked a little bit on the speed of some of them. I really want to have a dynamic gameplay.
A particule system (still at the state of test) is triggered when an enemy is hit.
A food-bar is now visible, and the food part of the gameplay will be implemented the next time I work on this project.
A trail is visible behind the weapon.
Aaaand, I added a script to fade out the objects which are between the character and the camera. This make the game a little bit playable in the cities.

Sooo, this is the last session of work on this project before some weeks, and there are several reasons for this. First, I must admit this project is driving me bored, sometimes. I still love this game, but I want to something else, at least for a few weeks. Then, I really want to make at least one game on mobile, a funny game ! An addictive game, if possible, and simple to do. I want to spend a short time on the development, but a little longer on the improvment.
Lastly, it's summer ! And summer is the perfect season to be lazy, to write ideas, and to let the computer stay cold...haha. But, I'll work on some project, and I'll come back here to give you some news as soon as I have an good idea !

Good evening ! =)

[color=rgb(40,40,40)][font=arial](You can see my projects here[/font][/color][color=rgb(40,40,40)][font=arial], or follow me on my [/font][/color]facebook page here[color=rgb(40,40,40)][font=arial])[/font][/color]




Oww...Cleaning the code.

Hello !

Now that my passages are (almost) weekly, I can be a little bit more structured in my statements !

So, the last time, I talked about my progression on the gameplay implementation, and more specifically about the dash skill. This skill is now available on my character, and I even added a visual effect to the knife throwing.


I made some overhaul progress on the project :
- I corrected a bug on the character clothes. Actually, they were visible only from one side. A little modification into the shader (on the Cull property) was requiered.
- Another bug affected the items' suppression. This functionnality worked well from the inventory panel, but not from the stuff panel. This is fixed.
- As I said earlier, the knife+dash skill is now properly working. A little effect of "wind" is following the knife when the player throw it. (see the first picture)
- To complete the dash skill, a mark is now laid on the enemy's head, if a dash is possible on it. (second picture)
- Once all these modifications has been done, I focused a while on the GUI. The spendings of the skills, the rage gains, and the buffs are now displayed in the same way as for the damages.
- I put a little blob projector on top of the character to display a little shadow below him. (second picture)


Now that all this work has been accomplished, I'm currently trying to improve the quality of my code. Separate the GUI scripts from the controller ones, and organize my code so I can go again on good bases. This part is very rewarding, and I like to work on the code, like this. Moreover, it's a part at which I'm not so good, so it requires a lot of research on good practises in Unity. The learning part is almost as rewarding as the code improvment itself.
The next step is to think about the game's content, in order to implement the quests and the monsters afterwards. But I guess that the cleaning of the code will take me some time, and the week will probably be busy with the content's conception.

Articles ?

Speaking of work, I'll soon have more time to devote to my project, and my wordpress, so I want to make some article on what I'm doing on my project. Because I think it can be good to share about one specific part of it on my site. Have you an idea of a topic which could be interesting ?

Thanks for reading, and good evening !

[color=rgb(40,40,40)][font=arial](You can see my entire progress on [/font][/color]this game here[color=rgb(40,40,40)][font=arial], or follow me on my [/font][/color]facebook page here[color=rgb(40,40,40)][font=arial])[/font][/color]




Skills 2

Hello !

So, I'm back after a little week of work on the skills. As a reminder, my last entry was also talking about the skills of my RPG character. Some very simple skills were already done, but the most interesting was to be done.
So, this time, I made some progress on the core-skill of my gameplay : a system of knife-lauching. My idea is to allow the player to choose the knife he wants to throw at the enemy, and then, dash on this enemy to activate the related effect. The problem is, that....I have never been so good to make a good statemachine, but it's what I need here, most of all. So, I'm currently building this part of the gameplay.

Besides this, I discovered a really nice animation to play when the character use a buff (The picture is the entry Image).

The todolist is rather simple, now : work on the knife/dash skill to have something I can show. And work on the appearance and the skin of the "game".

That's all for now, thanks for reading, and have a good day !

[color=rgb(40,40,40)][font=arial] (You can see my entire progress on [/font][/color]this game here[color=rgb(40,40,40)][font=arial], or follow me on my [/font][/color]facebook page here[color=rgb(40,40,40)][font=arial])[/font][/color]





Hello !

So, I'm back with some news. The last time I wrote something here, it was about some progress on the characters' specs. I also talked about the next big task, which is the implementation of skills, and fighting system. And I worked on it :
- First, the basic figures of the character are now loaded depending on its level. The level limit is 40, for now, but it will be increased.
- Talking about leveling, the skill tree is now a little bit more finished (I mean, on the functioning side). Indeed, the player can see how many skill points are remaining, and use them to lvl-up its skills.
- And the skills are naturally the following task. I implemented two buffs, plus an attack skill. Theses skills need to be polished, but the base is here.
- To fill in the fighting system, I added two basic attacks. A small attack, and a greater one. The second one is dealing more damages but is slower. (Classic, but always good to let the choice between to types of attacks)
- But all these actions can't be a complete basis withtout the damage displays. It tooks me some time to find a good font, and an effect to give some strength to the fight, but the GUI part is almost ok.

The next things to add are the following :
- More information to display (rage cost of the different skills) ;
- Complete the first skills, and implement the other ones ;
- take the notebook, and think about the clear and definite content of the game.

Any advice you can give is good to hear ! Thanks for reading and see you ! :)

(You can see my entire progress on this game here, or follow me on my facebook page here)




Character's carac, and some gameplay progression.

Hello !

So, the last time, I spoke about my progression on prototyping. I said the next task to work on was the gameplay. And I began to think on it. The difficulty is that, there is a vast quantity of things ti implement, when it comes to the gamepay. So it took me some time to see where to go first.
But, a few scribblings later, I began to code (AT LEAST !), and I made some progression on the Graphical User Interface, which now displays :
- The skill tree ;
- A skill bar ;
- A life bar and a rage bar ;
- A panel showing the characteristics.

This is not a big step, but the main task is the working principle. I would like to implement the fighting system, but first, I must get some animations and put the RPG mecanims in place. These are the main areas of work for the next weeks, and I think it represent a great amount of improvements and functionnalities.

Talking about animations, do you guys know where to get some nice and inexpensive animations ? I thought about Mixamo, but if you had some alternatives, I'd gladly hear it.

See you !

(You can follow me on my facebook page, here, or see all my projects, and details on this game on my wordpress.)




Progression on prototype, and some gameplay.

Hello !

So, since the last time, I worked a lot on the prototyping. Not very interesting to detail again, and I already talked a lot about this in the previous entries.
Now, I'm going to speak about the reflection I had on the gameplay. I think this part is very important, but very complicated to set up. So, I have to find an good settlement between an interesting gameplay, but not to tricky to implement. At the moment, nothing is implemented, and all the following point are only on some papers.
General system. I oriented the gameplay toward something with a fury bar to fill and spend.
Skill tree. I worked on a simple skill tree. The skills will surely be more numerous over time.
Lvl up system. I'm currently working on this part to have balanced combats and interesting bosses.

Here are the points I'm going to deal with dureing the next days :
Monsters, ennemies. This join the previous point on the lvl up system. I have to think about some balanced monsters, but which offers enough challenge.
File structure to store level information. As for all the data, the level information needs to be stored in some files.
Specify the history progression. I already have the main story line, but I must specify all the actions and dialogs, quests and others. It will require a great amount of time ans work, but it's also a very exiting part !

With that, I wish you a good day !

(you can follow me on my wordpress, or on my facebook page ! )




Prototype, prototype, and prototype

Hi !

I come here to make a little update on my main project. After my last update, in which I spoke about the first scene's prototyping, I worked on the second scene. I won't tell you about all the little details of this scene, but my main approach of this task is the following :
- make a scene with the right scale
- create the main objects (houses, for a city part, for example)
- bring some details, like wood crates, or vehicles
- detail the houses, with some levels, roofs, doors, windows
- put a bunch of living beings, NPCs and others
- add some other details, but more precisely than in the previous steps
I began the third scene, which is the first indoor scene, and beside this, I make some progress on the gameplay conception.

I have some ideas, but I continue to think that it's not enough creative, dynamic or fresh. So, I think I will take more time to search for new ideas, to bring a dynamic gameplay to this game.

Do you have some advices to find some nice ideas ? A methodology to improve my creativity, or arrange my thoughts ? Or anything else that could make a game better, and full of uniqueness ?
See you soon !

(You can still follow my progression on facebook, here, or on my wordpress, here)





Hello !

So, I come back here after some work on the prototyping of the first scene. The last time, I posted an entry to show the work on the inventary system, and this time, it's different.

I wanted to begin the prototyping step, even if it's too soon, because I want to have a concrete basis to work on. Even if it's just one scene, I think I need it to work on the system behing the game. So I made an incomplete version of the first scene, with some basic geometric shapes.

I chose some colors to represent the paramount elements of the future scene. Green is for big objects, red for NPCs, pink for living beings, black for roofs, and blue for windows.

But now, I wonder if I must go further on the prototyping for this scene, or if more details will come with the modelisation phase. Knowing that I'll buy some assets (including objects), I think it's wiser to work on a larger number of scenes, and only after, bring details. But if you have some different advices, you're welcome to let me know it :)

As I'm working on this part, I'm also thinking about which gameplay I'll implement, and how I'll do this. This is still very unclear, but some ideas begin to emerge.

Thanks for taking the time to read me ^_^

(you can see my global progression here, on my wordpress, or on my facebook page)

See you soon !




Drag and drop

Good evening, people.

So, this week end, I worked a little bit on the drag and drop feature of my inventory (and my equipment panel). Since the last time, I added the following functionnalities :
- some bugs with the dragging are corrected ;
- droping an item on a stuff slot equip this item to the right place ;
- tooltips are now available into the stuff panel.

And then, I must work on the deleting tool, which is currently begun, but users can only trash items one by one.

If you have some advices on how to make a good GUI, you're welcome to leave a comment ;)

You can follow me on my facebook page https://www.facebook.com/jygleprojects/posts/1588844304708577, or on my wordpress, here : http://wp.me/p51OE0-2n
Bye !




Inventory improved, and equipment handling

Hello !

So, I made a great amount of work today, and I achieved some really important goals. Here is the list :
- Implementation of an equipment panel, with the character's equiped items
- Right click on an item in the inventory set this item to the right place on the character (without the models, only in the data sets)
- Implementation of a drag and drop feature. Mmmmh, at least, a drag feature, as there is no place to drop items

The next steps are the improvments of this base, with the completion of the drag and drop feature, and a tool to compare pieces of equipment.

See you soon !

(EDIT : Here is the updated recapituation on my wordpress)





Hello !
So, for the moment, I'm working on the bases of my (futur) game. For two days, I worked on the inventory system (or I tried, I don't have a lot of time to work on my projects during the week).
I obtained, as a result :
- an inventory button to access the inventory ;
- a panel with a scrollView, which contains the inventory's content ;
- a loading of the inventory's items from a backup file ;
- a tooltip which displays item's information ;
- the information is not the same according to the type of item ;
- the quantity of each item is displayed, as you can see in the picture above ;

I'd some difficulties with the delay of the tooltip, which is not natively handled in Unity...
The next days, I intend to work on the equipment, and the link between equipment and inventory.

See you soon !




Hello !

Hello world,

I'm known on the internet under the pseudo of Jygle, but my name is Damien. I'm currently a last year student in engineering school, but I make all my possible to be an independant developper. I use Unity, for several months now, and I find it very nice to use in game development.
This leads me to the main point of this first entry : the game I'm trying to create. After several little projects (which are available on my wordpress, here), I've decided to throw myself into a bigger one !

In a nutshell, this game is a RPG, and I've already decided some points, and I'll show these points here, once my article about it is translated. (For the french people amongst you, you can already find it here).

In this first entry, I wish to show here the begining of my work. Apart from the storyline, and some drafts on my notebook, I've finished to import an articulated character, with a homemade controller, and a camera controller (homemade again). The camera is very correct for the instant, but the character controller is to improve. If you want to check it, here is the facebook link of the video. (Sorry for those who can't read it, I didn't found a quick way to upload it on my wordpress).

If you have any advice on the design of a character controller, I would gladly read it.

I'll try to update this journal as soon as I can make a significant progress on my work, so, see you later !



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