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why do I even bother anymore

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Goodbye chibi Brawl

So for a while there I thought that the project was saved. I was wrong. Of course I'm always wrong. Recently I've stumbled across something very similar to my project and you've probably heard of it. Lego Dimensions. Now let be clear they in no way took my idea, crossover games are a thing and a genre all their own.

But their doing something so similar to what I'm doing and so much than I'm doing it. That it reminds me how much my pewny game doesn't stand a chance in the real world let alone in its crossover genre. I'm giving up on chibi brawl. my last 3d modeler quit, the artists aren't responding to me, we have no budget to speak of, the only person that's kept in contact is Travis and I honestly feel like I'm letting him down.

I couldn't get the rights to barely anything and even the charities stopped responding to me, this game I'm guessing was never meant to be. It's a shame. I loved the concept of doing a game soley for charity, but I can't do that sort of thing by myself, let alone without a charity. I guess this just sounds like a bunch of excuses but this project has been dead for a while.

I still have other projects and I'll be keeping journals for them, but as of right now, chibi brawl has officially ended. I can't say I'm not disappointed but I was stupid to think that this project could ever work. Maybe one day it will be revived or something of the sort. But for now. Goodbye chibi brawl I'll miss you. -A.Snowflake

Adam M. Snowflake

Adam M. Snowflake


The project is saved?!?

So, I don't know what happened. But somehow, I've found some of 3d modelers, and programmers who are willing to help...none of them (as far as I know) are even aware of these logs, so I doubt this has anything to do with it. But...ya...I reached out and people finally responded I guess. It looks like the project is saved. I found two 3d modelers, I got an artist to rejoin the project, and lastly I've emailed a bunch more charities about sending them the money. That seems to be the main challenge as of the moment. Finding somewhere to host the game and receive donations. Like I never knew that finding a place to willingly take money would be so difficult but apparently so. On the bright side as well my company is no longer failing it seems, like we'll be able to make it. I don't know how it happened. But things are seriously looking up for the better, not just for this project, but for me as a whole.

Adam M. Snowflake

Adam M. Snowflake


Maybe I should just quit already...

Everyone else has quit the chibi brawl (video game for charity) project. From artists to programmers, to even my last 3d modeler. it makes me really want to quit myself. And right when we finally we're starting to make progress....I can't stand this...it's making me really depressed. Theirs literally been almost little to no progression on the game, and I am in despair.

It's hurting me because one I really want to contribute something to the world and it seems impossible at this point and two...i just want to give back. help people the way they helped me. But without a team it seems improbable.

I guess what I'm trying to say is I'm beating a dead horse at this point however I shan't quit.

i will beat this thing until it gets back up again (confusing metaphor I know)

But the point is, even if everyone else quits chibi brawl. I never will. I am determined to make this game a reality. And I'll contribute and learn whatever I have to in order to make this a reality.

Read more about chibi brawl at the following address


Adam M. Snowflake

Adam M. Snowflake


Halted Progress

So since Children's and Saint Judes clearly are not going to work with us. We've reached out towards organizations that we know will approve. Such as the Trevor Project. It's a lgbt suicide prevention charity. I think suicide prevention is very important given how many times I've needed to be talked down from similar threats against myself. However now that we're donating to an lgbt/mogii charity this raises a few questions and issues. How many of our current team will be okay with this? The artists knew that this was a possibility, but many of the developers haven't asked. Most of my threads have stated that we will have lgbt elements. However...I do wonder however if everyone will still be on board upon learning that the money will be going towards a charity that will be focusing on such. It is a worrisome thought I'll check with my team soon.

I can really blame no one for this but myself. People were wondering where the money was going, and I told them, I probably shoudn't have stated the possibilities until we knew for certain, even if people were hounding me about it! However if we do donate to the Trevor Project it will give us a lot of lee way. For example we will be able to get support from lgbt blogs. And more from the queer community. That was a possibility but not a certainty before. I guess I'm just rambling. Regardless the money is going towards a good cause in keeping people alive.

Which was always our intention to some extant. Below are some level designs as well as a colored drawing of Sherlock Holmes.

Adam M. Snowflake

Adam M. Snowflake


Signal Boosting

So I had a very stressful weekend. I had people telling me to kill myself over the social networking platform known only as tumblr. And the best part about this? I nearly listened to them. When you get messages in the 100's telling you how terrible of a human you are, you start to listen. But enough with why I didn't post an entry the last two days on to the video game for Charity I'm making.

It's been 4 regular days and Children's has still not responded to me. Not to mention Saint Judes. I think we might have to take a different approach with the charities we're approaching. We'll probably have to pick an lgbt friendly charity. Given aspects of the game itself and recent events, with our company supporting marriage equality.

True my company is producing the game but we're not making a dime. To be honest my company has turned up no profits from any of our other games (none released yet) so we really shouldn't be making a game for charity but its something I want to do, and it is my company so what I say goes. Some companies when they do something like this, supply a product for a charity, do the selfish thing and take a portion of the profits, my companies not doing that. We don't make a penny here.

To take a portion of the profits would defeat the whole purpose in my eyes. So ya. That's a little bit of rambling for ya.

In other news I'm trying to get people to signal boost my game. It's...not going well. Out of all maybe 60 messages I've sent to blogs I got maybe 3 responses. No one wants to support this thing. I don't know if its because they think its to good to be true, or if they don't agree with my companies politics or what, but its certainly not a good thing for me either way.

Lastly don't forget to check out chibi brawls website:

and see this new Sherlock Holmes art! By Alexx Angel. See you guys soon! -Adam Snowflake

Adam M. Snowflake

Adam M. Snowflake


Breaking the ice...or...game...thing

You know its weird. Making a game where you receive no profit whatsoever. Its weird. It's like hey I did all this work take all the money I would have made from it. But you know what? Even though its weird...I'm happy about it. I'm working with an amazing team on an amazing game for charity. Yes these journals have mostly been about my stress creating Chibi brawl, and thin veils at advertising it to some extent I suppose. But I guess...it's a good thing.

These journals help me get stuff off my chest about worries I may have for the game. Anyways on to today's ice breaker.

We've officially contacted children's healthcare of Atlanta, about giving them the profits. After doing a little research I found out that saint Judes has a history with homophobia. Since this game is going to have lgbt+ themes it is very very unlikely they will work with us. Children's however I'm hoping will keep an open mind. Theirs nothing inappropriate in this game for kids. I mean ya theirs an asexual Sherlock Holmes, but that's not bad thing. If anything teaching about asexuality and other sexual orientations in my opinion is a good thing.

Speaking of Sherlock his model has been scraped. Once our modeler Omar saw the new concept art he began working on new models for everyone.
And by everyone of course I mean every character.

Zorro and Sherlock are getting their model sheets designed by Alexx and I should have them by the end of the day. I've contacted several gaming blogs and news stations (both gaming and not gaming related) and none have yet to take an interest in my project. It's been ten days since I've contacted Saint Judes and apart of me is slightly hoping they decline.

It would be certainly different to have the same company who made
"Lesbian Space Pirate Dating Simulator" to work with a charity that from what I've searched up has had at least some controversy with homophobia. I'm not saying they are or are not, just that their has been controversy about whether or not they are homophobic. But who knows, maybe it will be good for both of us, should they say yes.

Regardless we did contact them and its been ten days out of our 30 day countdown until they reply. Let's hope for the best.

Attached are images for character customization within the game, faces you can choose your character to wear or have..
Art for expressions by Sabrina.

-Adam Snowflake

Adam M. Snowflake

Adam M. Snowflake


Money, Games as Art, Worries, and Characters

We've contacted Saint Judes, who I doubt will choose to work with us. Most likely we will contact children's healthcare of Atlanta, and see if they will work with us shall Saint Judes, decline.

I guess it's time I let people know that. I was afraid it would keep them from working with us,if I let people know that but at this point I'm afraid they will not choose to work with us.

Anyways, I'm having Kathy monitor Gameplay. She's a huge Gamer Girl, and knows her fighting games. She's brilliant that way. Even though I play video games, I haven't played as many as I could have. I have more fun creating and making games, then playing them. I have the attention spand of a squirrel. Then again a squirrel can probably pay attention better then I.

Anyways I do consider video games to be an art form. Extra credits showed that to me, who I was introduced into watching through watching confused Mathew.

I find it to be fascinating, how you can say that an interactive experience is just "made for fun" rather than an art form such as other experiences that are also interactive, such as a play or even some books.
That is to say, that to disregard games as art, is to completly disregard an entire form of media.

But I digress. We're planning on adding Zorro to the game. We're figuring out how to incorporate him. Because he is a popular person of color, who's also the world's first superhero. So I want to incorporate him. I want a racially diverse game, I don't know If I've mentioned that.

His race is a huge factor as to why we're adding him, and no it's not to be "Politically correct" or whatever nonsense that excuse is.

It's more so to be inclusive, and make sure everyone can see themselves in a hero like them, when playing Chibi Brawl. I mean as much as my game has been compared to super smash bros, Smash is really not inclusive in terms of it's skin tone variety....

Then again I am a white guy, so feel free to disregard these ramblings.
I'm thinking about contacting a news station about this game. I mean it's pretty interesting when you think about it.

A white autistic 18 year old, starts a company that makes no profit then turns around and makes a game for charity where his company makes no profit from...again all profits for this game go to charity.

Also as far as character customization goes, I want to be inclusive in that regard as well. But the issue is that I'm afraid what that'll do, for example I was told some Muslim groups would take issue if I put a hijab in the game. Which is a shame because I play on putting Kippah's in the game (I'm Jewish) and I want to treat Islam with the same respect I'm treating my religion. But I don't want to accidentally be disrespectful and I'm afraid it may come off that way...

Also we're currently negotiating the rights to some very nostalgic characters for this game. I love a certain book series and we might, just might, get permission from the company to use the characters in said series.

If that happened this game would blow up, and we would raise a lot more money for charity.A while ago we contacted Hiveworks about messaging their authors about giving them an opportunity to support this game, and they said no, because we're not "an established charity" and because we're "a small budding company"

So it does, worry me if Hiveworks declines me that this other company that is far bigger than Hiveworks ever will. I really want popular characters in this game so I can help raise more money for our selected charity.

I've even contacted Smosh, about including them in the game. They have yet to respond....

Most people I've messaged have said no, and if not no then left me hanging.

Again we're small I understand that, and they get nothing out of this, but I had at least hoped that...their would be more people willing to do this for charity. I guess that's all for today. Thanks for listening, if anyone even is....

Below is concept art of Valerie.
-Adam Snowflake

Adam M. Snowflake

Adam M. Snowflake


Stress and custimization

So I've been working on creating a team for chibi brawl, and outside of a desperate need for 3d modelers (Omar's a saint) we're pretty much good. I mean we need a few more characters, but I've sent out all the requests that I can send. It's a bit stressful and a bit frustrating being 18 and running your own company, which is producing a game that makes no profit for said company.Again all profits go to charity. Which is a good thing, maybe not for the company but certainly for the charity. Plus its my company and I'll do what I want with it.

Whatever, its just I get stressed easily. I mean no one wants to give me or Braincake Productions a chance...again like I said in the last entry I understand that. But it doesn't mean I have to like it.

Regardless I hope we get the rights to some name brand characters soon. If not well...that's okay we'll work with what we have. It's just a shame I can't get many famous characters outside of Sherlock. I mean we have a pretty good set up right now, just we need more characters to complete the game, especially with the new plot's I have in mind.

Anyways on to character customization. My lead programmer says it will be fairly easy to implement character customization, which is what I expected but was not sure about. This team we have is amazing, 3 concept artists, one 3d modeler, several other artist and 3 programmers now. I'm actually thinking about making a skype group.

Though I am a bit unsure about that as a moment.
Anyways back to character customization I want to be as inclusive as possible, make disabled characters a possibility, make natural hairstyles and skin disorders a possibility even include hijabs if it won't get me in trouble. But i do wonder...about...never mind. Look I've rambled enough that's all for today I guess. Bye -Adam

Adam M. Snowflake

Adam M. Snowflake


No chance, to indie

So recently I got permission from Lewis Lovhaug to put his character Linkara in chibi Brawl. A video game I'm working on where all profits go to charity. It's a very frustrating project. Not because I'm doing a lot of work for no profit. But because no one outside of Lewis with any sort of a fanbase wants to associate with the project.

I've emailed a big charity that has yet to respond, most likely do to how small Braincake Productions is. I've had people tell me, that this game will never happen or never work with such a small team. I've had people say, wait, a few years, I've had people say it's pointless.

I've had people feel it was a "bad idea" to associate with us, because of how indie we are...and you know what? I get it. I completely understand. I'm not even being sarcastic as I say that.

I mean what would you do? You have two companies in front of you that want to license your character. One is a project for charity where you receive no compensation called (insert generic name here) and the other's Nintendo, who will pay you alot, for your character. Who would you choose?

I mean that's practicly my scenario here. I understand why people don't want to associate with Braincake Productions even if we are doing a game for charity. But that doesn't mean I have to like it. My freind Jennifer says true charity doesn't exist. That everyone has an alternative motive. I guess I find that true to some extent. I mean if true chairty existed, this game would have gotten name brand characters or something of the sort or a game like this with major name characters would already exist.

I guess I'm just rambling at this point, and venting my frustration. It's hard to do something good, or something big, when no one will give you a chance, and I completely understand why, given my age and how small my company is, but still....its a shame...

Anyways this has been a bit of rambling from your favorite autistic 18 year old. read more about the project here attached is a picture of Linkara aka Lewis Lovhaug's character who he has given us permission to use:


Adam M. Snowflake

Adam M. Snowflake

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