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Game Development Journal of [UNNAMED atm]

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I know it's been a while...

Hey everyone!

Been super crazy with a stupid amount of real-world problems, but can finally get back to this

Progress has hit a bit of a speed-bump, with the implementation of a new rotation system eating the camera for breakfast. *Kinda* fixed that, but still more work to be done to fully solve that problem.

Also, we have gravity! But no collisions This leads to everything accelerating out of control towards the infinite abyss. Whoops. Collisions half done, but some work still required before jumping wont kill you...

Also about to start playing with skeletons. And by that I mean the ones that allow movement. Found a lovely book on how to use blender, only 2700 pages or so. Should be read by around... next century.
But still very close to implementation, just need to play with the colliders some more. (Eg, works with basic objects, but more complex ones are harder.)

Also, as promised, SCREENSHOTS:

Some of the city being built.

Some of the city loaded into a test environment.

Going really well so far and hope to post again soon!

Keep on doingwhateveryoudonormally!
James H.




Engine almost complete!

Hey everyone!

So close to having the 3d engine complete. Just some tweaking of the collisions and a small hiccup with the object loading, but everything else is running smoothly.
I have the algorithms for building the cities and for how the NPC's will work, just need to implement them.

At the moment, I am planning on having the following features for the NPC's in the initial release:
- Pathfinding
- Opinions of other NPC's and players
- Basic desires
- Authority structure
- Some form on communication to other NPC's and players

Also looking at an organic model for laying out the interior of the different buildings, as my city building algorithm just does boxes for where the building can go.

The initial release is a little ways off, but I am very much looking forward to being able to share my work with you all.

Keep on gaming!
James H.




Progress is being made!

Hello again everyone!

Just letting you all know how this project is going:

- Rendering engine - 50%
- Physics engine - 10%
- Models - zip
- Potential additions - lots (pretty much everything)

A lot of work has been done on the base engine for the game, and even a few new features have creeped their way onto the list (No spoliers for now )
Even discovered a way for non-intrusive advertising in-game to decrease any costs associated

Will keep working at it and will let you all know when the game really starts getting it's momentum!

Keep on gaming!
James H.

P.S. - any and all open source models are welcome, from buildings to generic objects (chairs, etc)




Introduction to the Game

Hello everyone!

Been working on this game idea for a bit and would like to get some community feedback about it.

- Interactive NPCs, each with their own personal story and background
[indent=1] - Eventually using AI engine to guide their actions a little more specifically
- Futuristic Technology
[indent=1] - Set a couple of hundred years into the future, date to be determined
- Hundreds of planets and cities to explore
[indent=1] - Each with their own interests and goals
[indent=1] - Could live out your entire game on a single planet, and not get bored (unless you blow it up)
- Factions across the Galactic Arm, vying for power
[indent=1] - Factions can change leaders if one is killed/steps down
[indent=1] - New factions can arise, if there is a need for it
- Various styles of play
[indent=1] - Assassin
[indent=1] - Thief
[indent=1] - Enforcer
[indent=1] - Merchant
[indent=1] - Politician
[indent=1] - Pirate
[indent=1] - Smuggler
[indent=1] - more to come
- Player determined universe
[indent=1] - Actions of players define the way the different factions relate to each other, eg. starting a war between the Outer Colonies
[indent=1] - Every player is affected by these actions
- Fully destructible environment and buildings
[indent=1] - Drop a missile on the Enforcer's HQ
- Customisable Vehicles
[indent=1] - Spaceships, hovercars, ground vehicles, aquatic vehicles, mechs, etc.
- Every player gets his/her own experience
[indent=1] - Missions given by the NPCs that you interact with
[indent=1] - Choices you make determine how others see you, eg. being a wanted fugitive will get NPCs calling a sighting of you in to the local Enforcers

So there is the general gist of the game at the moment.
If you have any ideas or want to help out in any way, send me a message or comment and I will try and get back to you.

Definitely need a hand with the hundreds of cities

Keep on gaming!
James H.



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