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Had a last minute rush to get some content in. Hopefully it will run on the judges machines or its all for nothing! Tons of things left out & bugs but never mind. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ooxd8wrpafhbxoj/WOA_V_.4.zip?dl=0 Absolutely knackered now will probably do another post later.




WOA V - Day 6

Its the end of Day 6. Slow progress again. But the game just about works now. Its lacking a lot. Icons and sound are completely missing. I need to find fonts too. As well as creating the final assets and campaign. And thew whole things needs polishing too. However, the loading and saving are much better implemented and the alien and tower data is pulled out into text files. Waves are implemented now and the game ends albeit by jarringly transferring back to the main menu if you run out of castle health,(I also need a castle geometry.). I'm sure their are a bunch of other issues and bugs too. There is a version available here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hv2mctwui3zfgf3/WOA_V.zip?dl=0 It isn't complete but I would appreciate it if anyone (Especially anyone with an AMD gpu) can let me know if it doesn't run at all, which I am expecting! . Rename _DO_DEBUG.txt to DO_DEBUG.txt to switch to GPU debugging mode and get more info in the glDebug log file. All in the bin folder. Instructions Click Load Map from the game screen to load my test map. Click Launch Waves to start the waves. Only two... Click a tower foundation to see build options. Everything is 50 gold.




WOA V Day 5

I have a lot less time for development these days... Progress has been slow today, but I have managed to add in some tower effects and remove aliens on death. I have also spent some time refactoring code and have added in the basics of level save and load. Not happy with the arrows at all, OpenGL is refusing to draw line primitives for some reason  so I have settled on points. Tomorrow I need to get waves of enemies working. As well as victory and game over conditions. Hopefully I can move the tower and alien definitions out of the game code and in to text files, this should allow me to more easily create levels and balance the game. I had hoped to get a version uploaded by today but this has not happened. I doubt anyone will be able to run this before the end of the competition. I've been tight for time to look at other posts but the few I have seen all look good, I suspect there will be some very good entries to play.




WOA V - Day 4

Its the end of day 4. Couldn't work on the game much this morning but I have had a good several hours on it this afternoon. I have some basic models in for towers and paths as well as some scenery although I hope to add more for variety. I have place-able tower foundations in my editor and in game they can be upgraded and the alien takes damage. I still have a lot to do and very little time left, I need to remove the alien after it takes enough damage and add an effect to visualise projectiles from the towers. I also need to add an end tower and a failure condition so that there is an actual game. I need to get this done quick tomorrow so I can get a version released for testing otherwise there will not be enough time to find any major problems (GPU support/issues were a problem last year). A selection of other issues/work: Save/load maps, or players will have to make their own Two more alien types. Flesh out tower weapons and effects. 3 In total. Castle geometry. Sounds & music. Main character and spells/abilities. Maps/Levels. Shadows are missing/Graphics quality needs improving. Fix SkyBox seams! It will be very difficult to get this finished on time. There are a couple more pics and closeups at my twitter page




WOA V Day 3

Today was the first day I had off work and I hoped to get a lot done. A family trip to the beach took up more of the afternoon than expected though, but family first! I have added in some tools to place specific tiles into my map and added some pathing to the game. I also created a few 3D models for an alien and path. It doesn't  feel like much and I feel quite behind, I'm still not ready to show any pictures either. Hopefully tomorrow!




WOA V - Day 2

Another quick update for the WOA. I was in the day job again today but had a few more hours in the evening. I've decided to go with a tile map for my tower defence game but with continuous movement across the map and a simple low poly style to keep my art time down. Hopefully it will look good when finished. Progress wise, I have pulled together some old code for tile maps and put together the foundation for a terrain. Not 100% happy with how it looks so still no pictures. Tomorrow, I have the whole day available so I'm hoping to get moving, catch up and make some real progress. I'm intending to get a path down on the map, a simple castle base and enemies moving over the terrain.





Hi All, I'm taking part in the Week Of Awesome again. Third time. This year I don't have as much time available, a new job and newborn have left me with precious little vacation time left for the year and less personal time when I'm at home. With that said, I was in my day job today and will be tomorrow so I have only had time enough to think of an idea. The themes are interesting this year, I couldn't think of much for assassination  but the castle theme and alien invasion is making me think Sci Fi/Fantasy crossover Tower Defence game. The genre is bursting at the seams but it should keep the scope small and well defined. With all of my jobs for the evening out of the way, I have only had enough time for pulling together a fresh project and the basics of my framework. So no pictures Hopefully I will make some progress tomorrow.  




WOA IV Stellar Salvager Video & Quick Post Mortem

Someone requested a video of Stellar Salvager here it is:
I'm pretty happy with my game this year, I think it is a bit better than my previous years attempt, "Orc Party". The last few projects I've been dabbling with have all been top down 2D affairs and I wanted to do something a bit different. I've been messing about with Blender recently and I'm not very good so I went with something I felt was simple from a 3D modelling point of view Space. So I chose Shadows & Ruins for the two theme choices. The shadows game play involves hiding and manoeuvring your spaceship behind asteroids and into their shadows to avoid the heat of the sun, so the shadows cool your ship down and allow you a place to plan your next move. The ruins theme is the wrecked ships and ruined asteroid base at the end of the map. Salvage crates are dotted around the wrecked ships by the asteroids and each crate can contain armour to replenish your ships hull/health, salvage to increase your salvage score or a dissipator to increase your cooling rate. The closer you get to the asteroid base the higher the amount of salvage in a crate. At any point you can turn around and head away from the sun to leave the map, your "score" is your closest distance to the sun and your salvage acquired. I'm regretting not actually implementing shadow mapping in the game! It was on my list to do, but after I added the god rays effect, I felt that there was enough graphics for shadows and I needed to concentrate on the actual game play. Whilst the shadows theme wasn't graphics related, I think shadow mapping would have made the game easier and hinted better the theme was there in the game play. For the ruins, I ran out of time. There are some wrecked spaceships but they are just hastily modified versions of the main ship, they just look like odd floating shapes, I had hoped to implement a few designs and place some debris fields around them to show off the physics and enhance the feel. No time though. The ruined asteroid base again was taking me too long. I like the feel of it but it just needed more adding to it, its also only at the end of the map so people may not even see it. (I added a cheat mode by the way. Press L to turn it on, no more heating!) I had no sounds last year, the sounds on their own felt out of place at first. But I started adding them in to the game so there was something there, I don't think I'm going to win any awards for sounds but I certainly feel they start to come together when combined with each other and the other elements of the game, I particularly like the collision sounds. Graphics wise, lighting is rubbish on the backs of the asteroids, which is predominantly what the player will see of them, never mind. The sun looks great though in my opinion, it did not take long to add in the god rays effect and the two layered scrolling texture brings it to life. (I hope.) Game play wise, I think the speed of the ship feels about right, but the cooling period is too long, I last minute decided to have cooling function only when the ship is behind asteroids, this makes the game harder and requires patience. I would speed this up next time. The view can also be troublesome, it has a habit of entering asteroids, or asteroids can get in between the ship and camera requiring the camera to be changed. Not ideal. I had hoped to add some collision to the camera and move it around the asteroids, but no time... I had also hoped to add an alternative control mode, a camera relative system, always rotating and moving the ship relative to the camera. Missing features! I had hoped to include an upgrade system, increasing manoeuvring, armour, cooling and repairs as well as enemy units, such as auto turrets amongst the debris and minefields to try and more structure to the maps. The above all feels quite negative but I'm pretty happy with what I have made, the time constrain pushes me to finish a game rather than fiddle with features, so having a personal project be this complete feels good! Cant wait for the results or next years event!




WOA Day 7 - Stellar Salvager Final Release!

Here is my last build of Stellar Salvager for the Week Of Awesome. Pretty tired after this last push. Got a bunch more stuff and an actual end of game sort of. Even managed to get a cheesy story in there. Hope it works for everyone. Enjoy & good luck everyone!




WOA Day 7 Penultimate Release

Been busy working on a few bugs and requests today. Hopefully hardened up the font code to stop a crash for Orymus. Added a Launcher exe to set the resolution and fullscreen mode before launching the app for Thaumaturge and tried to figure out this missing sun issue for Slicer. I doubt Ive fixed it but I did jiggle the shader code about a bit. Otherwise I have fixed up all of the menus and and game over screen. I think everything is in place now, I just want to spend whatever time I have left on some gameplay tweaks, graphics and sound. Latest Release: https://www.dropbox.com/s/td9lnl2aqefg8zu/StellarSalvager_0.5.zip?dl=0




WOA IV Day 6

Spent half a day on my game today. Took some time off for the weekend. Managed to fix a font related crash and shader compilation issue in the morning. I also added some tutorial screens to the new game and rearranged the UI. Gameplay wise, you actually die now if your temperature gets too high, I also extended the salvage/loot system to include armor repairs and dissipators (heat reduction) as well as an improved UI message logging system. Graphics wise, I ensured the asteroids are actually visible from behind. Bad news, an error report that the sun is not rendered, its kind of key to the game/feel and I have no idea how to fix it or reproduce the issue so I doubt I will be able to fix it. Latest download is here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ob371et2inyasu7/StellarSalvager_0.4.zip?dl=0 Good luck with the last day everyone.




WOA IV Download Update

After searching through fonts and pondering the Open Font License for an hour or so, here is a small update to fix crashes due to missing fonts: https://www.dropbox.com/s/nh6dzdhrh6a1z7n/StellarSalvager_0.3.zip?dl=0 (And now updated again because I missed the shader compilation error slicer found, Thank you! I don't have a radeon card to test with though so hopefully I'm not using any other reserved words. )




WOA IV Day 5 End

Another slow day unfortunately. Took a few hours to fix the god rays bug this morning and I just don't seem to have made much progress with the ruined base. (I've limited experience with Blender). Will add some more to the ruined base and a few smaller ruins for the level. I also managed to fix a few small issues with my audio system. So there are a couple of sounds in the game now. A lot more will be added tomorrow hopefully and finally managed to get the ships health indicator in place before I made this post. Still havent actually got death from heat in place though, or actual shadows :wacko: I also forgot to post my download journal entry in the competition thread, here is the latest copy if anyone is interested:
Let me know if it crashes!




WOA IV Day 5 Download

I messed around all morning today trying to figure out why the GodRays shader wasnt working on my wifes PC. It would work with a number of samples lower than 10 otherwise the whole screen was just a garbled mess. After 3ish hours though, i found the problem. The output color of the shader was not initialized. I guess my GPU/Driver was kind enough to do it for me. Always initialize! Here is a downloadable VERY EARLY version of my game, which I am calling "Stellar Salvager" for now. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ujcfb7s7rrhexlf/StellarSalvager_0.1.zip?dl=0 Gameplay is very light at the moment. You can move about, crash, collect crates and the temperature of your ship goes up, although nothing happens at the moment. I'm mostly interested to see if there are any crashes or if it doesnt start up at the moment. Any other thoughts are welcome. You can adjust the resolution through arguments to the exe: exectuable.exe width height fullscreen it defaults to 1280 1024 windowed. There is also an option file in the common folder, you can enable and disable God Rays and the number of samples. 16 32, 64, 128, 256. I'll post another later with more work.




WOA IV Day 4

I had hoped to release an early test version of my game today but there serious graphics issues when it is running on my wifes PC. I think its the god rays... Otherwise, today has been terribly slow paced. Did a lot of reorganising to get things tidy since it was becoming very messy. Got death from crashing working. I then found out my particle system isnt working anymore and battled with an explosion effect using an expanding sphere. Finally settled on an expanding disc. It looks rubbish but I've wasted too much time on it so far. Got the menu system in place just needs expanding. Feel massively under pressure now, Hopefully tomorrow will go better though! Obligatory Image:




Woa Iv Day 3

End of Day 3! I spent this morning implementing god rays as per slicer4ever and Thaumaturges suggestions: The effect certainly looks good (I think it is broken at some angles though) and I believe it is helping to show where the cool spots are behind the asteroids. But, it only works when the camera is facing the sun :( I have created a couple new camera modes. As well as my original chase cam I have added a chase cam that tilts towards the sun (to try and keep the god rays working) and as another suggestion, a top down camera. Top down is really good for navigating, but the fancy god rays don't show up and it just doesn't look as good, ill tweak the angle so its more aesthetic. I'll probably add a key to change the camera view and let the user choose. As for the cool spots, I still havent implemented actual shadows, I'm hoping this will better show as the ship enters and exit the area. I'm also thinking of adding a small bunch of particles around the ship like nebula gasses, and marking them as shadowed or not, essentially drawing where the cool area. Since the ship is locked to a plane for movement this should very precisely show the cool area. The rest of and most of the day was spent implementing physics. I tried a couple of physics libraries designed for C#, I struggled with crashes, and license woes for a lot of them, but in the end I found Jitter. It was quite easy to get up and running too and the results are good so far. I now have collisions with the asteroids! Still didnt get the death mechanic in, only just got the physics working a few minutes ago!




Woa Iv Day 2

End of Day 2 now and I don't feel I've made as much progress. Still unsure my idea is going to be fun and how to extend the shadows theme, which I think is putting me off. I'm wondering if I can get away with ship upgrades for the evolution theme to give the player more to do and aim for. Or more difficult, include a space monster to fight who is gathering the resources himself so that he can evolve. Not sure I can model a space monster though, or get AI working for it. I have made some progress though, I have added some collectible crates for salvage, and implemented them being tractor beamed to thew ship. No
special effects yet though. I did spend some time on graphics and added an environment map, shader for the sun and some glow/bloom.
New Sun
Asteroids, Environment and Crates
Looks better in motion! I also added in some UI text functionality to show the hull temperature as seen above but never got around to the collisions and death mechanics. Tomorrow, I will definitely look at death mechanics! I'm thinking of using library for the physics instead of my own not sure if it will be quicker to setup though.




Woa Iv Day 1 End

Its the end of day 1 for me, I've been working for about 11 hours and want a break. Following on from my previous post I've gone ahead with the looting salvage from ruined ships idea, using the shadows of asteroids as cover from the suns heat and radiation.
https://www.dropbox.com/s/to8jffawupxyxc5/Day1EndImg.png?dl=0 (If the image above is not working, here is a link.) I've managed to get a couple of quick models into the game and get some simple movement and controls connected up for the space ship. An early version of the heating/shielding in shadows system is in place too. I'm taking a bunch of sample points from the ship to the sun and testing for any intersections with asteroids. Its pretty simple but seems to be working. Progress feels good but I'm not sure there is enough gameplay in my idea, flying from one asteroid to another feels a bit boring at the moment. I need to think of how I can extend it whilst keeping it based around the shadows or start again quickly. I might just need more structure in the levels too, rather than the random placement I have at the moment. Tomorrow I will be adding some collectibles so there is something to actually aim for as well as a few death mechanics and collisions. If I have time I want to add some structure to the map to see if I can have a "full game" that might pin down some ideas for extras to add.




Woa Iv Day 1 - Idea

I'm taking part in the Week of Awesome again this year and I'll be posting comments in this journal. Like last time I'll be using my own small framework for most of the project, its in C# and based around OpenTK/OpenGL 4. It contains a basic structure I can setup quickly and has lots of common functionality that I have built up and tidied from one project to another. It has been rather 2D focused previously and I have recently been trying to extend it to 3D, I have added but not entirely finished adding some support to load files from Assimp.Net but have not managed to get skeletal animation working in time for the competition. So anything in 3D will have to be static or very simply animated.... Competition has already started and the themes are out! I think I have an idea that will allow me to work in 3D without animations.
You have to pilot a spaceship closer and closer to the sun to gather salvage from wrecked and abandoned spaceships that have drifted there or been abandoned. The closer you get the more/better the salvage but the more intense the suns heat and radiation become. So theme choices: Shadows
To keep your ship cool, you have to stay in the shadows of asteroids and other debris. Ruins
The various wrecks and abandoned vessels will appear ruined. (Bonus Theme? Undead crewmen on board the ruined vessels?) I feel this is a bit simpler than my game idea last year which was quite complicated for the time allowed. Hopefully I can get this core gameplay in place and some nice art for the ruined ships and try and get the whole things nice and polished. Any thoughts on my idea? Is it good? Or does it feel tenuous? Good luck everybody!




WOA III - Orc Party

I've left it quite late to wrap things up with the Week of Awesome, real life has been quite busy since the competition ended.

I've decided to shelve the small side projects I was working on and try to finish Orc Party to at least the vision I had for it at the beginning of the competition and further if possible.

The Competition

I really enjoyed the competition and will definitely take part again next year. I've come away from this with a confidence boost, I finished 16th out 24 but feel I did some great work and got some good feedback.

I've learnt a lot too from my mistakes, playable prototypes need to be made sooner. Get more direct feedback. Controls, instructions and tutorials are VERY important.

I held off on an interactive tutorial as I felt it would take too much time away from gameplay, I didn't even consider just flashing the controls on to the screen. This was problematic, several players missed huge parts of the gameplay that I was trying to make time for!

I have to get over my fear of LGPL licenses, I need to figure them out, how they interact with other licences. Trying to avoid one I needed for sound in my game, took me 4 hours with no results. I gave up on sound altogether, costing me valuable points.

I need to get a better idea of the size of my ideas. Orc Party was too big for a week at least what I wanted to do. This didnt give me the time to really pull the gameplay and theme together.

Orc Party

Like I said above, I'm going to continue with Orc Party. I hope to take just a couple of months to finish it up. I'll be working in the evenings only...

Heres a list of the extra things I'll be adding:

Better, remappable controls, (several points were made about my control scheme...)
On screen display of controls, then interactive tutorial.
3 Orc types (Warrior, Rogue, Shaman), instead of the 1.5 I had in the competition. Each will have positive and negative benefits.
Enemy types, monsters, human adventurers.
More environment elements to interact with. Water, bridges, magic, teleporters etc.
More varied and fuller graphics, the levels were plain they need more going on. I will keep the current style though since I can actually create the art in that style.

This list isn't exhaustive and I've had some more ideas from the judges. I'll be starting with the controls, tutorial and sound. Once these are complete I will have a more complete playable build I can test with other people. Then I will flesh out the remaining gameplay and content in a hopefully solid direction.

Link to the final entry is in my previous journal entry, any more feedback is welcome.




WOA III Day 7 - Final

This has been a very tiring week! I feel I have worked non stop on my entry and am looking forward to a rest.

The New Menu:

One of the new levels:

Main changes from the last upload:
I have wrapped up all of the main screens.
I have tried to fix a bug for Eck, I have reduced the targeted shader version down as low as I can, but it is all based on my OpenGL4 experiments so may not work still. The game isnt doing anything fancy at all
A couple of fixes for the orientation of units/orcs.
An icon for the game
A final user guide/tutorial and notes document in the final folder drop.

I took too much on especially for my first competition like this, but it is a lesson learnt. I didn't manage to get everything in I wanted, the details are all in my games readme though. I think I got enough in that I wanted. Not having everything in that I wanted has made it hard to truly get the theme across but I think I managed to get it in as a mechanic and slipped in a very small story element to fit the theme at the end.

Main regret at the moment is not having any sounds at all. Next time maybe...

The final entry is here:

Good luck everyone!




WOA III Day 6, Playable

I have a version of my game for download here: Orc Party 0.1

Its far from finished and includes only the first level/tutorial but that is all I have had time for so far. Please give it a try and let me know if there are any serious issues like it not starting.

You control an Orc Adventuring party/Leader, the aim is to gather as much loot as possible and get the highest share of the loot you can when you exit the level. The less people left in your party the bigger your share.

(Go back to the stairs to exit.)

WASD Controls the party.
UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT Moves the camera. (You shouldn't need to do this though.)
Numpad 4 Sends a normal orc. He will collect loot.
Numpad 5 Sends a rogue orc, he is faster and will not spring traps. He will collect loot.

Esc Quit to main menu. (Useful if you get stuck. By design or bug.)

I know of one crash in the fireball corridoor, timings need to be just right as far as I can tell though for it to occur.
No animations on the orcs, or rotation. Orcs & rogues use the last direction the party went in.
Missing textures for the corner pieces of the level.
Jitter in the main party movement.
No mouse control for main menu.
Your share of the loot is not included on the game screen, only the game over and level complete screens.

Still To Do
I still have a few hours today and possibly all of tomorrow to add some more content:
More Levels
Missing Textures
Further Tidy up of graphics.
Warrior/Shaman orc type (Warriors will replace standard orcs)
Magic Artifiact / Teleporters / Walls & Bridges
Better Level Complete / Game Over / Menu Screen / Title Screen

Please let me know your thoughts and feedback, good and bad.

Thanks, Arthor.

For now I would recommend skipping the tutorial, you will get more play time... If you want help though: (How can I put a spoiler type tag or hide a block of text??) highlight the hidden text below.

[color=#f0fff0]Go down to the first corridor and stand on the switch to open the door. You will become trapped if you go in.[/color]
[color=#f0fff0]Send a rogue, he will grab the far loot.[/color]
[color=#f0fff0]Send an orc, he will trip the spike trap blocking the path.[/color]
[color=#f0fff0]Send your rogue again, the blocked path will cause him to grab the second loot.[/color]

Need help for the third loot?

[color=#f0fff0]Go to the fireball corridor, wait outside of its range.[/color]
[color=#f0fff0]After the fireball hits the wall run down the corridor.[/color]
[color=#f0fff0]Send a rogue to block the fireball and save yourself.[/color]
[color=#f0fff0]Leave the door closed to allow your escape.[/color]

[color=#f0fff0]Grab the full share of the loot![/color]




WOA II Day 5

Its the end of day 5 and things aren't going to plan.

I was too busy, tired and worn out to post yesterday and maybe a little disappointed in my progress and I apologise for not keeping up with the postings.

There were a couple of slowdowns yesterday:

I wanted to test a prototype on another machine before uploading here, it led to two bugs/issues.
The first, the test machine didnt have OpenAL installed and my game needed it even though I have no sound at the moment.
The test machines onboard graphics only supports OpenGL 4.3, and my games shaders were all targeting 4.4.

The second was easy to fix, I just changed the #version in the shaders, they are simple and don't require much for this game. The first had a few options, have the game try to install OpenAL, leave the OpenAL installer there for people to install themselves, or include the OpenAL Soft DLL in the game folders. OpenAL Soft is LGPL and I always worry I'm going to get the licensing wrong. The other two options are a bit underhanded/not guaranteed to work so since I'm not using sound at the moment I decided to just remove the calls to OpenAL .

Design Issues
It's becoming very apparent that I have given myself too much work to do in a week. A lot of the the functionality I had hoped to include just isn't done yet. No monsters, no third orc type, no magic artifiacts and teleporters etc. Without these, the options for planning out the levels are reduced and that means the levels are simplistic and boring. Even if everything was possible in time I think the concept will only work for a very small set of level designs.

Progress Made
I have made progress though and will keep going. I have not released a prototype or build yet, this should happen tomorrow.

I have added the sponsor screen and a title screen, all of the dependencies should be in the correct place for a folder version. I just hope its compatible for everybody.

I have also worked on the graphics, I have redone the floor and wall tiles and changed the perspective. I have created new sprites for the orcs and traps. I think it looks better:

Still not finished though, missing corner pieces and animations.

I have also added improved the door and switch logic, added rogue orcs and their ability and added fireballs. These were added just before this post so hopefully I can get a level or two planned out early tomorrow and upload the game for anyone who wants to have a look.





This has been my first whole day working on the competition I had hoped to post a couple of times today, at least in the competition thread but I have been far too busy!

Here is an obligatory screenshot! Although it isn't much different from the previous.

I feel I have been working non stop but only towards the end of the day do I feel I have made any progress. I have had some concerns about my games ability to actually be fun or challenging without forcing some awkward rules or obstacles. It might be too difficult to design good levels too.

At the same time, I might struggle to get everything I want into the game before the dead line and if I have to redesign parts of it I definitely wont, sound may not happen at all.

Hold ups
To check I could actually make this into a game, I decided to add loot and an on screen display of what you had gathered. Just a simple piece of text at the top of the window. IT DID NOT WORK. I struggled for a good couple of hours trying to figure out why nothing was appearing.

I'm using GDI+ to draw text into a screen size image. This is then copied to an OpenGL texture which is drawn over the top of everything using a full screen quad and some blending. (Feel free to advise on faster or better techniques...) But nothing was appearing, even worse the game had dissapeared.

In the end I tracked it down to my UpdateTexture call, I was only calling it when I changed the text, which makes sense to me. The texture shouldn't be changing if the text isn't changing and GDI+ -> OpenGL is probably a slow operation so it would be best to this as scarcely as possible. It works fine though if I call it every logic update text changes or not... This will do for now, its how my other projects are doing it anyway and the performance seems fine.

I got quite a bit done today, I'll summarise instead of boring everyone:
Added spike trap and loot container logic and placeholder sprites.
Added loot score
Added basic UI elements, loot, orcs remaining (I have changed the feel of the game a bit...)
Added the "party" hooked it up to the player controls.
The player can send out and collect orcs.
Tidied up the loading code:
Assets are now located along side the binaries in an assets folder
Sprites and the animation definitions are loaded automatically. Shaders and other data will follow
The "map" data is now located in a file and not hardcoded.

Those last few will make it easier to distribute the game when I make a first playable version available.

As visible in the screenshot and text above, I have at least temporarily changed the feel of the game a bit. Its now a band or adventuring party of orcs. I feel I can fit this to a story a bit better and have the level design a bit more brutal without it feeling a bit forced that a bunch of humans would be getting themselves involved in this. Also I changed the colour of the test character to be green, which gave me the idea. I feel better about getting something done and making it engaging to players this way. It may change back though.

That's it for today, I think I have put a good 12 hours into this today and need a proper break.





Yesterday I got my idea for a game down on paper. Today I started implementing it.

The Basics

I'm using my own little framework and utility code as mentioned in the previous post, I have the basics (OpenGL Window, input handling and some structure to hold the game logic) in place and have started creating a map structure and simple loading mechanism. I'm using a tile system and for speed I'm loading the layout from a CSV file that I'm editing in excel. Its quite simple to plan out a test map like this.


To test it all, I created some very basic textures for the walls and floor. I lost time here as I kept starting again because I felt they looked bad but my intent was to create something quick anyway. I'm not an artist and there isn't much time so they may end up as the final art anyway, which is unfortunate.... Here's how it looks:

I'm considering two alternatives to my current graphics approach:

Use a more abstract look, have symbols for the monsters and adventurers: A helmet, dagger and wizards hat for the adventurers for example. Have the tiles look more like a real map.
Using a more blocky, colourful style, like I did for the mock-up in the previous, it looks much better for far less of my effort.

I think either will be easier to do, give me more consistent results and keep me from being distracted from gameplay.


There is a hard to notice character in the above screenshot, I have an adventurer placed into the map and walking forwards, he turns when he hits the walls until a bug causes him to get stuck in the corner. Its not much but its the basis of the gameplay. Now I just to have him interact with traps and monsters.

That's it for day two, I need to sleep and be ready for a full days work on the competition tomorrow...



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