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About this blog

Journal to WoA III! :D

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Day 7

Hello guys! this is our final build to the WoAIII.

We are so happy about our game, we worked a lot in it...

Now we can relax and play the others games.

Download Links:


Boss Level:

Made by:
Rodolfo "dth" Valezin
Lucas "devn00b" Xavier




Day 6

OMG Only 24 hours more!

We got almost everything working... the last hours will be to complete the boss level and find bugs :S

No screenshots, No demo... :( we didn't had time to do...

At least we're participating helping the others developers by playing their demos and finding bugs :P




Day 5

We had a busy day today... with a lot of bugs and the devn00b asleep on the keyboard.

We expanded the level and now we have functional menu and a good intro too!

Now, the last 48hrs are crucial!

We have a name for the game:


image of the intro:




Day 4

These days are going so fast!

Today we implemented some new mechanics, animations and UI, tomorrow will be a busy day, completing the first level...
We made new sprites for items and a lot of sounds

And at the end of the day we have changed our story and draw some art works, one of them to use in the intro and the another to post in here and make a little joke





Day 3

only more 4 days to go :o!

today we had a LOT of good ideas to implement, the story seems pretty nice, i'm feeling satisfied at the moment :D

the worst problem was that we don't really know how to draw and we lost a lot of time and effort on this area... but I think that's also a learning...

and we made a short video!




Day 2

Aaaaaaaaand the day 2 ends for us at (1:30 AM), we live in Brazil.
I went to the doctor and the devn00b to the university, so, we didn't worked so much today...

Today was the sprites day, we draw a lot of things and now we have a cool prototype working, with animations, traps, spawns, etc...
And we lost time (again), talking about windows and lava lakes.

Attached the first image of the game, I think tomorrow I can do a video showing the mechanics and the cool things




Day 1

After the revelation of the theme we made a short brainstorming and we started to think about the story, art and everything about the game.

In the afternoon, we lost a lot of time trying to put the github+unity to work, and we did it! After this big battle, we started the prototyping and the level design.
At the end of the day, we had the art style of the game defined.

The prototype seems to run without problems and the "devn00b" got addicted in a bug and is losing a lot of time playing with it. haha

- hu3 team
rodolfodth and devn00b



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