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Adding some colour to the world

So today I switched the mish-mash of character code over to a FSM instead. This was planned anyway, but when I tried adding something that would have required several checks in other places, I decided to do it now and save myself the pain. This should also make it a lot easier to add new interactions, and also the character code will be usable by both the player and enemies, the only different is where input comes from.

I also added some better tiles (these were made for another project a while back, though I had to add all the slopes and shades!). There's also a back layer to the tiles, my intention here was to make floating platforms still feel connected to the ground. Usually I don't try to rationalize things that small, but as each level is a single screen I think I can get away with it and it's good screen filler. I added a sun and some clouds (also from an old project of mine, all subject to change!). There's a HUD now too, it's very basic and will function in the same way as Crash Bandicoot does, for example, where you collect apples (here it's acorns) and when you collect enough you get a new life heart. When you collect acorns, they actually fly up to the icon on the interface to be counted.

The squirrel is nearly fully animated, Marc has done a great job on him as well as the other characters/enemies that I haven't quite implemented yet. I'll do a video tomorrow as it's quite late now, however I can manage another screenshot!




Automatic Squirrel-tasic

I have no idea why I chose that as I title, but I like it. So this evening was actually rather slow, but everyone seems to be on the same page and happy now. The idea makes sense, it should be fun, it should look pretty and despite all that it'll be as stressful as always to complete!

So a fair bit of character art got done, including some pickups and enemies. I rethought the slope collision tiles a little bit and they turned out smoother and easier to use. I also got auto-tiling working, still a couple bits to do on the edges of the floating platforms, but the tricky bit is done. The tricky bit being that it's a 16x16 tile-set with some 16x8 elements to it (for the smooth slopes). But, now I've done that, it should be easier for Marc to do art for tiles without me changing the auto-tiling.

I hope to write some kind of story tomorrow, we have a general gist of it though, and maybe I'll show it in a later journal post.

For now, here's a screenshot!




I blinked and everything changed

So I eventually got home from work's "team-building" day, after being literally beat up by my producer. And I started working on the engine, with a numb left hand. The game idea seemed to have completely changed, something to do with making all the characters zombies, which I didn't like at all, so we basically had to work that out again from the start. So you will no longer play a frog, you'll play a squirrel! The thing now though, is that the death mechanic isn't on the player, which was a problem with the old idea that we couldn't agree on it. Now it's what you kill that yields a certain benefit.

The engine so far, being a platformer, includes the player who can walk up and down slopes, jump and fall. The tiles used for collision can be stretched, including the angled one, so you can use multiple angle blocks to create a curve. Probably one of the better platformer engines I've made, if you remember my game from last year you could glitch down slopes by crouching! Later I plan to create some basic tilesets and implement auto-tiling. I may also create some "rounded" collision tiles to make the ground feel more natural, as the game will be set in nature. And maybe screenshots, finally. :)




It began at 6am

It began at 6am for me. Thankfully woken up by a friend who texted me because apparently she had a bad dream. But as I'm in the UK and 6 hours ahead of the competition's starting time, this worked out rather well! I actually thought I wouldn't be able to get started early as I usually have work, but today happened to coincide with work's team-building day, for which I don't have to show up until 12! So that's 5-6 hours of early-bird jamming!

HayManMarc was still up, caught him before he went to bed, as he is in the US. And we discussed some ideas about who our main character is and why it's a good thing when he dies... Our game will be a platformer, and our main character is possibly a frog or toad, we have to wait for agreement from Speedchuck, but I think he'll like what we were going for. It'll all make more sense when we've got the game running somewhat. Overall, we're going for something exploratory, with story, character and player driven progression (IE; it's semi-open world, you can do things how you like, but there is a critical path).

I've started on a basic template for screen flow. Maybe I'll get a little bit of the engine started before I have to leave. Speedchuck may also be programming. So we'll see how goes! :)

Wish luck to everyone else entering!



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