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dev adventures for WOA3

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The "not so" Final

Hey guys,

Thanks for the support and feedbacks..

There are bugs and errors, but the point here is the idea..

My pc isnt working good and the uploads may take a while... anyway..

This is the preferred build, standalone Windows x86:

And this is the web player build (Does not work on chrome or edge):




The Development

After 2 animations and about 7 different tiles, we thought our artist (Thiago Casagrande) needed something else to do...
so he presented us with this:

The first feelings of "A Gift From Hermes"..

Our game designer (Bruno Barbosa - KalVasFlam) did 5 levels until now and rewrote the story...

And for me, the programmer, the only thing left is to assembly everything together without errors and bugs.. lets make games all night long!




The concepts

[color=rgb(67,67,67)][font='Droid Sans'] [background=transparent][/background][/font][/color]

[color=rgb(67,67,67)][font='Droid Sans']This is a sample of how our artist imagined Adonis.[/font][/color]




The refinement

[color=rgb(67,67,67)][font='Droid Sans'] [background=transparent]Today, we met again, excited and full of ideas... Adonis, our hero, needed a reason to be in the underworld. As he is the most faithful follower of Hermes, he is asked to a task by the deity: to recover Hermes's staff, the Caduceus, a gift from his brother Apollo that gave him powers of transmutation. Hermes guides Adonis in the preparation of a cup of poison using some herbs brought by the god himself. Adonis can now cast his soul away and reconnect to it at a certain distance. He grabs a drachma and addresses to the boatman. His journey is about to begin.[/background][/font][/color]




The beggining

[color=rgb(67,67,67)][font='Droid Sans'] [background=transparent]We started with a brainstorm and, as always, ended just discussing stories and themes that we like most. But this time it worked. We were able to define the game mechanics and story!! We chose Greek mythology and our hero must go through the underworld, for some reason. But no one goes there without being killed so... He commits suicide and gets a bonus: now he can teleport... That's it for day one.[/background][/font][/color]



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