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About this blog

Tracking my progress...or the lack of it.

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Sneaky Slime - Name of the game!

[color=#00cc00][font=arial]SNEAKY SLIME[/font][/color]

Protagonist - Sneaky Slime
Villain - Scientist

Story -
A scientist stumbles upon a formula to create jelly like living things. He creates a few of them to test and perfect his formula. The result of one those is Sneaky Slime.

Sneaky Slime has been stuck in the lab for some time and longs to see the outside world. The scientist has kept him locked in a lab with heavy security. One day, the scientist leaves Sneaky Slime in a glass box. Now is the time to escape.....

Take control of Sneaky Slime as he tries to escape the lab of the scientist !

Game Engine - Unity 5 (Personal Edition)

Platform - Android & Desktop




Game concept?

Well, the first challenge in making a game - concept.

Since this is my first game, I have kept the concept simple :- a slime(or a blob) trying to escape a lab. I have decided to keep the game play minimal with only movement and jump abilities. Also, me being a designer at the core, I want to make this gorgeous.



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