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About this blog

The dev logs in the game i am working on currently named A random Game

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A random Game dev log 1

This is the first dev log in the A random game dev log series. So far i have only prototyped the first 2 levels of the game and it is looking good. You can see these levels in the first dev log video's in the very laggy first dev log on YouTube right here :

this game is currently no where near finished but i hope this video gives you an idea about the game is going to be.

So what will this game be like when its done. I can't really say but what i hope for is a very fast passed game with fun enemies and epic combat i really like fast paced games with epic combat so that is what i aiming for with this game. For now i don't know how the game will go so i hope people will enjoy the game when it is done.



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