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About this blog

Development of our first project - Space Scaven - an action/puzzle game

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Steam Greenlight

Hi all!
We've changed our name to Moon Pub Games and headed towards Steam Greenlight! We kindly ask you to visit our page and support us: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=613819600 We plan to present the current version of our game with some improvements and then add new missions, features and quests.
All comments and discussions are welcome!

Vasiliy Filitov

Vasiliy Filitov


And now... RELEASE!

And here's the release!! You are welcome to check it on https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.povkh.spacescaven We finally did it (exceeded time limits tho) and now look forward for your replys :-) Also here's our new trailer:

Vasiliy Filitov

Vasiliy Filitov


Pre-release uplate of the demo version

Hi all! We are glad to say, that the release date of Android version is December 1! A few days left :-)
Now we have an updated demo-version of the game (for Windows) at our website http://www.povkh.com, in which we have some hotfixes:

- Scroll bar added to map selection screen;
- Fixed menu bugs and error;
- Fixed a bug with looped environmental sounds;
- Fixed a graphical bug on some levels - some wall joints weren't depicted correctly;
- Fixed other minor bugs;

The full version is underway. Stay tuned!

Vasiliy Filitov

Vasiliy Filitov


Greetings and first info

Hi all!
We are developing an action/puzzle game - Space Scaven.
You are a space engineer whose job is to collect black boxes on abandoned space stations, the idea is to solve physical puzzles, avoid traps and interact with environment.

Target platforms now are Android (the main one) and Windows. Thinking about iOS in the future.

Our website: http://povkh.com where we have a demo-version and lots media!

Here are some screenshots:

We are moving towards the Release! But still doing some fixes...
We'll be glad to see any comments

Also, welcome to our Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/SpaceScaven/

Have fun

Vasiliy Filitov

Vasiliy Filitov

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