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Here is my progress on creating a level for a dungeon crawler type game and then implementing quests into that level. Map Concept http://i.imgur.com/pkVJ6CZ.png Map Blockout in UE4 http://i.imgur.com/pVAubEo.png Quest Concepts Quest 1 - Mandatory Main Quest - Fetch Quest - Move Action - The Player will go through the dungeon looking for a sword. When the player retrieves the item they will bring it back to the NPC that gave them the quest to complete it, they will be rewarded and after a short delay the level will restart. To start this quest the player will talk to the first NPC they come across. To ensure the player gets this quest a gate will prevent them progressing through the level until they have talked to the NPC. Quest 2 - Optional - Activate Quest - ?Action - The player will have to complete a puzzle which will allow them to pick up a key which will be used later on in the dungeon. This will be a hidden quest so unless the player does the puzzle to obtain the key they wont know about the quest until later on in the dungeon. The reward for this quest will be a pair of boots that when equipped increase movement speed by 50% to make running the dungeon quicker. Quest 3 - Mandatory - ?Objective - Choice - The Player has to decide weather or not the will go left or right in the dungeon. Choosing one path will lock the other one permanently and they will face different puzzles or challenges based on the path they choose. Left Quests Quest 4 - Mandatory - Fetch Quest - Moxie Action - To open the gate to the next part of the level the player must make a bronze key. To make the key the player will have to kill enemy's in the area to obtain metals. The enemy's will drop 4 different types of metal ores (Iron ore, Copper ore, Nickle Ore, Tin Ore). When the player has more than two ores they will have to choose which two to combine to make a bronze bar. If the player chooses incorrectly the NPC will be unable to make the bar and they will lose 1 of each ore selected and will have to go and obtain more. Once the player has selected the two correct ores (copper and tin) the gate will open. They will then talk to the NPC again to finish the quest and get their reward. Quest 5 - Optional Side Quest - Player must avoid some environment based traps (Such as spikes which move up and down) to obtain a key which will allow the player to skip part of the final puzzle. Right Quests Quest 6 - Mandatory - Kill Quest - Kill Action - The player will have to find an NPC's lost sword. When the sword has been found the player will have to talk to the NPC who will tell them the only way to activate the fountain is to clear a nearby island of enemy's. The NPC will then activate the teleporter for the player to get to the island. When the player has killed all the enemys they will talk to the NPC who will activate the gate and the fountain. Quest 7 - Optional Side Quest - Player must pull a collection of levers within a certain time limit else the levers will all reset again. If the player manages to do this they will be able to obtain a key which will allow them to skip part of the final puzzle. Final Puzzle The final puzzle is in 3 stages. Pressure plate puzzle - The player will have to stand on the pressure plate with a picture of a man on and he will have to summon his wolf onto the plate with a picture of a wolf on. When both he and the wolf are on the correct plates the puzzle will complete and one door in the final room will open allowing the player to pull a lever. This puzzle can be skipped by doing Quest 5. Torch puzzle - The player will have to go into a room and find the one torch in the room that is not lit up. When the player finds the torch they will click it to light it. This will complete the puzzle. the unlit torch will be different each time the level is played. This puzzle can be skipped by doing Quest 7. Teleporter puzzle - The player will have to go through teleporters to spell out a word which is made up of directions (For example NEWS, North East South West). This will allow the player to go through the final teleporter and finish the level. Blueprint Mechanics Implemented Quests - At certain points throughout my level quests are added to the players quest inventory. This is shown to the player via a message at the top of the HUD which will display for 5 second before dissappearing. Quest NPC's - These are NPC's which when clicked will perform an action related to the quest they deal with, For example the NPC might ask the player to help them find an item or open a nearby door. NPC's can also act as managers for puzzles such as the Bronze key quest puzzle and the fountian kill quest. NPC's will react differently when clicked depending on which stage of their given quest the player is currently at. PuzzleObjects - These are objects the player has to interact with such as levers, statues, puzzlecube's and teleporters. The player has to be within a certian range to interact with these objects. If they are not in range they must first walk over to the object and then acitvate it. ActivateableAssets - These are objects which will do something when activated or deactivated. A good example of this is my doors which will open when activated and close when deactivated. PuzzleManager - These are managers which check if a specific puzzle has been completed. They are placed in the world but are not visible at run time. Hints - Hints are placed throughout the level in various locations to either tell or give the player a clue on what they are supposed to be doing. To get a hint the player simply clicks on the asset. Here is a video demonstrating my QuestNPC and 2 of my puzzles interacting with a door and opening it when they are complete. Alpha with the above design and mechanics Implemented Level End Criteria The level will end when the player has brought the flaming sword found in the circular room back to the first NPC the player meets in the dungeon. The NPC will remove the sword from the players inventory and then the player will then receive their reward. After a short delay the RestartLevel console command will be triggered in place of the player advancing to the next level. The level should also end when the player dies however this has not yet been implemented. Play through If the player chooses to go left. Play through if the player chooses to go right. [color=rgb(187,187,187)][font=Roboto][size=2] [/font][/color]



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