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"Westorm" game development

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Shoot'em up!

Hi! It's been a while, and we did some advances, but also some setbacks, however was not a bad thing, we just wanted to update to HaxeFlixel 4.0.
Anyway, our artist/designer was actually working on a prototype using Construct 2 waiting for the new version, and we think the results are very good, and fun to play.
About the demo, we made lot of advances in the art & animation (including fx). What do you think? Thanks! And until next post!

Jose M. Pan

Jose M. Pan


A quick look

Hello community, we keep working but our advance now is not too visible, we were working on our classes, the hero and enemies, thinking in some features we want to implement. We also added the possibility to choose the keys to control the character (co-op?). The most important these days was the story, is top secret for now, we hope to surprise you! As I said, the development was focused on expanding our hero class, it was rewritten to support more than one sprite, that way we will use same animations with different weapons, is something basic but initially we just wanted to shot everybody with a pair of colts, sincerely we wanted a very simple game (and fast development), but we want to expand our boundaries. I hope we can make it! We also started to build some very basic level with Tiled, we are going to use a layer for collisions and other layers for objects.
Until next time!

Jose M. Pan

Jose M. Pan


All right, now prototype the prototype

And the news are that we have a new prototype, well, is not a prototype but an early version of the game, the last video was a prototype indeed, made by Damian Caro, our game designer and artist. He made it using Construct 2, and we recommend to all game designers or artists to try any of those "no-code" engines, it helped a lot to define what we want, to understand the direction of the game, the style, the speed, and to Damian as a tool to see the animations in action. You even can finish the game with those tools, but as we are looking for performance, and portability (native portability), and because we have experience with Flixel, we stayed with OpenFl and Haxe. In this version, we have the base for the collisions with the environment and how the hero react, and as you can see in the video, the animations for the main character are almost finished. We also have some other features as the bullets collisions and the knife. The collision scenery was built using Tiled, and exported as .csv, then read it from HaxeFlixel is just a one line code:_scenery.loadMap(Assets.getText("assets/the_map.csv"), "assets/the_tiles.png", 16, 16);
Then we assign the properties to our tiles, as:_scenery .setTileProperties(4, FlxObject.NONE, rightCollision);
Where rightCollision is our callback function.
The animations are packed using TexturePacker, for HaxeFlixel we use the JSON(Array) option.
One of the issues we found was when we tried to use the mirrored version of the characters, to maintain the images centered we needed to use some adjustment values, and that was something we wanted to change. To solve this we changed the way that the image sequence was exported, we began to use a resolution that include all the actions of the character, and then trim the images with TexturePacker, so we have a cropped image but we don't lose the information of the original image.
As for the art advances, there were a lot respecting to the character animation, but also some more elements and objects for the scenarios.
[sharedmedia=gallery:images:7113][sharedmedia=gallery:images:7110] [sharedmedia=gallery:images:7079] [sharedmedia=gallery:images:7080] [sharedmedia=gallery:images:7081] [sharedmedia=gallery:images:7082]
And as last, a gift: a concept image of the game character, courtesy from Damian Caro.

Jose M. Pan

Jose M. Pan


Hello World!

Hello community! I want to share with you our next project at TMO Games. A western with a lot of action and, we hope, lot of fun. For now, we are pretty happy with the characters and some of their animations. I'll show the different stages of development, and some tools and tech that we are using. The game is being programmed using Haxe (http://haxe-foundation.org) with OpenFL (http://www.openfl.org), and HaxeFlixel (http://haxeflixel.com).
"Westorm" will be a 2D platform action game. We want speed, a lot of skill, and lot of difficult... ok, not too much. Some of the characters:

A concept screen

And a video with some animation!

Jose M. Pan

Jose M. Pan

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