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Developing my first game

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.. finally got myself an webgui slash dashboard for my upcoming game. I thought about using new lightweight technology like spark framework for java, but in the end i ended up with copying an dashboard of a old project and updating and modifying to fit my needs. It sure is a low heavier, with spring, jpa, hibernate validator and such libraries, but it has been a stable combination in the past. And prices of quite powerful unmanaged vps'es have never been this low.

Here are a few screenshots:


The is a lot more behind the login, but can't reveal that yet.

Do you see points of improvement?

In the last few months I've been quite busy with my first game named World2D (this is still a working title). It is made using pure java and java2d.

I will likely soon post a few screenshots of the progress i made with the game over time.

But today I've finally tested and fine tuned the way fire spreads through the playing field:
(^^ click to play the animated gif, which is quite big)

One can also just go to gfycat: https://gfycat.com/ViciousIncredibleAfricanmolesnake rolleyes.gif

Feel free post any thoughts you may have!

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