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Dev Blog for Master's Year Mobile Game Project

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Well, the deadline is finally here. While we didn't get everything we wanted and planned for in, we're happy with what we managed to get done! So, first of all, a collection of new things that were added since the last update:

One of the artists(!) composed some tracks for us. There is a menu song as well as a themed song (or two) for each region. You can hear samples from this video:



A new character was created, TicToc the Croc:


Pick-ups were created to spawn randomly throughout the level. Touching them can mostly help, but on occasion, hinder you!


A few new assets were created:
Two for the Norway region, a train:


and a snowy car:


As well as some health/energy pick-ups so we could get rid of some of the placeholders:


We changed the background as the paper texture didn't fit so well with the final style we went for. Now, the colour changes dynamically as the Z-position of the character changes.


And finally, we added shop functionality, various sound effects and background scenery for each region location, which can all be seen in this gameplay demo video!



Thanks for reading!

Lots of things since the last update and now time is short to the end of the semester and our hand-in date. Let the crunch week begin!

New additions:
Lots of new UI elements!
Two new characters!
A few new level assets!
and we actually try putting it on a mobile device which caused problems. :(

First there was a new icon:


Which also featured in our new title/menu screen:


and loading screen:


A shop screen was also added, ready to be filled with various purchasable items to help the player get farther and higher!


And finally a "Flight Over" screen that appears at the end of a game:


We also added two new characters. The [s]trash panda[/s] raccoon:


and the fish, which is modelling some of the various available power-ups:


Finally some level assets. The cannon is now being shot from a pirate ship:


Complete with pirate:


Greece got a new house asset:


and Texas got some rocks because apparently Texas is just rocks and desert:


Finally, we actually attempting testing the game out on a mobile device and had some weird issues. First of all, the menu acted strangely. Despite it working fine in Engine, the title screen got stuck on an endless loop going back to itself when pressing play, despite the blueprint being correct. Even more strangely - we tried loading into the shop instead. This time, going into the level itself wouldn't work, but we could go back to the title screen. Finally we loaded directly into the level. Starting from here, we could access all three levels and all the HUD buttons seemed to work fine. Very weird - and apparently we weren't the only group to have this issue. Maybe something with Unreal 4.9.

In addition to this - when we played on mobile, all of the backgrounds/floors were black. They were there - just black. We fixed this by just changing everything to unlit. Thankfully we're using a cartoon shader that doesn't need lighting so it wasn't a huge concern.

Until next (and the final!) week,

This week:
New Character!
Norway/England assets!
Multiple levels!

Art provided a new player character animal - a penguin:


They also continued to churn out various assets for the levels, mostly for England and Norway:





Tech implemented the seamless level transitions from one location to another as well as paddles on the left and right of the screen so the player can guide the character both up and down.


Until next week!

This week the art team continued to churn out assets for various level locations, including this brick house for the English countryside:


And the Parthenon for the Greek location:


And a variety of other smaller pieces for several locales:


The tech team implemented the different height background levels, so the player character can flap all the way up into deep space.


This week, the tech worked on the endless generation of the level as well and random generation of assets within the level. The gif below shows the ground and background being created as the player moves across the world and the random generation of the cacti along the ground.


Art continued their work on various level assets, including this cozy cabin for the "Norway" level.


Until next week!

Work continues on this week for both the art team and techies.

The beginnings of a UI is on the go this week from the tech team.
It includes a functioning distance and height tracker as well as placeholders for score and currency. The energy bar depletes as the player "flaps" to gain height.


A pause menu can also be accessed via the pause button at the top left.


A new player character was created, a kiwi.


Various assets for different levels were also completed. For the "England" area:





And a few assets for the "outerspace" region that sits above everything:


Until next week!

In this week, the art team started creating assets that would be used in the future as randomly generated items within the world, mostly for the "Texas" area, where the game begins.


They also started on a few of the various characters the player can play as - the chicken and pig.


The tech team worked on the ideal method of creating a landing that reflected the speed and angle in which the player's character "crash-landed" on the ground. At the week's end, it still wasn't where it needed to be, but watching a chicken rotate uncontrollably was amusing regardless.

Until next week!

The Beginning

This week:

  • Team decides to go forward with Fowl Flying
  • Art decides on an art style
  • Tech wrestles with terminal velocity

    Although there were initially two ideas, all of the other groups were focusing on just one and it seemed reasonable that all efforts should be directed towards the one game given the limited amount of time.

    The basics of tech started going in. Although there was some difficulty getting the chicken flying, by the end of the week it could be shot out of the cannon and the "flapping" mechanic, giving the chicken a brief boost in height, was in. There are no limits to anything however - the chicken can flap indefinitely and even be shot out of the cannon multiple times without the cannon itself. There is also an issue that if the chicken shoots out of the cannon too close to parallel to the floor, it gains super speed and shoots forward across the floor.


    As for art, the artists decided on a simplistic, low-poly style.

    The Cannon

    Until next week!

This week was essentially a brainstorming session to decide what we would make for the semester. We didn't have any restrictions aside from it needed to work on a mobile device. We perused current popular mobile games as well as discussed what sort of mobile games we had all played in the past. We came up with two final ideas:

The first is a fusion of some of the team member's old favourite time wasters. These were Shopping Cart Hero and Johnny Crash Does Texas. The game concept is that you shoot a chicken (and possibly other animals) out of a cannon and use your finite energy to flap your wings and keep yourself aloft while avoiding obstacles. We temporarily named this Fowl Flying.

The second idea is a puzzle game where you play as a hamster in a ball. You can rotate the world to view it from different angles as well as flip it to change the gravity. You can also manipulate and roll the ball itself. This was mainly inspired by puzzle game Monument Valley. We temporarily called this one They See Me Ballin'.

Once we had decided on the games, the artists took a little time to throw together some mood/inspiration boards so we could get a visual feel of each game.

We also decided on a team name, Pigs in Blankets for no other reason than they're both delicious and cute.

Until next week!


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