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Well... gotta start somewhere.

(I do apologize in advance for the rambling. My writing is very "stream of consciousness", and I rarely cut) I've started this journal to chronicle both my progression as a game developer (i'm currently a beginner, with some knowledge of the basics. Considering making Unity my engine of choice), as well as my progress in developing a particular game idea I have- something i've wanted made for years. And no, fortunately for me, it's not an MMORPG...
But , going by every answer i've ever read given to newbies like me, it's still something I likely have no hope of completing, XD The idea: A singleplayer, Open World, Action RPG based around superheroes. Maybe not quite as unobtainable as an MMORPG, right? Oh, I haven't finished yet.
It's set in a city. A fully explorable, completely destructible city. With procedurally generated content (quests, dialogue trees, npc behavior, powers), and some crafting. ... And just like that, i've lost you XD No but seriously, I do realize how gargantuan a task this is. I realize that Rockstar spent hundreds of millions on GTA 5, employed hundreds of highly skilled people, all of the things you would normally tell people like me. But i've gotten to the point where I just don't care. I've wanted this sort of game made for so long, yet every time I see something with some resemblance to what I want, it either gets canceled (Project Awakened, the Marvel Nemesis sequel), or isn't particularly good (I shan't name names here). So it's become an "if you want something done right" situation for me. I'd honestly LOVE it if some large, triple A developer made a game like this so I wouldn't feel the need to, but it's not looking like that'll happen anytime soon.
So: Why did I make this a journal entry? I need something to nudge myself forward. Gaining the experience for new journal entries (not sure how often i'll be able to post, but at least once a month) could be the motivation I need to power through the procrastination and anxiety. Back to my some of my main goals: I want to create a game that emulates the look and feel of the old saturday morning superhero cartoons some of us used to watch as kids- whether it be large scale Justice League-esque battles, or street level skirmishes. Whether it be saving a cat from a tree, or halting the descent of a passenger jet plummeting towards the ground. The goal is for the player to *feel* like a superhero like never before.
Instead of completely handmade quests, I want the quests to be procedurally generated. I'm already aware of the limitations that hinder procedural quests currently (mainly that they tend to become repetitive) but I think i've found a few ways to fix that. And these fixes could (*crosses fingers*) allow for potentially limitless, interesting quests.
As I said, I want the city to be fully explorable/destructible. I want players to know the thrill of punching a supervillain through a wall (or several), of chasing a purse snatcher into an apartment building, of discovering a cult of magical snake worshipers hiding in the sewers, that sort of stuff.
It's just a wild dream at the moment, but I hope that maybe in 10 years time i'll have something to show- something to demonstrate i'm not crazy. That this isn't as unattainable as it seems. Here's hoping.



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