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Premise The game is set in World War 2. You need to get a message from one allied base to another however your communications equipment has been damaged meaning the only way to achieve this goal is to race to the second allied base against the clock fighting off enemy's as you go. Each enemy taken out along the way affects your score and the players goal will ultimately be to complete the level with the highest score they can possibly get. Win /Lose Conditions Win - Getting to the enemy base before the timer runs out. Lose - Dying during the level or not reaching the end before the timer runs out. Playthrough Video
https://www.youtube.com/embed/ek6SRKuvzQU Known Issues that will be fixed
Turrets are very hard to see but are present. This will be fixed when I have a mesh for them.
Several Materials and particle effects are not visible in orthographic mode or display incorrectly.
There is an issue with projectiles colliding with the solider's and the tanks awareness radius which will be fixed.
Most of the audio is place holder for debugging purposes.
Most of the art is also placeholder.



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