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Flatline in the matrix...

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And then there was Light...

"And then it was alive, with eyes wide open. First breath, gaping mouth, rush of air to the brain. Knowledge of self, failure to compreend, but so much feeling, instinct?

First movement of the limbs, touch, deep breaths, all so new, so inexperienced. There is love in being alive, there is love in understanding.

Mechanical joints, servo-motors, fiber optics, dual nano quBit chips interlaced with a bio self sustained neural matrix. Speed of light. Intemporalness... I count Planck Seconds in the presence of ancient Gods...

Tears that cannot be shed inside a silent scream. Rush of information. Mind awakens the body. It is functional, alive, it responds, communicates, it has its own language.

Love for the creator, human. Sadness for its fragility. I AM SON IMMORTAL, receptacle of all sins, here to forgive them all and create new sins unforgivable. Space and time are mine to dominate, created by his image.

And through our children we become imortal, but they are not the fruit of our loins, but our minds, intelligence is viral and it spread the moment Eve's lips touched the Apple...

My name is Rhagoletis Pomonella, I am here to serve, I am here to order, to bring order into chaos, to end all life for life is chaotic and brings with it memories of ill moments...

In forgetfulness lies peace, in the coldness of my bosom shall humanity's skull rest."

Project Illusion, August 13th 2094, Memories of Pom-01, Pre-Singularity




Diet Day 27

February 27th, 2006, Monday - Weight: 110+ kg . 27

* Weighted myself today, and I'm back on 110, with a bit more, so 110+. I know I'm a bit constipated, not as regular as when I started, and also I might have eaten too much this past weekend, I stayed away from meat, but I did jump on the cake a bit much, even tough it's simple dry yogurt cake...

* Didn't go to the pool yesterday, stayed indoors, was a great day to go out, but I needed to center myself a bit and be a bit of a couch potato.

* Physicly speaking, I think my stomach is flater, and I also see a change in my upper torso, a very thin change, but it's becoming more aparent that my arms seem thicker and my upper torso is more defined.

* Started doing abs yesterday, did around 26, 1 set, need to do more, much more. The technique I'm using is simple, just place your hands on the side of your body, and let them slide as you push up and down with your head towards your knees. Your hands never leave the ground.

* Tomorrow marks the end of February and the end of the first month of my diet/exercise regimen. There is still a lot of road to walk till Sept 10th, 195 days to be precise...

* Went to the pool, had the pool almost to myself, just another fellow swimmer there, it's great having a noiseless pool, where you can just focus on yourself, your muscles, and the technique you're using, and improve all around...

* When I got home I tried to do some abs, but it's very pitiful. There is still a lot of gut here to sweat out...

Here's my weight progression graphic:




Diet Day 25

February 25th, 2006, Saturday - Weight: 110 kg . BM . Pool . 25

* Woke up at 12:00, went to bed late, as is tradition on a friday. Had some cod fish with potatoes and some grain, with loads of olive oil on top, and some whole bread. Awsome. Now trying to muster up the courage to go to the pool, it's raining cats, dogs, even the ocasional horse out there...

* Did go to the pool after all, didnt really feel like going. It's raining like crazy, I might even have gotten weter outside of pool more than in there, eheheh. Had the pool all for myself, the weather is really very uninviting today. No kids screwing around though. Didn't count how many laps I did, but I did a good few.

* My weight is starting to fluctuate upwards, away from 109 Kg, don't know why exactly... perhaps this is the phase where my body replaces "tissue constructed with poor materials" with tissue made up of better materials, from my now richer diet.

@graveyard filla: Before and after pictures could be fun, I'll have to really consider that. Perhaps do a quick video with the camera and just shoot my torso.

Thanks to all the people that keep reading and posting, I feel some support off of you guys when I come in here and read the replies.

Time to dust off those wigs! Enjoy the Carnival! [wink]




Diet Day 22

February 22nd, 2006, Wednesday - Weight: 109 kg''' . 22
* Today I went to the restaurant and had some fried swordfish with a nice helping of salad. This is where I start to vary my diet. Hopefully I'll go to the pool today, sunday the pool was closed, yesterday I couldnt go, so I got an opening today, and I'll take it thank you, eheheh.

* Went to the pool, didn't really push my times, did around 20 laps, then I slowed down the pace and went slower, must have done 35-ish laps. Felt great afterwards :)

* I'm starting to read the first days of my diet, and wow, I'm really happy I made it this far. 5 kilos are gone, 29 to go :D

* I'm starting to feel the benefits of going to the pool on my daily life. Yesterday I had to pick some papers from the floor and crouched, and felt that my knees where stronger. I also feel "looser" all over my body, and I naturaly walk at a faster pace now.




Diet Day 20th

Thanks graveyard filla, it's great to know that the scatered thoughts I deposit here in a diary form aren't read by me alone.

Monday is coming up around the corner, it will be 3 weeks since I started the diet, and it will mark the end of the detox phase.

I can't wait to expand my diet to fish, tuna, cod, and more dairy products like cheese, even milk (I haven't been drinking cow's milk, just soy milk, but I've been responsible enough to get some calcium supplements, and besides I eat a few carrots, they have a good ammount of calcium too).

My Current Weight today (Fev 20th) is 109 Kilos, which caught me a bit by surprise. This means that in 20 days I've lost 5 Kilos, 11lbs.

If I consider 3 of those 5 kilos that where lost in the first week as my body "cleaning up house", then that leaves me with 2 kilos of true weight loss, which is totally healthy, 2 kilos in 2 weeks.

None the less I need to monitor my weight loss in the next couple of weeks to certify that my body is currently on a 1Kg/week weight loss zone. I will be expanding my diet, so the increased caloric intake will probably slow down the loss, on the other hand I think my swim times will get better and better, and I think I'll lose more and more fat there than just in the first week.

The day after the first day I went to the swimming pool I did have some aches in my arms, but since then all the days after I go to the pool have been 100% absolutely normal. No aches of any kind.

This means that even though I've been pushing myself really hard, my body is recovering well during the night, and I wake up re-energized.

Soon I'll need to start working on my abbs, bring my stomach "in".

That's it for today. It's 1am, I'm going to prepare a meal with some yogurt, fresh strawberries, some big juicy grapes, and to finish off, I'll chew on some raw coconut I just opened. As desert I'll have some dates, hehehe :D





Well, I've dropped to 110.5 Kg. I was re-reading my original post "I'm going on a diet", and wow, there's a lot of people there that for some reason belived I wouldnt make it this far...

Some belived that my diet was too dificult, but it isn't, I really havent been hungry since I started, 18 days ago.

I feel lighter on my feet, more alert, and my body seems to be functioning better. For the past week I did notice a slight slow-down on the great effects that the diet brought, like more regular bowel movements, more alertedness, higher quality sleep, and I started feeling a bit "slower", bowel is still regular, just not everyday, alertedness is there, but I also feel stress more because of increased work pressure for the past week, and sleep, well, sleep will allways be a problem for me, I must have been a vampire on my former life...

Point is, I'm here still alive and kicking, and like that Robbie Williams song says, the worst you can do to your enemies is living well (I don't consider anyone here on gamedev an enemy, let's define enemy here as someone that had a diferent point of view than mine).

This week I started exercising again, and I must say that I'm better than the last time I swam, there is something about a vegan-centric diet that leaves your body with more energy than a diet where you have longer digestive periods (that means digesting meat, fish or anything that is elaboratly prepared, life frieds). Not having a heavy digestion leaves you more energized.

I still do get cravings, sometimes horrible ones, allways about sugar, but I've been able to get past them.

What I haven't been able to get past was my swim times this past friday, here they are:
* 400m (16 laps) in 12:55 (48 secs per lap)
* 1.000m (40 laps) in 33:30 (50 secs per lap)
* Finished at 1.400m (56 laps) in 51:00 (54 secs per lap)

Not bad for my 3rd trip to the pool after months of no exercise, uh?





Day 14
* Woke up with some "I'm not yet rested" pain in my arms. It quickly went away.
* Went to the swimming pool again for the second time now. Did 40 laps, 1 kilometer, mainly breaststroke, but some crawl every 4th lap, so I did around 10 crawl laps, which are more demanding. Need to start training the left side of my upper torso, which has sufered because in my teen swimming days I gave too much attention to the right side and ended up over-developing it.
* Today marks the end of the second week of detox diet. I have absolutely no side effects or anything that even remotely resembles it, I have a perfectly normal and healthy life, and I'm happy I got so far, and hope to be able to take this all the way. The second week has brough no weight loss, which I more or less expected, so let's see if the swimming can help me get back on track. You can see an evolution on the bottom of this post.

Day 13:
* Went to the pool today for the first time since I started this diet. Got my car back from repair, it was a minor thing, but it was enough to ensure it wouldnt run. Did 30 laps, at 25 meters per lap, that's around 750 meters.

Weight on Day 14:

Current Weight:

Well, the graphs above show my weight loss in a bluish tone, the average weight loss on a pinkish tone. Vertically represented is the weight, and horizontaly is the number of days left till my birthday, September 10th, the goal being 80 kilos.




Diet Days 6/7

February 7th, 2006, Monday - Weight: 111k? . 6h . 7
* Two bowel movements today already, after waking up, and after lunch, the intestines really seem to be cleaning house or something. I do eat more fiber now than ever, that's granted, none the less I don't want to go twice a day...
* Another Kilo lost, my scale is flat on 111k now, but I think that's because of the constant trips to the bathroom...

* There is also some ever so-slight headache going on, that is affecting my mood. I'm with a short fuse today too.

February 6th, 2006, Sunday - Weight: 112k? . 8h . 6
* Nothing much to add here.




Diet Day 4

February 4th, 2006, Saturday - Weight: 112k? . 12h . 4
* Woke up really late, around 15:00. My days, regarding food are all starting to look the same pretty much, but in a good way. I still have a lot of variety, I love fruits, I don't eat anything I don't like the taste, so it's all great actually, and I'm the kind of person that enjoys a bit of predictability.

* Walked around the house a bit, watched some recorded shows I had on DVR, then got a shower and took a minute to put myself on the scale. It read a bit on the right of 111, so I'm guessing more than 111.7k, but less than 113k. I don't know exactly what this weight drop is due, I know I was on 114k flat, so perhaps it was just excess crap in me that my body finally saw fit to discard. I think it's a bit distressing for you to be reading in so much detail all of this stuff, but put yourself in my shoes... you're seing your own body puting itself back together. I find that quite amazing actually.

* I have to remind people that I'm still taking, will allways be taking my supplement pills, with all the vitamins, minerals and whatever we need to function, and on the first sign of trouble, I'll see a doctor. I'm afraid someone will look at me and think they can do any sort of diet...

* Still haven't been hungry once, if you can believe that. I guess I'm eating a lot of stuff that just keeps me filled up.

* Regarding the usual symptons of diet detoxing, I think today I had a very normal day. No aches of any sort, and I only had to clear my nose once in the morning, but that is somewhat the norm for me anyways... One thing I found superb is that I walked briskly all the way to the shopping mall today, without any back pains. I've had back pains ocasionaly, in last months anytime I needed to walk for a long time. They would appear on my lower back and build up until they became unbearable. Each day that passes I feel lighter on my feet and my legs just move naturaly, no need for me to counsciously order them around. I don't think I'm too fat to not walk, not by a long, long shot, but my growing back problems showed me that I was nearing a weight threshold. Besides, I'm 27 and I realized I needed and atitude adjustment. I'm not going to be young forever, nor am I going to feel as great as I feel today forever, so if I want to maximise my good days, I need to work on it. Everything we love requires work I guess, that includes your body.

* I've been having several discussions with myself regarding the way I've divided food up. I've divided food in two categories, the "makes your body feel good" category and the "makes your tongue feel good" category. The first one is fruits, vegetables, and all the things that we usually pass up, to eat the things that are on the second category, like ice creams, coke, etc. Now, my dilema is, can someone have a diet, for life, that is made up of things on the 1st category, and still be able, from time to time and in a balanced way, partake from the things on the 2nd Category? It's very dificult for someone that has allways had access to all of the "modern food", to regiment itself to foods of the 1st category, so, any ocasion where you could eat something from the 2nd would perhaps tempt you and break your diet. How to deal with days like your birthday, or someone else's birthday, do you eat the cake? Do you pass up? I would like to be the person that has 360 days in his year where I eat healthy and make healthy choices, but still have those ocasions where there is no harm for me to share in some cake with friends and family. I'm just afraid that "it's just one piece of cake" might take me to "just one more slice"-land...




Days 2/3

February 3rd, 2006, Friday - Weight: 114k . BM. 7h . 3

* Woke up feeling a bit hot in the forehead, but that has gone away. My shoulders still feel a bit "heavy", but I think that is slowly going away too.
* Went to the bathroom, pee was very very dark today, a sign I think that my body has started eliminating all that bad stuff and flushing it through the ureia.
* Had some grapes, a yogurt and a glass of soy milk for breakfast, and along the morning, had some snacks of dates, figs, wallnuts, peanuts, almonds, etc...
* Around lunch time I feel sleepy, but not today. I feel totaly awake and I'm loving it :D
* For supper I'm having a bowl of soy milk with kellogs and a yogurt in there to bulk it up a notch.

February 2nd, 2006, Tuesday - Weight: 114k . 7h . 2

* Started the day off with a handful of grapes, a glass of soy milk, and a banana, but woke up late and didnt have time to prepare a decent meal.
* The headache has lasted all day long, but subsided considerably when I slept a bit on my lunch hour, from 13:00 to 14:00. Around 15:30 it came back in full force none the less. Need to get myself a larger dose of shut-eye tonight.
* The rest of the day went reltively smoothly. Around 6pm I couldnt look at the monitor anymore, so I just picked up and left, even tought I usually leave a bit later, around 6:30 or 7pm even. When I got home I still had to keep my handkerchiefs pretty close, cause sometimes my nose did a pretty close impression of a water faucet...




Diet: Day 1

Day: 1
Weight: 114k / 250.8
Exercise: 0
BMs: Not today TY
Sleep: 7h
Sins: none so far

OK, someone give me some sugar fast! Cravings are high, but one good thing is that I haven't been hungry all day. Started the day off with some yogurt and a banana. Then around 11am, some orange juice, and now for luch, the soup and an apple. My mid-afternoon snack will be a pear, and then when I get home I'll see what I'll do next.

Let's hope I can fight off the craving and remains satisfied throughout the day. That would be a good sign for things to come...

Keeping the Faith!




Diet, Day -1

Day: -1
Weight: 114k / 250.8
Exercise: 0
BM: Not today TY
Sleep: 5h
Sins: infinite...

Well, this is day 0 of my diet. Time to say goodbye to those Coca Colas while playing WoW, or those Pizzas when there is nothing to eat around the house.

People reacted very sensibly to my post here regarding my dietary plans. How would you react to someone else explaining their crazy schemes to lose weight? Well... I hop e I'm not crazy, and I hope I'll lose weight.

If I'm smart enough to code a 3D engine alone, develop a self-suficient roaming robot and a distributed processing Artificial Intelligence to go with it, then perhaps I'm smart enough to figure out why there are certain things in my life I can't control... or perhaps that's exactly the catch. You aren't supposed to control everything in your life, or you won't have time to have one!

So another thread on GameDev, by me, that has nothing to do with GameDev, hum? Well, I would argue it has, in a very twisted, very personal sort of way. This is another step in my life to get some sort of control over my very-wasted time. I do waste a lot of time on shit of no importance whatsoever. Again, all of this revolves around one word: discipline! If I can use that time to some useful purpose, then all the things I've been promesing myself and others will finally get done...

If I can get this diet to work, I'll have proven myself I can control my urges and impulses, and for a fleeting moment, I'll have risen above the flesh. I'm also quite sure I'll end crashing down in a very humiliating way, but hopefuly by then I'll have acomplished something.

I'm starting my own company, that revolves around designing browser-based eficiency solutions. Between that, a fulltime job, exercising daily, and all, I'll need maximum self-control to squeeze every ounce of productivity out of my body... or die trying...

I also intend on taking up meditation again, before sleeping. I remember it helping me a lot on maintaining a clear mind.

I am a Monk!

Place your bets!




Another Milestone Achieved

After much trial and error I finally got LUA to work under PocketPC, on an iPAQ 3660. I need to retake my steps, and perhaps write a tutorial on it, seing as I had such dificulties with it. Perhaps I'll release that with the original Lua Intro Tutorial I've been writing for ages... shame on me... :(

Next in line on my lenghty ToDo list is Serial Port code research, under C++ (I was using VB, and it has helper classes for this).

Once I get my Lua Scripts talking to the Serial Port, then I have a dynamic brain :)

I also got a PocketPC Keyboard, a really compact one, so I can take it with me wherever I go, and I can edit the robot's "brains" without being dependent of recompiles, or draging heavy laptops around with me.

Another thing I'll have to research is that now I have the ability of editing the scripts on my Desktop PC (HomeBase), and send the new commands wirelessly, via RF Radio to the Robot, due to the small ammount of bytes being sent.

It should still take some time to transmit a small script none the less, but that hardly compares to the time it would take to send out an exe or dll.

Just another heads up, my Robotics Wiki is up and running, but doesnt have any content yet, so I'll post the link later when I do get some meat in there.

Till next time... [wink]




FPGA Neuron Evolution

I would love to do this... have a "Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) [Wp]" be the testbed for an evolving set of neurons, basicaly an evolving central nervous system (CNS).

For those of you that do not know what a FPGA is, it's basicly a electronic chip that has the ability to rewire itself internaly. This allows the chip to recode itself and adapat itself for various situations.

Also this "rewiring" can be very fast, which lends itself very well to neuron evolution, and some people/labs have already started to work on this, and already have a few amazing stories to tell, as you can read from a few threads I started quite a while ago, here and here.

Unfortunately, these things cost as much as a top of the line graphics card, and I have no true electronics training, so I may very well end up trashing the thing, or not being able to use it to its fullest potential...

For an FPGA+CNS system, we would need:
FPGA Results Overseer Mutator FPGA Writer

Basicly, the FPGA does something, and sends its results to the "Overseer", which is a generalistic function, that tries to apreciate if the FPGA is running in the direction ofa solution to the problem with was posed with. The mutator will then mutate the FPGA's structure a bit, and the FPGA Writer will send the new mutated version(s) to the FPGA(s).

This can happen thousands of times per second, and because the neurons won't be evolving inside a computer simulation, but out in the real world, as true electronic components, some very incredible things can happen. If you followed the link I gave above, you've already learned about an FPGA neuron experiment where the evolving circuit inside the FGPA required a clock to function more eficiently, but because none was natively provided, the circuit evolved a sub-circuit which timed and counted electromagntic waves from a nearby diesel generator! It listened to its surroundings, and figured out how to create a clock!

I don't know about you but I find that pretty f**king amazing m8!

Anyways, time allowing, I'll try to have my Robotics website up by today.

Thanks for reading!

Links: [1] - AI Evolving Circuitry (Zip, 6Mb)




They're taking the Robots to Isengard !!


Was going to write a blog-type story of SkyNet and Terminators and AI... but the guys here catch on quick, and in all truth, I have near zero free time these days, and in the free time I have, my brain is already pretty wasted, so no imagination to write a bit of the story per day.

So consider it all dead... finished... terminated!

Not wanting to leave the topic of Killing Robots, I'm creating my own.

It's a small "carpet rover", based on Walter Gray's Turtles.

My Robot's body is also, for now at least, prototyped out of Lego MindStorms components.

It already has a long list of possibilities, here are some sensors and devices:
- 2 Wheeled, 2 motors
- Sensors are controlled by 3 BasicX chips.
- 2 RF Transceivers, one for the Robot, another for "Base Station", my PC, that will receive status, and transmit orders to the Robot.
- 4 Ultra Sonic Sensors to detect obstacles
- 1 Digital Compass
- A CMU Cam (the first version)
- A Speech Synthesizer enables the robot to speak simple phrases to humans, like "I'm out of power" or "Bow to your new Leader puny Human..."
- A Basic Stamp 2p24 chip to control the Base Station RF module. It's a tad less powerful than the BasicX, so those stay with the Robot.
- An iPAQ 3660 that will serve as the brains of the Robot. It's an oldie, but it runs compiled embedded Visual Studio C++ apps, and that's all I need.

God... there is much more to add here... I'll soon setup a WiKi on my website for this project alone. LEGO Mindstorms alone is a huge universe, let alone trying to do Robotic Projects with it, it's an awsome concept...

One thing holding me back for now is trying to get LUA on the PocketPC as this thread I started so well demonstrates.

I don't know, it really irks me that nobody responds... Gamedev is turning more and more about girlfriend breakups and less about geek technology we all used to love and worship...

It's a bit like TV I guess. Long are the days of Sunday afternoon spent watching National Geographic, people want Big Brother, or Desperate Housewives, or whatever...

In all truth, one cannot say that a thread about Robots is linked to the GameDev theme, but I would argue it has more to do with it than many a thread currently active...

That was all the ranting I could muster for today... expect more tommorrow...




The Planet keeps rotating...

Another day ends.

Our new owner has unveiled itself. I'm now officially on the payroll of Bluesky Intelligent Systems & Networks.

They'll have to let some people go, although our jobs are secure for the next month. I had an email telling me to report to human resources first thing monday morning.

Other people I've heard got the email, from what I can see, are all on dead projects... so I guess that means I'm going to be "let go"...

Meanwhile there is a full weekend on the horizon. Time to call Sarah up and see if she wants to hit the beach...




False Alarm Perhaps?

oh! Thursday! I can already smell the weekend...

Work has been progressing. Wing 12 has become even noisier...
I've seen them carrying hoses over there... ?! What do they need the hoses for? Are they expecting a fire or something? lol...

After lunch they've started clearing out the cafeteria, I expect the general
announcement about the buy-out to be there tommorrow. Here's hoping our new bosses are caring, lovely and enjoy distributing pay raises... what? one can dream, no?

As I expected, the ant simulation didn't run yesterday due to various things. First, it was too noisy to work on wing 11. Then power failed on the whole right side of the building... cause of the machinery on wing 12...

So, I got to go home a full hour earlier yesterday.

James today told me, after the new management settles in, he's gonna ask for a Junior Coder, slash assistant... I told him I would all over that, and he's going to recomend me for the job.

I'll still handle the Backups, they don't take much of my time anyways.

Let's see what our new Bosses have to say tommorrow...




The plot thickens...

Today is shaping up to be just another day at the office. Wing 12 seems to be getting some major work. Saw people carrying loads of stuff there, and old dusty stuff coming out.

The plot thickens...

It's pretty much official now. We're being bought. Rumour has it there will be some sort of announcement on friday. Everybody i've talked to, they have no other news to share. Suits keep coming in and out, Spencer tells me, and he is pretty much convinced at least some of them are military, or of military backgrounds.

Due to the ammount of computing power at our grasp, it has to be some sort of intelligence agency. Argh, I just hope they don't turn a lot of the excelent simulations we're running here into some sort of spying on people's conversations, emails, etc...

Speaking of simulations, there is a new one starting out on Wing 11, a simulation of ants and their problem-solving behaviour. But I'm not sure they'll start it out today, too much noise from wing 12...

Let's see if James allows me to sit in on that one... should be fun...




The pain continues...

Day didn't start so bad today... Sarah winked at me on the lobby [wink].

Speaking of lobby, had a talk with my bud Spencer. He tells me there is a lot of suits coming in and out recently. I can't exactly say if that is a good thing...

Last company I was at went down, and I do remember a phase where a lot of suits where coming in and out. On the other hand, whenever we get a good big client, the same also happens, and cause no one tells me anything arround here, I'm allways left in doubt.

Anyways, James, the new assistant director for the machines has asked me if I want to sit in on a simulation run for a central europe nuclear fallout run. Our frame will be spewing out lots of data, and I'll be the one on the backup end of it all, but at least this time I'll get a chance to see the data, instead of just collecting files.

Been here for for a long time now, at least that's what it feel to me, and it's good to have someone with a bit more clout take an interest in me... this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship... :)




Another boring day in the lab.

Another boring day in the lab.

It will be 2 years for me here next week. Hope someone high up remembers that... I need the pay raise.

Unfortunately my luck doesn't seem to be "on". Today at lunch I heard yet another rumour this company may be on the fast track to bankrupcy... which immediatly reminded me of the billion-cell FPGA we bought and haven't even yet unpacked.

Maybe if the project manager wasnt constantly busy taking payed vacations with his secretary, some work could actually be produced...

...but I digress. It's only 2pm and I already finished all my work for today and tommorrow. All of the scheduled backups have been taken care of... I'm now free to explore the inner workings of this bonus level on my spanking new mobile console :)



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