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Mer-pocolypse (The Aquatic Dead)

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Merpocolypse Entry 1: Intro and to do list.

Apocalypse is a video game I am creating through the past help of kickstarter and birthday money. The game centers around Mertopia as it goes through the crisis of a zombie plague. Though not directly aimed at them the game is pretty kid friendly. And I've made a lot of progress on it do to throwing myself into my work (this is do to personal circumstances)the game is a RPG visual novel hybrid and focuses on morality, choices, and the wellness of the mind. The game is developed by me and Braincake Productions LLC, with additional programing elements taken form the game maker market place, all used with permission seeing as this is a commercial game. The Art is By Cristina Diego Ruiz and Revangale. As stated before it was funded through kickstarter which has lot more info about it than this post seeing as this is only an introduction.
The gameplay is very interactive regarding the RPG segements but there are visual novel elements that mainly dictate what will happen and what areas you go to, and tasks you have to complete for the rpg elements, I'm doing my best to tie the two in as much as possible. I have made a video about the game showing progress in the past and currently I am working on creating a new one. The other video is a tad bit outdated tbh. Right now regarding codes and things I'm working on implementing the following (This is my to do list for the next 3 months it may take me a lot less time though): [font=georgia]TO DO LIST:[/font]
[s]Rpg Dialogue system[/s]
[s]Visual novel dialogue system[/s]
[s]sprites programmed[/s]
[s]npc's 1-5[/s]
[s]character customization DLC[/s]
[s]Visual novel scenes 1-6[/s] [s]Rpg icons per dialogue[/s]
[s]Custom font[/s]
[s]Custom text[/s]
[s]Voice over per first script[/s]
[s]text box[/s]
????Main Menu???? [s]Character customization (programed then Deleted)[/s]
Save/load slots
Wellness Meter
RPG item system Combat TIMER
Recurring dialogue for objects (right now it just says the same thing over and over again every time you click an object to make an observation)
Morality system Timeline A
Timeline B
Timeline C
Timeline E NPCS 5-10, 10-15,15-19, 20-30, 40-60. Castle rooms:
Dinning hall
Guest Bedroom
Queens Bedroom
Shops 1,2,3,4
King's Bedroom
Bubble's Bedroom

Village rooms:
less wealthy home 1
[s]Village outsides 1[/s]
[s]Village outside 2[/s]
[s]Village outside 3[/s]
less wealthy home 2
less wealthy home 3
less wealthy shop 1
less wealthy home 4
identical less wealthy homes

Envirements A
[s]towns 1-4[/s]
towns 5-12

Environment B

Environment C

Environment D

Art fully implemented (must be completed first) This is just my to do list for the next 3 months. I have no idea of how long it will take me to implement the entirety of the features in the game however I have a good idea for how long this will take me. I work on this game everyday, so it probably will not take me the entire 3 months however I like to give my self extra wiggle room just in case.
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