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About this blog

Me On My Path To Finish My First Good Game.

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Game Code Issues

We have reached a halting point. We need your help now. Please help us fix the broken code. Check out the latest post on this forum.

Kingston Creations

Kingston Creations


The Game Dev Begins

Yesterday I started asking on the beginners forum about some things. I got a few good answers. I also made a small little tile graphic. 64x64 with a 64ppi. It looks good. Now here is the main update question.
Should I make the jump pad a 3d model or a cube that is retextured with a new tile texture? Also here is the tile image I made. Let me know if you have any ideas. I am very open to others ideas at this point. The first versions release will be around 6/13/16 I will be looking for feedback. Until then please just let me know how you feel about my entire game or just the graphics or anything. Also, if you want to help me I have a link to the page where I made my questions.

Kingston Creations

Kingston Creations

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