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About this blog

Dev logs of an open source voxel space game

Entries in this blog

I've added enough features to make a demo download! This includes:

  • Procedural Generation
  • Saving / Loading
  • Building
  • Control scheme

    If your interested, I have a video with a download at


    I'll go into more depth on each system once I have the time.

Hello fellow game developers!

I've been making the basis of a Voxel-based space game named V0xel Sp4ce for some time now. It's gotten to the point where it works well enough, and has enough functionality, that I felt it was a good time to release it to open source. I put it under the MIT license so when it eventually reaches beta, I can make the beta versions non-open if I feel it necessary. But, for now, I'm looking forward to working with others to make this a great game. I will be posting updates here whenever anything major is accomplished. The GitHub is located at https://github.com/SpikeViper/V0xel_Sp4ce if you are interested in helping with development. It is being developed with Unity beta (Whatever the newest one is when you read this).

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