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Pizza Games official gamedev blog.

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Fancy Ball! I think the name says everything so this post is pretty much useless, but if you are still reading this, please check out the official trailer of the game:

It's a game we made in a few months but recently we decided to release the official trailer. We're goanna release it soon, so stay tuned. If you have any critics and suggestions for the game, please leave them here.

Another announcement we wanna make is that we're workin' on our website so make sure to check that out as well: http://wemakepizzagames.tk/

One more thing:


I added this screenshot of the game just so this post has a thumbnail.

As always, thanks for reading and following the development of the games we make at Pizza Games!

Hop N Ween

After our WoA V entry, Castle Spaceships we wanted to simulate the competition again, so we made another game, available on the Windows Store called Hop N Ween.

It's a Halloween themed Hop game, as the name is supposed to suggest. Our goal with this game wasn't necessary an addictive gameplay, it was to make the game scream "HALLOWEEN", and I think we achieved this. 

For the sound part, we used the same ambient sounds we used in Castle Spaceships. It really fit the theme.

These being said, this is the game: https://www.microsoft.com/store/apps/9P3SPJG1F2DH

Hop you enjoy it!

WoA V Day 6

Day 6! The competition is almost over so we're trying to polish up the game

Today we've added a beginning tutorial (it works only the first time the game is launched). We've added new sound for footsteps and spaceship rays. We've added a new buff which might be useful sometimes, the slow buff. And lastly, we tried fixing bugs and mechanics. We still haven't finished the game, there is still placeholder content, which we'll try to replace tomorrow.

Download link: https://mega.nz/#!z8kgSJYY!EE6FSaKba05QLP7SizQZfzK80I30vdJR_p0h71KjsGU

As always, thanks for reading.

WoA V Day 5

Day 5!

We've added more sounds, not just ambient sound. We have added new models such as the arch the player is sitting on and the projectiles the aliens throw. Now destroying object is a bit smoother, we've tried changing some effects. We've added antialiasing. We've added keyboard input (in case you don't want to play using the mouse). Another effect we've added is the big spaceship that captures the castle at the end of the game. We've added something I like to call "Super aliens", They are just aliens that take ofer the castle (They don't change the gameplay). They are removed by the people fixing the castle during the day.

Download link: https://mega.nz/#!zod2jJwT!99tB37G53rmFGXBCLkIV-K_TObKJplI6p3Hb7XFHfrU

That's about it, thanks for reading!

Woa V Day 4

The middle of the competition, what a great time to modify the game mechanics!

Take a look:

The biggest thing we added today is the day/ night cycle and the spaceships that capture humans (during the day). The humans are supposes to heal the castle form the damage it received during the night. We also modified the score method. Now the score represents the number of nights you survived. We also changed minor things like the sky and assets. We added a pause menu and a high score system. We also added some trees.

Our artists provided us some assets but at the time this post is written, we haven't implemented them.

Game Download link: https://mega.nz/#!Px0QnJIL!XWXN-ALRxadFY6ByQlferEQZqDsLP1pqTbocUgxsjsc

As always, thanks for reading!

Woa V Day 3

It's about the end of the day for us and now we want to show you how we're doing.

Firstly, we fixed everything that wasn't working yesterday (the explosion buff and the shooting aliens). We also tied adding different effects such fog, particles and bloom. We finally replaced our placeholder character with a character (sorry for the shooting animation, we'll change it). We added a night cycle (which isn't finished as you can see in the video). We added a charge bar for the player, when it's empty, the player can't shoot anymore. We also added an ending screen (with lots of placeholder content as well).

One thing we are proud of is the ambient sound we were able to achieve (it's not finished yet, but I feel it's going in the right way).


That's about it, thank you for reading!!!

WoA V Day 2

Did you like the video? 

I knew you liked it. Today we tried making a basic gameplay and we finally added our custom models (after lots of techincal issues). Now the castle can take damage from the aliens (right now just cups  used as placeholders). We also introduced a buff which sould destroy all the aliens and spaceships but we weren't able to make it do it's job, it just randomly appers (about once per minute).

We also introduced a new type of alien which is supposed to shoot the castle, but again, we weren't able to make it work YET.

We know that it's still a lot of placeholder content but we're doing everything we can to make all the assets required for the game.

Tomorrow we hope that the game will be "playable", but we don't promise anything.


Link for the game: https://mega.nz/#!zolTVCKb!z-PbDzlTqLSK9MRyqoDpYcQ0yIPp_HUQ6zB1s4lRdUc

(I think it requires Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 C++ Redistributable to be installed)


Thanks again for following the developement of our game.

WoA V Day 1

A day has passed since the competition began (at least in my country)., and now I'm going to show you the progress our team made so far.

Here's a little video with the current stage of the game:

The game we are about to make is about saving a castle from an alien invasion. We want to make a little bit Angry Birds style with aliens landing on the earth. Today we were able just to do the basic mechanics of the game, but we hope that in the following days we'll have the gameplay of the game.

The models in this video are just placeholder content. (Tomorrow some of the models will be ready)

All right, that's about it, thank you for your attention.


WoA V Day 0

Hi folks! It's the second year I join this competition, but this time with a team (PizzaFest). I really enjoyed last year, even though I couldn't manage to make a very good game. I want to thank the people who have organized this for everything they are doing and have done during the past few years.

Our  team is the following (in the order the people were added to the team):

  • SilviuShader(me) - programmer
  • DeadCP - artist
  • WaLee - sound artist
  • Kavarna - programmer

As for the way we'll make the game, we won't use any existing game engine or custom game engine (as I used last year). We'll instead use DirectXTK for graphics and Bullet/ Box2D for the physics engine (depends weather we make it 2D or 3D) if required. In this way we can't make the game have really stunning graphics but even if we did use a game engine such as Unreal or Unity, it would still be hard for us to make amazing graphics as we are not really the most experienced gamedevs, so we chose to make the game this way because we can directly program the things we want without considering the limitations of the engine, it just feels more straightforward for us.


All right, this is all I have to say, I hope this competition will be fun and I wish luck to all the teams.

All right, so it's been almost a week since the week has ended and now I finally dedided to write this post mortem post :).

The first thing I want to say is that I'm working on the UWP (Universal Windows Platform) port for Snake Undead. :D Right now I'm woring on the engine (I have to rebuild the entire game for UWP).

Here's how the engine looks for now (Today I've added light):


What I wanted Snake Unded to be:

I wanted it to be a little game that your're just playing when you are bored and you don't want to think so much. This is usually the way I like the games to be. I don't really like to struggle playing games. I usually play this kind of games while listening to music on Youtube and liking photos on Facebook. I regret that I've made the game fullscreen so that the player can't do other things while playing. The UWP build will be windowed and it's goanna have a fullscreen button so that the user can play it as he wants.

Things that I regret about the game:

The thing I regret the most about the game is UI. The UI is that horrible because the engine I've written is mostly based on 3D graphics. I had a font loader but it worked with just a single font (The in-game score counter has used that font). Rest of the text was drawn in GIMP and put on screen as a texture. On the UWP port I'll fix that by using Direct2D, it's got functions for this kind of things.

Another thing that I could've done better is the feedback I'm giving to the player. I've seen that the goals were not so clear. I hoped that the intro of the game is enough but apparently, it isn't. Probably I'll implement an in-game tutorial.

One more thing:

I want to make it clear what's up with the wizard and the big grave. Once a minute, a wizard appears. He will always give you 3 skulls if you collect him. Also, a big grave appears once a minute. It can give you skulls but it can also get skulls from you. THIS IS RANDOM!

I'm not goanna make another video because I've covered everything about the game in the video from Day 6.

Here's the video:

All right, thanks for reading! xD

WoA IV Day 7

All right, this day has come.

The game download link:


To unzip the archive you'll need WinRar of 7Zip.

And the video (trailer of the game):

The game requres some dependencies but I've tested it on multiple PC-s and thre was no problem at runtime. If you encounter trouble running the game, just install the executabiles from the folder "Dependencies" included in the game archive. And if you like, read the file "README".

:) :D :)

Woa Iv Day 6

Hello, guyzz !

I'm pretty happy because I've finished the game. (Tomorrow I'll be fixing bugs if I find any.)

Today I've added a pause menu and an ending menu. I've also added some new sounds and I've fixed some bugs.

Here's the vid. for today:

I hope you'll like playing my game!!

Thx for following my progress!! :)

Woa Iv Day 5

Day 5 !!!

Here's the vid. :

I've added a nice little minimap in the upper-right corner.
I've also added some animations (when the game begins and when the Big Grave appears/ disappears).
Now, when the Big Grave appears, Church Bells ring.
The score is now saved when you finish the game.

Tomorrow I'll be adding a pause menu and the replay and exit buttons.

Thanks for following my progress!

Woa Iv Day 4

Today I've added some things that polish the game a little more, mostly details, not many features.

Here is the video of the progress:

As you can see I've added a little story when the game begins.
Now, the wizard's name is Gabriel. :)
I've added a new type of grave that can give you skulls but it can also get skulls from you. It's your choice what you decide to do.
I've also added some new sounds (when the player collects skulls and when the wizard appears). In the video is not very obviously.
I've added a basic GAME OVER screen.
And the last thing I've implemented is the score tracker.

Tomorrow I plan to add a score saver and some more animations, maybe some new sounds...

Woa Iv Day 3

Another day has passed (In Romania, right now is 10 pm).. and here it is my progress:

Now my game follows the theme shadows as a shadow catches the skulls to make my job harder.
I've added a background and some grass to make the scene look more like a cemetery.
I've also added a wizard which appears every 40 seconds and which gives you 3 skulls once you reach him. He cannot be eaten by the shadow, but It stays active just 10 seconds, after that, he disappears.

Tomorrow I'm planning to add another type a of grave (a bonus one) and also I want to work some more on the background and sounds.

Woa Iv Day 2

Hey, guys!

This is the progress I've made today:

I've added gravestones and trees to make the scene look more natural.
I've fixed the camera movement (in the video is not so clear but in gameplay it's definitively a difference).
I've made the camera to point to the closest skull when the player is not moving the camera.
I've added background music.
I've made the main skull look at the closest skulls and the skulls from the tail to look at the skull in front of them.

Tomorrow I'm planning to add more sounds and also add shadows that eat the skulls in front of the graves so that it's harder for the player to catch them.

Woa Iv Day 1

Hello guys! I've starting making my game!

It's called "Snake Undead" and it's a game like the original mobile phone game "Snake" but on the Undead theme. You are a snake made of skulls who has to collect as many skulls as it can and and not to remain without skulls. If you lose all your skulls, you lose the game. You lose them if you stay a long period of time without finding any skulls. It can follow the theme undead. Also it follows the theme evolution as the snake evoluates by collecting skulls and becomes bigger. Tomorrow I'll add graves to follow the theme ruins.

I've made a video where I show the basic mechanics of the game. P.S: (I'll fix the camera movement)
Here is the video:

That's all I could manage to do this day, so yeah, thank you for reading!! :)

Woa Iv Day 0

Today, 7th august is the day before The Week of Awesome IV begins. It's the first time I join a game making competition and I want to enjoy this week of making games. I'm writing this developer journal because I'm so excited the competition begins tomorrow.

As I want to make a game from scratch (C++ and DirectX 11), I've started making a mini game engine one week ago. This engine is goanna be used for the game I'll be working on. The engine was made by following the DirectX 11 tutorials from http://www.rastertek.com/, but all my code was hand-written by me, I didn't copy-paste any line of code. Mostly what I did to my engine was graphics so my engine does not include a physics engine. That's not really a shame for me because I'll try to follow the themes by making a simple game that does not requires very complex physics. By not very complex physics I mean games like Snake or Flappy Bird. The game is probably goanna have 3D Graphics as I haven't worked on 2D graphics for the engine.

There is an example of scene rendered with my engine:


The tools I'll be using for making the game:

- Visual C++ Express 2010
- Blender
- Audacity

The Graphical/ Audio assets will be made by me. As I'm not used to make my own Graphical/ Audio assets, I'll also download assets from the internet and I'll give credits to the authors if required.

Because of the environment I'm working on, the game might need some dependencies to run correctly:

- Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86) (Download link: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=5555) (Windows 7 should come with this installed)

- DirectX End-User Runtimes (June 2010) (Download link: http://https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=8109) (Windows 7 should come with this installed)

- Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (Download link: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=17851) (This might be installed automatically by the OS)

I'll include all those dependencies in the game package.

That's about it. I hope that it will be a great competition and all the teams will have fun making games.

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