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I really want to start adding to this journal, mostly to help me track my own progress. I am still working on setting up solid goals, the core concept/theme of the game I want to develop, what features it requires, etc. I find my biggest problem is in transitioning from developing the engine to developing a game. My engine has no end game (pardon the pun), everything I add/change/tweak is just for the sake of adding/changing/tweaking something. I was recently working more on the particle system, working on a general solution for sparks/rain/lighting/explosions/smoke/noodles? What does having a general solution matter if all I need is to make some sparks fly out occasionally? What do noodles matter if I need to make fog?

My goal now is to focus on the game, make concrete all the ideas I have, sort out what I really want, and try to focus on a skeleton. Then I can start to determine what features I'll want/need in the game, and actually start working towards a goal. I am sad that I was busy with work recently, or else I would have joined the WoA competition, it really seems like a great way to focus on the process of game making, without the process of engine making getting in the way.

Stay tuned for more updates, and if I don't post updates than any Seattleites are welcome to come poke and prod until I post something.

For way too long I've been developing an engine. For the most part, the engine was a test bed for different techniques (graphics and non-graphics), and a way to keep up with the latest C++ features. Slowly the engine has morphed from being a basic 3D engine to something akin to a game engine, so I've finally decided to see if I can make something out of it. Right now I'm in the planning phase, I actually have an idea for what I want to make, so I am going to start world building and story boarding to see if it's something I want to pursue. Hopefully I'll continue on that path, and chart my progress here as I go.

Here's a screenshot of the engine, there's a lot going on in the screen and under the hood, but I'm a long way off from deciding what direction to take the art and visuals.


Stay tuned for Part III, The Sequeler!

EDIT: Apparently I can't have a title with two capital letters in a row? I sense a bias against roman numerals!

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