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Day 3

Today I got my tile system working and sending out collision events... The remainder of the time will now be focused on gameplay specific stuff - Hoping to get the UI done tomorrow probably.

Here is a vid link once again.

Day 2

Well I am finished up with day two - this time a bit earlier - 11:15 instead of 1:30 am. Today I spent most of my time getting the physics and collision stuff incorporated, along with player controls. Coding things from the ground up proves to be a bit more time consuming - but at least I have a lot of the basic platform/image loading/rendering code from previous work.

I never really mentioned what our game is: so I guess I'll describe it briefly with the disclaimer that everything is subject to change if we find something that doesn't work or works better.

We call the main character Zombic. Zombic is a poor zombie looking for a mate to share his love and well, reproduce. An evil human empire is stealing all female zombies at birth and locking them up and its up to Zombic to find his mate before its too late.

After the first level is finished Zombic finds his mate and has a baby zombie, who the player gets to name. The zombie grows up (through a sort of cut-scene mechanism) and you get a mutation based on some stats of how the previous level was played.

Then you are out to save your mate from the evil empire once more - have a child - and again get a mutation.

After the third level, you will fight the final evil human empire boss to stop the humans from kidnapping the female zombie babies once and for all.

That's the idea - how much I will be able to get done? Not sure. But I will make very limited versions of everything - get that working - and then expand on it with whatever time I have left (which will probably be none).

Below is a vid showing running a jumping.

Day 1

Day one is done, its about 1 am in the morning, and I'm ready to get up and go to my day job in a few hours.

Today we worked on getting our basic main character animated and drawn up. We have a few more characters in the works - but I'll show a quick view of our protagonist.

Once I figure out how to get audio in OBS I will probably do all journal entries that way.

Thanks - more to come!

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